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Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2017

Nov. 24, 2017 16:00, 3 days, 10 hours
Live & Loud
Phone: +359 87 684 2283
8 Pozitano str. 1000


The third edition of the autumn festival of extreme music Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2017 will be held on 25 and 26 November 2017 , Sofia, the capital club Live & Loud.

FREAK WARM-UP PARTY - Friday24 November.

The team of the festival is pleased to present you the first groups confirmed their participation. These are Estonian rockers Illumenium ; Melodic metallers Black MartYriuM and coming from deep Swedish north raw blekove Khaospath .


  • Imperium Dekadenz - Black Metal, Germany
  • Saille - Black Metal, Belgium & The Netherlands
  • Nocturnal Depression - Black Metal, France
  • Illumenium is a young group from Estonia, founded in 2014. Its style is a mix of rock, metal, post-grunge and blues from the '70s. It consists of six members and almost from its inception the main objective of Illumenium are touring. Even calling themselves “All -Time -Touring” band. For the short period of its existence have one album - “Towards Endless 8”, which ist 18 compositions.
  • MartYriuM hardly need detailed presentation, but … Founded in 1999 in modest sized, exotic European country Malta they can boast four studio albums and stressed “gentle” presence in the frontline. Ancient magic, mythology and satanic philosophy transmitted through the techniques of captivating Melodic Black Metal.
  • Khaospath come from really dark and cold Sweden. The trio collected a little over three years to create raw black metal in the tradition of Marduk, Dark Funeral, Watain, Necrophobic . Both their albums are a real black metal blasphemy. Their music is able to drag you into the darkest recesses of this style.
  • Womb Of Maggots - Brutal Death Metal, Greece
  • Fausttophel is a black metal band from Ukrain who are not stick to the strict canons of style. They constantly experiment with the arrangement but adds the old school sound of music. I do not strive to polished sound that most of these groups. Despite the tragic circumstances that we have to separate almost from the start, they managed to reunite. Ten years of not discourage the group. Fausttophel not lose your roots etc, keeping the mystery of gogolovata Ukraine and soft Napevnost folk.
  • WOEBEGONE OBSCURED (Blackened Funeral Doom) They come from the country of Hamlet, Denmark. The music is filled with sincere sorrow and despair, which will definitely make you ask yourself “To be…or not to be?!”…many times. Risen as a phoenix from the ashes of the solo project Rimfrost of Danny Woe (not to be confused with the Swedes Rimfrost) WOEBEGONE OBSCURED form as a band in some really interesting circumstances. In a moment when Danny Woe enters a psychiatry, filled with hatred and disgust, in depression and with suicide thoughts. The seed of the band are sowed and will grow strong in the sound of the band.
  • Hypothermia - feat. members of ex-Lifelover, Kall, etc, Sweden
  • Svarttjern - True Norwegian Black Metal, Norway
  • Mindful Of Pripyat - Insane & Radioactive Grindcore, Italy

  • more announcements are coming soon

From January 16 the price of the two-day pass is 40 lev. TICKETS for the events that we organize, can be found in the system of our partners , in cash Street. “Rakovski” № 67, Sofia or in store Yako, “Graf Igatiev” 43, Sofia!

Autumn Souls Of Sofia Festival is going in the next round which will take place in the club Live & Loud on November 25 - 26 2017 and Freak Warm-Up Party at 24.11.2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Ticekts for two days festival start at very special early bird price of 15 Euro from 01.12.2016 to 15.01.2017 via - Tickets for Freak Warm-Up Party will be avalible only at the door.

Stay tune for first bands announcment and more info soon!

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