Haywire Festival 2017 poster

Haywire Festival 2017

Aug. 25, 2017 20:00, 2 days
km6, DN69

Haywire Festival Regulations

The access in the festival parameter is allowed only with a ticket or a pass, valid for one person, and by participating to the festival, the owner of the ticket or pass fully agrees to the festival regulations. Forging tickets, passes or bracelets constitutes a crime.

Children under the age of 14 have free admission if accompanied by a legal guardian. People with disabilities also have free admission on account of a license, and if accompanied by a guide, the guide needs to purchase a ticket or pass. For any kind of help please contact a Haywire Festival volunteer.

IT IS FORBIDDEN: - Entrance with guns, blades or any king of object that can constitute a weapon - Entrance with alcohol, drugs or any illegal substances - Entrance with glass containers, lasers, pyrotechnics - Open fire in the festival parameter, both in the concert area and camping area It is allowed to bring food and water inside the camp area from outside the festival. It is forbidden to enter camp area with alcohol purchased from outside the festival. Filming and shooting pictures is allowed with cameras without detachable objective. Haywire Festival is a space of mutual respect and good vibes, therefore violent or discriminatory behaviors will not be tolerated. Haywire Festival reserves the right to secure the regulations and impose sanctions like: evacuation from the festival and alerting the state institutions.

OTHER INFO Haywire Festival will have a generous camping area, completely under the shade. A large number of toilets, water sinks and showers will be available. Also we will have a wide selection of food at low prices. There will be free safe parking in the festival area. We will try to provide transport to the festival area from Timisoara, but we will announce this matter the following days. Passes and one day tickets will be available at the entrance for 150 RON Full Pass, 170 RON Full Pass + Camping, 80 RON for Friday and 90 RON for Saturday and also stand alone camping passes. Scan the code for location on Google maps

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