Noctem + Martyrium + Rebel Souls LIVE @Manufactura poster

Noctem + Martyrium + Rebel Souls LIVE @Manufactura

March 10, 2018 18:00, 6 hours
Phone: 0732 948 001
Vladimirescu 9, 300195

NOCTEM + MARTYRIUM + Rebel Souls + 1 more tba

NOCTEM The Iberian Blackened Death metal band from Valencia (Spain).Noctem is a Blackened Death Metal band with a long trajectory of 15 years. With 2 demos, 1 live LP and 4 albums, released with Prosthetic Records, Art Gates Records, and Metal Blade Records.After 15 years career, Noctem is one of the most active bands from Spain.The band played on many festivals, more than 15 tours around Europe, Russia and Asia,supporting lot of bands like Marduk, Enthroned, Impiety, Napalm Death, Samael, Gorgoroth, Nargaroth, Keep of Kalessin, Taake, Immolation,Vomitory,Malevolent Creation, Incantation, Hate, Ragnarok, Melechesh, Batushkaand many more…On previous albums, Noctem had some special guests like Christos Antoniou (Septic Flesh).RELEASES:2002 –DEMO “Unholy blood” (Self release)2004 –DEMO “Live 2004” (Self release)2007 –MCD “God among Slaves” (Self release)2009 –Album“Divinity” (NHR)2011 –Album “Oblivion” (Metal Blade Records)2014 –Album “Exilium” (Prosthetic Records)2016 –Album “Haeresis” (Prosthetic Records)

MartYriuM is a Extreme metal band from Malta, formed by Count Mortem in 1999 with the spawn of the second wave of black metal. This band is a unique blend of Black and Death Metal with a specific sound design introducing Sinister Orchestrations and Industrial Elements to the style.

REBEL SOULS is a death metal project originally hailing from Thuringia, Germany, that was founded in 2000 by then 17-year old Thomas Plewnia and Stefan Hielscher. Named after the second album of Polish underground veterans DAMNATION, Rebel Souls aimed to produce fast and raw death metal in the vein of VADER, VOMITORY or KRISIUN. Artist support : 20 RON