Samfest Rock 2011 poster

Samfest Rock 2011

July 8, 2011 18:00, 2 days
Aeroclubul Satu Mare
Satu Mare


  • 35 lei/day
  • 45 lei/2 days
  • camping free


8 July

  • Legion (RO)
  • Deity (RO)
  • Crimson (RO)
  • Guerrillas (RO)
  • Netherbird (Sweden)
  • Trooper (RO)
  • Bonfire (Germany)

9 July

  • Ultimu Nivel (RO)
  • Malpraxis (RO)
  • Krepuskul (RO)
  • Masterpiece (RO)
  • Grimegod (RO)
  • Nevergreen (Serbia-Hungary)
  • Pain (Sweden)

Motorcycle competition, July 9

  • A contest full of prizes and rewards
  • Competition sessions:
  • Custom chopper paint
  • Custom sport paint
  • Custom bike
  • Old bike
  • Jury president: Balog Barna
  • The registrations for all the four sessions of the competition will be done onsite.

Football tournament, July 8 – 9

On Friday and Saturday, before the shows, until the start of the concerts, football halves between the teams who will join the tournament will be played. Guests: Community Police Football Team and the Team of the Gendarmerie Satu Mare. Registration at the address: Tournament features prizes. In case of bad weather, it's up to the teams submitted or to the tournament organizers if it will take place or not.