For now, you can reach us by email at promo (for partnership, or if you have concerts you want promoted) or webmaster (for technical matters) at studiorock dot ro.

About this site is the online support for two of the longest running rock radio shows in Romania, Studio Rock and Rock History, hosted by Lenți Chiriac. The shows are also recorded automatically and are available as podcasts, using the links on top of this page.

Along with the shows, however, we are aiming to provide valuable and more real time information online, and promote lesser known bands that caught our ears — hence our interviews section. We also have a news section, an event calendar, and some sections we didn’t get to migrating yet.

The site has been running for a while on a free hosting platform,, but it has since outgrew it. Right now, it runs on an OpenVZ VPS from IntoVPS (which replaced the webmaster’s TV home server), and is powered by:

  • Django 1.3 + South 0.7 + a bunch of nice reusable apps: django-robots, django-db-log, django-imagekit, django-tagging-ng
  • Python 2.6
  • PostgreSQL
  • memcached
  • nginx for static files + reverse proxy, Gunicorn for the app server
  • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Development started in February 2010, we are online since March 6th, 2010, and we are still adding features and refining the user experience. When we’ll feel it is ready, most of it will probably go open source.

The team

Laurențiu “Lenți” Chiriac — vocals
Hosts 2 of the oldest rock radio shows in Romania, has been playing music, organising concerts and parties, promoting rock in Romania for more than 20 years
Sabin “m0n5t3r” Iacob — keyboards
Juggles computers, cameras, and pretty much anything that has buttons. Also fills in as a redactor, grammar nazi in chief, photo editor, webmaster, takes photos and leads the 1-person development team. (Still) lives in Bucharest, Romania.
Cătălina Movileanu — rhythm guitars, manager
Editor in chief, PR, occasional photographer. Also writes reviews, takes interviews, tries to get children interested in astronomy. Sometimes found in Bucharest, most of the time travelling among the galaxies.
Ovidiu Ceucă — choreographer
Website grooming, in charge with discovery of new and talented artists.
Andrea “lakeoftearz” Chirulescu — drums
Reporting metalhead, now living in Norway. Writes reviews, takes killer interviews, works on improving her drumming and photography skills.
Frank Wijers — bass, visuals
Reporting metalhead living in the Netherlands. Writes reviews, takes photos.
Wintertale — violin
Team of two reporting metalheads living in Slovakia, taking photos, writing reviews.
Tini Lorey — General Entertainment
Reporting music lover and live-music fanatic now living in the homeland of Metal, Finland. Writes reviews, takes pictures and occasionally takes interviews.

Former members

Nicu Buculei — choreographer
Does photography and graphics and is a huge fan and promoter of Free software and arts.
Diana “DeeDee” Popa — Cello
Reporting metalhead, loves rock music and writing. Can usually be found in her basement, rocking out with the local band. \m/
Lars Bähren — special effects.
Reporting (prog) metalhead living in Germany. Takes photos, interviews, writes reviews.
Paul Voicu — Trumpet
Photographer in chief. Enjoys every minute spent at festivals, concerts, and hopes the music will never end.