Brutal Assault 2017 poster

Brutal Assault 2017

Aug. 9, 2017 17:00, 4 days, 7 hours
Brutal Assault
Phone: +420 776 192 783
Josefov Fortress

Legendary annual czech metal open air with unique festival site located at historic fortress!

Brutal Assault is an open-air extreme metal festival that takes place in the 18th-century army fortress Josefov, located in Jaroměř, Czech Republic. It is held each August early in the month from Wednesday until Saturday. The festival started in 1996, originally focused on grindcore. For many years, it was a small event with mainly Czech and Slovak bands performing. It changed location several times and grew into a large event by 2006, when over 7,000 people attended the festival in Svojšice. After moving to Josefov, attendances grew further to 15,000 in 2012[2] and the festival has operated two alternating main stages since. Currently, Brutal Assault features artists that perform all forms of extreme metal, including some of the genre's most prominent figures, as well as artists with dark and intense styles from genres outside of heavy metal such as punk rock, experimental rock and electronic. The festival motto is: “Against violence and intolerance”


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