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Øya festival

Aug. 9, 2011 12:00, 5 days, 4 hours
Gamle Oslo

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The Øya festival is one of the biggest festivals in Norway. It is usually held in August on the grounds of Middelalderparken (the Medieval Park). The audience reaches about 60.000 people for 4 days and countless others during lots of the preceding club parties and the club night.

An advantage of the festival is the location. It takes 10 minutes to walk from OsloS station to the festival area, thus making it possible to forget the trouble of camping, like for many big 4days events outside cities.

The Middelalderparken hosts the ruins of the medieval church Mariakirken , first built in 1050 AD. Due respect for the architectural site, people are not allowed to sit on them. But they certainly contribute to the charm of the location, next to the lake that surrounds the whole area.

There are four stages. It is a festival for all ages so it is not uncommon to see parents with little kids. It is also a festival offering more than music. A wide area with tents for food, drink, selling gadgets, magazines, clothing from various sponsors. And there's always some place on the grass where you can relax and catch tan.

Another thing is the wide variety of music styles. The visitor can see from the blackest of metals, to the cheesiest pop, hip-hop, mellow rock, jazz, weird experiments, African or South American music. For a list of past performers, check this page.

2010 impressions of the festival can be read here.