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North Dissonant Voices 2017

Jan. 20, 2017 20:00, 1 day, 8 hours
Phone: +351 22 326 6724
Rua das Oliveiras 45, 4050-449


From Jan. 2oth – 21st a very special underground fest called North Dissonant Voices will be taking place in the city of Porto, Portugal at Cafe 45. TURIA and LUBBERT DAS from the Haeresis Noviomagi collective will be performing alongside many others, including Gnaw Their Tongues and LVTHN​. This event was put together by our comrades over at Signal Rex, and we hail them for curating a stunning event! The only way to really feel the power of this special happening is to be there in person, so make sure to represent! You can find all the event info here and the lineup below.

North Dissonant Voices is set for its second gathering of music, performing, and visual arts, this time including international artists: a broader scope, but the same unified drive that lead over 200 people to its first inception to explore beyond the norm, beyond what's been seen before.

NDV 2017 will once again take place in CAVE 45, Portugal's finest underground beacon, located in Porto. This time, it spans two nights, those of January 20 and 21, and will comprise several music performances to be announced in due time, some of them absolutely exclusive, as well as a sculpture exhibition and the presence of DJs. As in 2016, the first 100 tickets will come on cassette format, only this time, they also include exclusive access to an additional, opening act for the whole event.

NDV 2017 will not only increase its duration but also its physical reach. To celebrate the 2016 edition, a photographic exhibition of that first gathering will take place in the record store Louie Louie between January 13 and 22. There will also be meet & greet events at Bunker Store on January 20 and 21. Both extra events will have free entry.

North Dissonant Voices strives to support other local artistic endeavors, and with that in mind, the purchase of its ticket includes a considerable discount on the entrance for Invicta Requiem Mass II, which also takes place at CAVE 45 exactly one week prior to NDV 2017. Moreover, a NDV-authored guide of Porto will be provided in digital and, during the duration of the event itself, physical form.

NDV has no interest in booking the biggest bands or the largest venues, focusing instead on presenting fresh, clear, and uncompromising artists while aiming for a meeting of open-minded people, promoting the exchange of ideas, experiences, and creating something new and unique far beyond the music itself.

North Dissonant Voices will thus keep on striving to become a house for artists whose work is too demanding and exquisite for bigger venues, a place where they can perform and express themselves.

// Schedule for NDV2017 + Activities + Tickets info \

[ FRIDAY | 20.01.17 ]

– Tendagruta [PT] – 21:30 – Turia [NL] – 22:15 – Dolentia [PT] – 23:15 – Lubbert Das [NL] – 00:15 – ATILA​ vs Sinter​ [PT] – 01:30

DJ set: Sólveig Matthildur Kristjánsdóttir [Hið myrka man / Kælan Mikla]

[ SATURDAY | 21.01.17 ]

– Paean [NL] – 21:30 – DE · TA · US · TO · AS​ [SP] – 22:15 – GAEREA​ […] – 23:15 – LVTHN​ [BE] – 00:15 – Gnaw Their Tongues​ [NL] – 01:30

DJ sets: Pedro Roque [PA’] & Funestus [INVICTA REQUIEM MASS]

[ Other Activities ]

13 – 21.01 | Louie Louie Porto​ >> Photography exhibition documenting the festival’s first edition.

19.01 – 18:00/22:00 | Bunker Store​ >> NDV2017 Meet & Greet.

20 – 21.01 | CAVE 45​ >> Daniel Castro Gamelas​ “Art & Prints” will be exhibited at Cave 45 main floor during the festival’s weekend.

21.01 – 18:00 | Black Mamba – Burgers & Records​ >> Book presentations of André Coelho​’s “Acedia” and Rudolfo’s “Musclechoo – Side Story Life – 001: Trump Card” (curated by Chili Com Carne​ editions)


  • Doors open at 21:00
  • Weekend packages can be collected at Invicta Requiem Mass II - 14.01.2017, at the NDV2017 Meet & Greet - 19.01.2017 or at any of the festival days.

* Daily tickets available at Bunker Store / at doors.

  • IRM II: 6€
  • NDV2017 weekend ticket: 20€
  • NDV2017 weekend + IRM II tickets: 25€
  • NDV2017 daily ticket: 12€

NDV2017 Weekend tickets on sale at:

>>> The first 100 weekend tickets include the usual NDV ticket cassette + Poster + Exclusive Tote Bag.

>>> Event is limited to 200 persons per day.



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