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Smoke the Fuzz Fest 2017

April 28, 2017 19:00, 1 day, 8 hours
Smoke the Fuzz Fest

Smoke the Fuzz gigs is an independent, free concert production/booking/promoting enterprise/operation based in Athens/Greece, born in March, 2013 and fueled by pure love and passion for music from any musical backgrounds, especially from the underground. We aim to bring some fine music down to Greece and share it with anyone that can feel the same vibes.. KEEP THE FUZZ ON !

Smoke the Fuzz Fest - Descent edition

The biggest indoor festival for fans of underground / alternative extreme sound returns with a two-day-Enceladus for Greek concert data ! As is evident, presenting a line-up that includes AMENRA , Chelsea Wolfe , Oathbreaker and : Skull & Dawn : , literally running out of descriptions and types / music streams that we could use this way of defining and music categorization of this magical weekend (Friday 28 and Saturday, April 29 at Gagarin 205 and Piraeus 117 Academy , respectively) . Whether we focus on one - off extreme show of AMENRA ( only for appearance in Athens, the AMENRA will hold a regular, full show electric , unlike their acoustic performances in the rest of Europe ), or focus on first on Greek territory appearance of Chelsea Wolfe , the contemporary “muse” of extreme / dark alternative sound - whose grace came up to invest with the songs of promos of the world most famous TV series such as Game of Thrones and Fear the 's Walking Dead , talking about one feast of musical inspirations and species will parade in front of our eyes on 28 and April 29 .

Worthy supporters in this unprecedented “theater of darkness” that experience, the Oathbreaker , members of collective of AMENRA , Church Of Ra , who in the most “schizophrenic” genius outrage of 2016 - their second album, ” Rheia ” - they gave new meaning to post / black sound and our own, unique dark country / spaghetti - westerners , : Skull & Dawn : . The genius and madness are separated by a thin line, and Smoke The Fuzz care to thoroughly explore the musical dimension of this one saying presenting these artists who do not know limits under the Smoke The Fuzz Fest - Descent Edition . The elusive longer AMENRA who have written their own notorious concert history , the only Chelsea Wolfe has left dumb mouths of all music lovers and critics and the underground and the mainstream space rejoice universal recognition for the music of flexibility , together with the most highly opening acts of every day , they are promising an emotional and musical of roller coaster without precedent .

With the appropriate technical and spatial requirements - as of course talking about artists, especially in the case of the Church Of Ra , the visual artistic piece plays a similar role of music in magical gatherings the members of this collective - The Smoke The Fuzz ensures that we will live an audio-visual extravaganza of international scope , with legends of the dark underground for conductors , “sirens” that the diversity of talent to elevate the concept of front woman to new levels (let's not forget the “stoicheiotiki” Caro Tanghe of Oathbreaker ) and in general a weekend - orgasm musical and audiovisual experiences, unique at the European level . The Smoke The Fuzz Fest - Descent Edition promises that it will be an unforgettable concert experience which deserves to dive with all our soul.

AMENRA / Facebook

Not only will we have the chance to experience one of the rare longer 'live shows of AMENRA , but in fact, solely to show in Athens, the AMENRA will hold a regular, full electric show with their amplifiers to put in destructive power for a single one - off show , giving us the abysmal extreme sound that we both love.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Belgian band is one of the greatest, most sincere and most shocking cartels of the last 20 years artists . The music them, their perception of the art , the philosophy behind the existence and the themes of the band, and the plethora of artists, photographers and visual artists who managed to gather around them by creating the collective them, Church of Ra , could not leave room for something less than live performances that leave history .

For music AMENRA there are not enough words to describe the “psychological warfare” in which subject the listener. The oneirodos asphyxiating soundscapes of Neurot Recordings favorite children (the record company of Neurosis gods) marginally down from the post hardcore / post metal aesthetic, as filtered through a colossal black / sludge alloy the like of which is not . A hearing in pieces-myths like ” Razoreater “, ” The Pain , It Is Shapeless “, ” Boden ” etc. You can convince you of the truth. Over (or back, depending on how you choose mastery to record every piece) from this unbearable musical veil , stand triumphantly the unthinkable vocals stubborn rage and unprecedented despair of separate principal Colin H . Van Eeckhout .

This is a unique frontman , since, although always sings with the back turned to the audience , every fiber of his body is perfectly purveyor to expressivity , looking like a man trying desperately to convey to viewers an ultimate message , using as a tool the music arising from the very depths of his soul. And when, resorting to clean, whispering vocals, only the phrase “holy awe” can describe the situation (for confirmation can be found in the recent acoustic release ” Alive “). In connection with the above music scene, the visual show of the maitre kind AMENRA gives concerts the notorious reputation that follows, now consolidating the idea that word of mouth their concerts is a different dimension of the recording material, a perverse “religious” experience that must be experienced to be understood. This experience will the most experience in a place with the technical specifications that are appropriate for celebrating in all its glory .

Having worked at all levels with all the top names in the post space and having left their indelible mark on all major sound festival that occurred (Roadburn, Temples, Beyond The Redshift , Motocultor etc.) it is apparent that the AMENRA need no further recommendations. Especially when we are talking about the band to resume having the pentalogia of Mass I - V , with the notes of their last sensational essay still sound pure in our soul, five years after its release. This is a band that lives in her own, unique musical universe and every live performance catch hold of the opportunity to convey her own abstract and universal message of inner pain .

So let's all get ready to live the visualization of what he Colin H . Van Eeckhout describes as “inspiration from anything kneeling people” . Totally unique , the AMENRA manage to fall into and simultaneously invalidate all journalistic cliche , the main and obvious that their concerts are much more of a spiritual experience . And we will not only have the opportunity to experience one of the few most concerts AMENRA , but will experience and a unique, one - off show as normal, catastrophic, mafropsycha sound settings of huge post - masters from Belgium . Moments concert greatness await those who would seek clearance into the abyss of AMENRA .

OATHBREAKER / Facebook / Bandcamp / Merch

With faith in the practical support of collective , alongside the legendary AMENRA they will appear in Church Of Ra their brothers, the Oathbreaker , the post black / post hardcore side refrigerators project - disclosure of guitarist AMENRA, Lennart Bossu.

The Oathbreaker have registered on their own unique musical path , the clear crust beginnings of ” Maelstrom ” and post / black shift of ” Eros / Anteros “, until the clear top them so far, this year's ” Rheia “. In this fantastic album saw them Oathbreaker maturing uncontrollably, daring to push to new limits the meaning of extreme , both the barbarism that characterizes their sound, and the abundant use of separate structures and various musical elements , filled imagination and innovation 10 tracks that make up the 63 minutes of drive. The development and the quality of this work has resulted in Oathbreaker longer receive and journalistic recognition (beyond football fan which certainly already existed), and received rave reviews and included in high positions in the editor picks for best album of the year in countless major magazines and webzines (Terrorizer, Noisey, Consequence of Sound, Invisible Oranges, Pitchfork, Exclaim!).

Clearly, a large share of celebrating Oathbreaker, beyond mafropsychi music feast offering credited to the fantastic frontwoman of the band Caro Tanghe , which offers perhaps the most shocking and most psychastheniki interpretation of 2016 . Not that the previous discs of executions fell short but multifaceted inspiration of Oathbreaker in ” Rheia ” sincerely freed. For argument's sake, you can hear ” 10:56 / Second Son of R “, where in an interpretation that freezes the blood, Caro dares to look into the eyes of the heart-rending performances of the Grand Master Colin H . Van Eeckhout .

The new “Viscera” of Oathbreaker peculiar - although not a completely accurate description - a sound blend of the old gods of post metal (see. Isis) and the modern aesthetic of black metal , as expressed by Deafheaven of Sunbather (plus few tonnes rage and cruel theatricality above). The common denominator in both releases, the Atomic Garden Studios and the excellent producer Jack Shirley. Plus, the music of Oathbreaker radiating a mysterious sense of beauty , which goes hand - hand with agonizing dark and introspective , as only members of the Church of Ra know how to approach.

It is therefore a unique double billing - fire , with Oathbreaker the forefront of the battle, and the legendary AMENRA , like other generals, to trigger on when darkness will cover the souls of everyone. A unique for the Greek concert experience , from which no one should miss.

CHELSEA WOLFE / Facebook / Instagram

Reaching even to the point the music has been selected to “dress» promos of the most famous TV series of today as the ” Game Of Thrones ” and ” Fear The 's Walking Dead “, is a real puzzle how this high priestess of the dark alternative sound has managed to bring together in a unique musical mix as many different and at cases extreme genres , producing the result that this decade has hooked countless fans all “factions” music lovers, extreme, -mainstream and alternative . Mystery, surprise, imagination and beauty : perhaps the key elements that attract our music and would lie to pretend that the music of Chelsea Wolfe who has fascinated the entire world not full of these items, especially accented the fullest extent.

Starting one album jewel after another and taking progressively apotheotikes reviews , or - at least - eccentric and talented musician from California has been established in the world's consciousness as one of the most avant - garde ” pop ” idols of our time and even in such a short time. Of course, we use the term “pop” with the necessary lightness, as Chelsea Wolfe falls into this condition only as to the diverse and numerous appeal it enjoys. Musically speaking, this is one of the most beautiful labyrinthine mazes ever had the fortune to experience. From humble - and creepy - beginnings of ” The Grime And The Glow ” when and manages an unthinkable collapse of - such as has characterized itself -epirroon from black metal , of folk , dark country and gothic style , began to justify their above our characterizations.

The sequel to the highly experimental ” Apokalypsis ” the drone , industrial and noise “alchimismon” - plus the aforementioned existing musical structure - quite ironically the “revealed” and the wide fan and critical audience rushed to emphasize the talent. Brainchild this disc, the last and more heavy from all essay of entitled ” Abyss ” (2015) where the Chelsea show now has escaped creatively , with neofolk / industrial / doom / noise experimentation of to tie the musical world and distract apotheotikes reviews . As for the dark neofolk / ambient / alt rock masterpiece of which rocked the candor and sentimentality of the ” Pain Is Beauty ” (2013) and acoustic creations like ” Unknown Rooms ” (2012) we have to say something. The songs hearing as the ” Destruction Makes The World Burn Brighter “, ” Feral Love “, ” The Passing We Used To “, ” We Hit A Wall “, ” Flatlands “, ” Lone ” etc. sufficient to convince.

We would say that perhaps like a female version of Garm, as well as the maximum Ulver, demonstrates a remarkable ease of changing successful musical style not only from album to album, but many times and from song to song in the same drive. The Chelsea Wolfe never leaves perseverance in a musical genre to hold back, since as has said the main reason for writing music is to accurately express how he feels about those experiences , and who can set a limit to the range of human emotions ? Beyond the music genius and super musicians around her, the biggest weapon is alafroiskioti and ethereal voice . Sometimes eerie and sometimes dreamlike , always catches on 'the listener unawares and leads him by the hand in unimaginable places .

H cooperation with names like Converge , the Russian Circles , the King the Dude and Mark Lanegan including simply show that even in the world of music, the Chelsea Wolfe is a modern muse . Growing from small in an open musical environment and drawing inspiration from the philosophy , the psychology , the poetry , the struggles of everyday people and the darkness and pain of the people around, the Chelsea Wolfe could not be anything other than what you will experience on April 29 . Minimalist yet so layered , eerie and yet so human , a deeply spiritual artist who will accompany us on a musical journey without limits . A unique performance for us, a truly unique music .

: Skull & Dawn : / Facebook / Bandcamp

The : Skull & Dawn : play americana dark of folk / country music soaked in Bourbon , something out of a murder and betrayal stories and surrounded by exuberant women of the American south .

The process them is long and full searches . They began in 2001 as Defile des ames having a more avant garde / of folk aesthetic . After a disk ( ” Lust ' n ' Stone ” - 2008), participation in many collections and many concerts, key members decided that the circle was closed, changing the name of the band in : Skull & Dawn : and leading vision on the other side of the Atlantic (2010).

In 2016 they released their first full album ” Zombie Horses ” by 3 Shades of Black and demonstrating live in a legendary gig at AN Club and three consecutive dates in Macedonia. Later this year appear alongside Omega Monolith in Volos and Karditsa.

Being a pure live band, as: Skull & dawn: they have given more than 70 concerts across Greece and displayed from the Saristra Festival of Kefalonia, the snowy mountains of Agios Germanos Prespes, their headline appearance at last Defcon Fest in AN Club in October and finally opening the virtual King Dude and taking the role of the band of next year's concert in Athens.

Remaining always active on all levels : Skull & Dawn : play concerts, write new music and are ready to share their stories and to initiate the world into another point of view on music.

In greeting the Chelsea Wolfe , the: Skull & dawn : they will present material from their debut album and new songs from the upcoming EP them is recorded .