Ritual Festival 2017 poster

Ritual Festival 2017

April 8, 2017 12:30, 11 hours
Canal Mills
Brandon Street, LS12 2EB
United Kingdom

Ritual Festival will be a one day, two stages event held at Canal Mills Leeds, focusing on heavier doom/death metal. Roughly 18-20 acts throughout the day.

Main Stage Headliner: We couldn't wait to announce IHSAHN such an honour to have such a skilled, amazing and high calibre artist join the festival. UK EXCLUSIVE The Almighty ALL PIGS MUST DIE will be bringing their own unique style of hardcore and intense destruction to Canal Mills. Broken – that is how we felt the last time we saw All Pigs Must Die. So, imagine how you’re going to feel at Ritual 2017 when these guys take to the stage Second Stage Headliner: Personally have no words and can't believe we managed to get this, we bring you MISERY INDEX, Harsh Grinding Death. Today, we are also pleased to announce the mighty return of Canvas ukhc. We spend a lot of time listening to records, in fact, it is pretty much all we do. Now we’ve said Canvas, and you might be thinking of one of the several other bands called Canvas, but we assume anyone reading this listens to as much music as we do, and if that is the case, then you know and we know that there is only ONE Canvas. Now for our UK acts: we expect people crowd surfing and touching the roof for the Grinders THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN. Brutal Wobble Box Slammers CREPITATION. A harsh assault of extreme, fast noise from CORRUPT MORTAL ALTAR. Been on our list for a while, Riff-makers SERPENT VENOM. Last years Ritual openers, Sludgey passion filled riff CONJURER A melting pot of Crust, Doom and Sludge from local Leeds LADS GROAK


Limited 100 Early bird, Pre show and Bundle and DICE - Best Gigs, No Booking Fees

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