Lordi poster


Nov. 18, 2010 18:00, 4 hours
Kulturní centrum Vltavská
Bubenská 1477/1
Czech Republic

The Finnish horror group Lordi are on a world tour with their new album and will play 2 times in Czech Republic.

  • 18th November 2010, PRAGUE, KC Vltavská
  • 19th November 2010, OSTRAVA, BONVER Arena

The unforgettable stage show and costumes are an essential part of the band’s identity. Who else immediately pops up on the basis of this description than Lordi... The hard rock / heavy metal phenomenon from Finland are enjoying popularity not only in the country of the lakes but also worldwide, including in the Czech Republic.

The winners of the Eurovision Contest from 2006 proved that also harder bands have a chance to succeed on a wider scale. Their song “Hard Rock Hallelujah” bringed victory for Finland after 45 years in this contest - not primarily focused on rock and metal.

The band repeatedly visited Czech Republic. Last time was on Masters Of Rock 2010 where they famously closed the festival with their brand new single “This Is Heavy Metal”. They invited all the horror show fans to the upcoming world tour for their new album “Babez for Breakfast” which is out from September.

LORDI are combining various influences into a new whole and are giving new life to “hard & heavy”. They are mixing the familiar feeling from Alice Cooper’s horror records with the explosive straightness of the great KISS, with the provocative Twisted Sister and with Ozzy Osbourne’s melodic clarity.

All this is possible to find in the music of these masked performers. LORDI will return to Czech Republic with two concerts (Prague, Ostrava). A brand new show with new costumes and especially with a new, very promising album! Would you like this sweet piece for breakfast? Or dinner … “babez” always taste good especially when they are served to you by LORDI:).

You can buy tickets on the web www.mastersofrock.cz or on tel: +420 577 432 580, +420 224 235 267 (post delivery), in the pre-sales networks Tickerpro, Ticketportal and Ticket-Art, and in all usual ticket offices.