Bongzilla & Last Rizla, live in Daos poster

Bongzilla & Last Rizla, live in Daos

May 14, 2017 20:00, 4 hours
Phone: 0744 609 750 , 0729 651 906
Splaiul Nicolae Titulescu nr 5, 300160

Bongzilla [USA] (stoner/doom/sludge metal) / Facebook

Bongzilla is a stoner metal band from Madison, Wisconsin. As their name suggests, most of their material is related to marijuana and promotes its legalization. The band formed in 1995, and over the next three years recorded and released a dozen songs on EPs and split singles.

In 1998 they signed to Relapse Records, and have since released four studio albums and a live album through the label.

Since the seeds were planted in the mid-90s, Bongzilla have been sowing Madison, Wisconsin's rich soil with their homegrown, psychedelic sludge. Cultivating an extremely thick and heavy harvest of powerful mega-rock, Bongzilla have fertilized their sound tenfold over time, and the results of their bumper-crop harvest speak for themselves.

Last Rizla [GRE] (sludge/noise) Last Rizla is a rock band from Athens, Greece formed in 2008. Staggering between sludge, noise and punk, Last Rizla are well known for their sweaty, stinky but unexpectedly cathartic live shows. Being jinxed by ancient maritime deities, Last Rizla have unwittingly avoided stages and thus have done their thing in basements, bedrooms, quarries, balconies, arcades, squares, lawns, beaches, deserted villages, forests and various augérian non-places.