North of the Wall poster

North of the Wall

April 27, 2018 18:00, 1 day, 6 hours
North of the Wall festival
18 Jamaica St G1 4QD
United Kingdom


The festival based in Glasgow returns for it's 2018 edition after a hugely successful 2017 edition. The last two editions of the festival have both sold out, so 2018 calls for a bigger venue: The Garage. The festival will utilise the main stage and the second stage called G2.

Friday 27th April 2018 & Saturday 28th April 2018 Venue: The Garage, Glasgow



ABYSSAL (UK) - A true gem of the underground. We are very pleased to announce that Abyssal has formed a live lineup for two live performances, one of which is at NOTW, a very special and rare performance! UK/EUROPE EXCLUSIVE

BÖLZER ️ (CH) - We are so happy to have BÖLZER back at NOTW after their storming performance in 2015. They've always impressed us and keep going from strength to strength. UK Exclusive

CULT OF FIRE (CZ) - UK Exclusive - welcome back the Czech masters! -

DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT (DE) - Back to Glasgow for another UK Exclusive performance -

DARVAZA (IT/NO) - Killing it all across Europe right now. UK Exclusive -

DEAD CONGREGATION (GR) - First ever Scottish show, UK exclusive -

DOOL (NL) - A very special band, one of the highlights of the year for sure!

DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT (UK) - An absolute MUST SEE live performance!! -

FIDES INVERSA (IT) - Haunting black metal from Italy, UK exclusive -

HOODED MENACE (FI) - UK Exclusive performance for these death/doom finns! -

JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES (FI) - UK debut and UK Exclusive, please welcome Jess and crew! -

LVCIFYRE (UK) - Long over-due NOTW exclusive appearence! -

MALTHUSIAN (IRE) - Welcome back our favourite Irish drinking mob for NOTW MMXVIII, UK exclusive -

OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON US (AUT) - UK Debut and UK Exclusive performance! -

SPECTRAL APPARITION (UK) - Mysterious UK Death Metallers will play NOTW18 as their first ever show. This supergroup creates haunting, occult death metal. UK/Europe Exclusive

THE RUINS OF BEVERAST ️(DE) - This is a band we have had multiple requests for years and we've so happy to finally have them! UK exclusive for 2018.

URFAUST (NL) - Please welcome back the masters to Glasgow! UK exclusive -

ZHRINE (ICE) - One of Iceland's best! UK Exclusive -

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