DEMONICAL, ANGREPP, AUTHOR live la Cluj Napoca poster


July 23, 2017 19:00, 5 hours

DEMONICAL, ANGREPP, AUTHOR live la Cluj Napoca -23.07.2017

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DEMONICAL // death metal // Sweden Brutal yet melodic (old-school) death metal from Sweden. The band - formed in 2006 - has released four critically acclaimed full-length albums and have toured as headline all over Europe, North America and Russia and played at several high-profile festivals. The latest release from DEMONICAL was the highly praised “Black Flesh Redemption” MCD, released in April 2015 through their new label home Agonia Records. A new full-length album will ne released in the fall 2017.

Facebook / Youtube (“To Become the Weapon” video, track taken from “Black Flesh Redemption”)

ANGREPP // black thrash // Sweden Dirty black/thrash from from Stockholm, Sweden, with musicians from bands such as MARDUK, WITCHERY, ONDSKAPT, VALKYRJA etc passing through their ranks. ANGREPP have released two albums, the latest one being “Libido”, which with its punky and dirty black rock n roll is a must for fans of CARPATHIAN FOREST and similar acts.

Facebook / Youtube (“Hugg Alla” (Stab Everyone), track taken from “Libido”)

AUTHOR // black metal // Finland A new black metal band from Finland. Harsh and cold old-school stuff similar to some of the classic Norwegian releases from the mid 90's. The bands debut album “Lopun Alku” (“The Beginning of the End”) will be released on January 28th 2017 through German Naturmacht Productions. AUTHOR have done several shows around Finland supporting acts such as HORNA and WOLFHEART and during September 2016 the band toured Europe along side OCTOBER TIDE and DEMONICAL.

Facebook Youtube (“Lopun Alku”, track taken from the s/t debut EP).

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