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Triptykon, Secret of The Moon, Blaze of Perdition & Mord'A'Stigmata

March 19, 2017 17:00, 7 hours
Phone: +48 22 460 57 60
ul. Fort Wola 22, 01-258

Triptykon, Secret of The Moon, Blaze of Perdition & Mord'A'Stigmata

We are pleased to announce that the March mini-tour Triptykon joins phenomenal Secrets Of The Moon . The group, which recently accompanied Behemoth during the European tour will be represented on all four concerts in Poland.

Concerts Triptykon and Secrets Of The Moon will be held: March 16 in Krakow Quadrant , March 17 in Wroclaw Alibi , March 18 in Warsaw Progression and March 19 in Gdansk B90 . Performances by groups from Switzerland and Germany, preceded by a performance of the national Blaze Of Perdition and Mord'a'Stigmata .

Triptykon (Switzerland), doom, black metal: Celtic Frost is not and never will be. Even the offer of over 100 thousand. euro for one performance at the Wacken not convinced the Swiss, so it is better to give up hope. But fortunately for fans of Tom Warrior or officially Thomas Gabriel Fischer, in 2008, shortly after his departure from the metal legend in very unpleasant circumstances he created the band in which it can continue what years ago began in Hellhammer and later continued in Celtic Frost just. Triptykon quickly gained the trust and respect of fans kapitalnym debut “Eparistera Daimones” from 2010 to enchant all absolutely amazing second album “Melana Chasmata” from 2014. Both were accompanied by fantastic covers unforgettable surrealist HR Giger, who assisted Tom for years. Masterful combination of doom metal with elements of black metal, bathed in darkness and nihilism, we find in music Triptykon, Poland has many supporters. Tom and his team visited with us several times and never left the Polish disappointed. Moved? Yes. Brilliant ponurak from Zurich with an IQ well above average, says openly that one of the best shows that he played in his career, this of 21 December 2014 in the now-defunct Krakow factory. This time Triptykon come to us until four performances. Is during this mini tour plays another memorable concert? Perhaps the fans to hear something from the third album Triptykon, on which the band is currently working. Check, if you like: Celtic Frost, Type O Negative, Rotting Christ, Cathedral … Official Site / Facebook / Youtube

SECRETS OF THE MOON (Germany) atmospheric metal, black metal, doom: Champions Triptykon support live one of the most distinguished teams of black metal beyond our western border, which has recently supported on a European tour our Behemoth, and that the bass during concerts supports none other than V.Santura with Triptykon. If what you appreciate in live music is the climate, the concert Secrets Of The Moon miss you, do not. Existing for over 20 years the crew builds great mood, using the elements of atmospheric metal, black metal, leaning from time to time doomowym hefty riff. On the tracks alone, in the comfort of your home plates, music band from the Lower Saxony also makes a unique impression. Including the latest album “Sun”, a well-assessed in the media that the band will promote during several concerts in our country. Check, if you like: Behemoth, Triptykon, Nachtmystium, Deathspell Omega … Bandcamp / Facebook / Youtube

BLAZE OF Perdition (Poland, Lublin) black metal: The tragedy of 2013 will not halt the career of one of the most interesting Polish black metal bands. Although he died in an accident when bassist Wojtek Janus (in the band as 23), and the singer Sonneillon suffered serious injuries, Blaze Of Perdition ceased operations just a few months. In 2015 Lublin crew released their third album, “Revelations Near Death”, who occupied the top summaries metal plates this year. According to say that what does not kill, it strengthens BOP back more mature, stronger, musically uncompromising, surprising, far from genre clichés. Making it clear that the fate must try much more to a stop. Check, if you like: Watain, Oremus, Dissection, Funeral Mist, Fog … Bandcamp / Facebook / Youtube

MORD'A'STIGMATA (Poland, Bochnia) post black metal, avant-garde metal: Existing since 2004 Mord'A'Stigmata is a band whose music fascinates from the first second. Gradually it draws the listener, causing it eventually to delight. Bathed in the dark, seasoned brutality, framed in a cool, ruthless, brutal, nihilistic frame with a dose of hypnotic trance - these are the compositions of the Quartet. Mord'A'Stigmata each release poses new challenges listeners. Dating back to 2013 years album “Ansia” This was followed by about a band from Bochnia became loud. Concerts at the side of the mighty Behemoth only strengthened the reputation of the team. In 2015, they presented Mord'A'Stigmata fans trzyutworową EP “Our Hearts Slow Down”. Soon will be recorded full-scale successor mentioned “Ansi”. Musicians went for Studio 67 to record a fourth, a large plate. It is already known that it will be titled “Hope” and contain four tracks with a total duration of over 45 minutes. Prime Minister in February 2017, the effort Pagan Records. Check, if you like: Furia, revulsion, Thaw, Deathspell Omega … Bandcamp / Facebook / Youtube

They will play: Triptykon (Switzerland), doom, black metal + Secrets Of The Moon (Germany) atmospheric metal, black metal, doom / Blaze Of Perdition (Poland) black metal / Mord'a'Stigmata (Poland) post black metal, avant-garde metal

When: March 16 (Thursday) 2017 Where: Krakow @ Square, ul. Skarżyńskiego 1 Tickets: 90 zł - presale, 100 zł - On the concert Organizer: Knock Out Productions

When: March 17 (Friday) 2017 Where: Wroclaw @ Alibi, ul. Grunwaldzka 67 Tickets: 90 zł - presale, 100 zł - On the concert Organizer: Knock Out Productions

When: March 18 (Saturday), 2017 Where: Warsaw @ Progression, ul. Fort Wola 22 Tickets: 90 zł - presale, 100 zł - On the concert Organizer: Knock Out Productions

When: March 19 (Friday) 2017 Where: Gdańsk @ B90, ul. Doki 1 Tickets: 90 zł - presale, 100 zł - On the concert Organizer: B90

Tickets are available(printed collector)

Tickets for the concert in Gdansk

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