Inferno Metal Festival 2019 poster

Inferno Metal Festival 2019

April 18, 2019 17:00, 3 days, 7 hours
Torggata 16

INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL has become a true black Easter tradition for metal fans, bands and music industry from all over the world every year since the start back in 2001.

The festival offers exclusive concerts in unique surroundings with some of the best extreme metal bands and experimental artists in the world, from the new and underground to the legendary giants.

At INFERNO you meet up with fellow metal heads for four days of head banging, party, expos, horror films, art exhibitions and all the unholy treats your dark heart desires.

We invite you all to the annual black Easter gathering of metal, gore and extreme in Oslo, Norway from April 18th - April 21st, 2019.

4 day festival passes are available for sale at 2000 NOK. There are a limited quantity of tickets available at this price level before we reach the last price level of 2250 NOK. Taake (Official) 1349 (Official)

INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL 2019: Vomitory Gaahls WYRD Carach Angren Batushka Tribulation (Official) Misþyrming Archgoat Official Cult Of Fire The Ruins Of Beverast Der Weg einer Freiheit Skogen Valkyrja Avast Taake * 1349