Reverberant Waves Evening poster

Reverberant Waves Evening

Oct. 30, 2010 20:00, 4 hours
Club Vox
Str. Stefan Cel Mare 20A

Tickets: 20 Ron available at the entrance


  • Laburinthos
  • Dordeduh

After Brasov and Bucharest, DonisArt makes a new stop in Suceava! Reverberant Waves Evening is the Special Evening that will give participants the opportunity to savor two recitals completely different, in their structure and interpretation. LABURINTHOS is a project from Suceava made up of 6 people, who a year ago, joined forces under the same musical roof to promote a style never heard of before in Romania: Labyrinthine Bluewave.

Influenced heavily by a lot of Underground bands, LABURINTHOS managed to build its own musical approach. This approach they wish to share with all the people present at the event, by performing a show very hard to pin point to a particular musical style. You can already listen to one song on myspace (masterized by Hupogrammos/DORDEDUH). The other ones are on their way to being posted in the weeks to come. Their melancholic aura reminds the listener of THE 3rd AND THE MORTAL, but also of IN THE WOODS…, STILLE OPPROR, KAUAN or NERONOIA. The vocal mix makes room, most of the time, for atmospheric passages guided by bombastic keyboards which communicate intelligently with the opressive guitar solos and atypical drumming. The bass rarely visibly intervenes, but when it does it is deep and sombre enough for the sound to be encapsulated into the Dark sphere. ;

DORDEDUH is the band of the two mentors of NEGURA BUNGET, Hupogrammos and Sol Faur. A year ago, the guys founded this extremy exciting Transcendental Black metal project. It is surely, one of the most captivating Romanian bands in the present day, from which old NEGURA BUNGET fans and even younger Metallica type fans have great expectation. Their interest has been observed in Bucharest, during the first live performance, where a lot of foreign journalists came as well, to imortalize the event. After Echoes From Transcendence Evening in January, the band from Timisoara is once again uniting their forces with DonisArt, this time to officialy present their first acomplishment – the EP “Valea Omului”, material which came out at the beginning of September under the German label Prophecy Productions. Their concert will last for over 60 minutes, during which the band will perform songs featured on their upcoming album, but also famous passages that the two members composed over the years under the NEGURA BUNGET banner. In a formula of six, alongside their personal sound technician, DORDEDUH is preparing for the fans an explosive concert, a mix between the classical metalic arsenal and traditional instruments like alphorn, xylophone, xylon. Hupogrammos played only once in Suceava, 15 years ago, during a memorable concert for the Metal veterans of Suceava, with Negru, under the name WICCAN REDE, project that later turned into NEGURA BUNGET. DORDEDUH will bring personalized t-shirts and also their first material – the Vynil released only in 500 copies, half of which are already sold out in pre-order. After the recital, the band will be happy to chat with the fans of all ages about their music and lots more. ; All the participants to Reverberant Waves Evening will be able to go home with Metal CDs and more, offered free of charge by the organizing team. More so, once the two gigs come to an end, those present will be able to view, and this is a first time ever, the entire AGALLOCH performance held a few months ago in Reduta Cultural Center, Brasov. The event will take place Saturday, the 30th of October in Club Vox, venue situated in the basement of the Culture House of Suceava. The access will be permited starting with the hours 8 PM. The ticket price is 20 lei and can be purchased at the entrance.