Kruna poster


Oct. 1, 2011 19:30, 4 hours
Sfânta Vineri nr. 4

  • KRUNA 1-Innovative Black Metal, 1 October, 2011

  • KRUNA 2-Melancholic Post Rock, 22 October, 2011

DonisArt wishes to present the supporters of the Underground musical Spirit with a new concept, entitled KRUNA.

What is KRUNA? Well it is a simple word game, which does not involve much abstract denotation, but nevertheless wishes to give birth to a new form of artistic expression, one that will be blended with the structure of a well defined event, with a clear purpose, targeting the connoisseur or just people who are opened to new experiences.

The concept behind KRUNA (…the music bible!) is based on a stable frame with well set landmarks and strives to achieve the status of an unique event by offering:

  • One night per week: Saturday
  • An elegant venue: Kulturhaus, Bucharest
  • A fixed schedule: 19.30-21.30
  • Ticket price: 30 lei
  • A single band: Promoting new material
  • Official merchandise stand: Personalized and specific to the band.

DonisArt is preparing for the last part of 2011 a selection of KRUNA editions, completely different in musical approach and at the same time extremely rare for the Romanian concert market. The Underground touch will be a very important part of this concept and those participating will be enjoying 2 intimate hours, spent in an excellent location and a select community, specific to the bands.