1. Interview with Bucovina by Aurel Nedelcu

    Interview with Bucovina by Aurel Nedelcu icon (read on)

  2. ROBERT LOWE, the voice of doom!

    The year is 1992. Joey Belladonna leaves ANTHRAX. Could anyone imagine James Hetfield joining ANTHRAX while still playing in METALLICA? No, it didn’t happen in the bands from THE BIG FOUR. But it happened in he doom world. The most important doom band in the world is CANDLEMASS. The second is/was SOLITUDE AETURNUS. For a couple of years, one of … (read on)

  3. Interviu cu Bogdan - THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF

    Interviu cu Bogdan - THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF icon The Boy Who Cried Wolf vor sustine un concert maine, 28.03.2018, in Quantic Club, alaturi de trupele Zagan, As I Fall si Acid Scorn. In asteptarea concertului, am stat de vorba cu Bogdan (chitara / vocal). Va invitam sa cititi interviul si sa veniti maine la concert. StudioRock: Buna Bogdan, iti multumim ca ai acceptat acest interviu! Ati inceput The … (read on)

  4. Interview with DAUTHA - “Murky Medieval Doom aus Schweden”

    Interview with DAUTHA - “Murky Medieval Doom aus Schweden” icon DAUTHA e o formație nouă, dar cu muzicieni vechi. Abia au scos albumul de debut, ei înființîndu-se acum doi ani și jumătate, dar muzicienii din trupă sunt persoane experimentate, care au mai cântat sau mai cântă în diverse alte trupe, cei mai cunoscuți fiind vocalistul Lars Palmqvist, care este în același timp și vocalistul trupei Scar Symmetry, și chitaristul Ola … (read on)

  5. Interview with Hoist!

    Interview with Hoist! icon By a very lucky accident, the promo version of Hoist!'s 'Ami Noir' album fell into my hands and I had a long period of time during which I couldn't stop listening to the beautiful madness and combinations of jazz and blues with a touch of punk and metal. There's plenty of genuine stuff emerging from Norwegian musical scene, but for … (read on)

  6. Interview with Sunswitch

    Interview with Sunswitch icon I don't know how you'd react if the band on the stage in front of you had been composed of a drummer, a bass player and a tuba player, but the first time I saw this trio live I simply couldn't leave from the spot all the way in front of the stage. It was fascinating to watch, or actually … (read on)

  7. Interview with Tantrum

    Interview with Tantrum icon StudioRock conducted an interview with Javeen Soysa (Vocals/Bass Player) of Tantrum (Progressive Thrash Metal / Technical Death from Sri Lanka). In this Interview Javeen talks about the band and their new album, Rebellion. StudioRock: How's life in Sri Lanka these days? And especially, how's Tantrum life going on right now? Are you guys touring, writing, recording? Javeen: Life in Sri … (read on)

  8. Nekromantheon Interview

    Nekromantheon Interview icon Playing thrash metal about Greek and Roman mythology, Norway's Nekromantheon is a relatively young band, established in 2005, but with enough energy and skills to get some good reviews for their 2012 release, 'Rise, Vulcan Spectre' and most of all, with a stage presence that makes you go home and give their discs at least a couple of spins. The … (read on)

  9. Interview with Grotesque Hysterectomy

    Interview with Grotesque Hysterectomy icon Not so long ago, in the list of bands that end up more and more often in my musical newsfeed, the name Grotesque Hysterectomy sort of stands out. And it somehow insists, so you end up knowing so much about a band that you haven't even listened to yet. But in one of those pieces of news they announced the … (read on)

  10. Amoral Interview

    Amoral Interview icon This year at Tuska I got an invitation for an interview with a Finnish melodic hard rock/heavy metal band, who started at the end of the nineties as a technical death metal act. This got me pretty curious to learn more about the band, to watch them live at Tuska and, of course, to accept the interview invitation. It turned … (read on)

  11. A chat with Bjørnar Nilsen of Vulture Industries

    A chat with Bjørnar Nilsen of Vulture Industries icon If you're looking for catchy progressive metal with a high dose of 'WTF' element and you haven't yet listened to Vulture Industries, it's about time you use your google knowledge in combination with that name. Or simply visit their website. The Norwegians have been around with this name since 2002 and the début album, The Dystopia Journals, was released on … (read on)

  12. Sólstafir interview

    Sólstafir interview icon With a history going all the way back to ninety-five, Sólstafir is a four piece Icelandic band whose current musical style makes it rather impossible to put them into one category or another. Hence, I tried to get to chat with the band to try to maybe understand better who they are and what their music is about. The band's … (read on)

  13. Interview with Ørkenkjøtt (Norway)

    Interview with Ørkenkjøtt (Norway) icon It's always such a cool feeling to go to a concert where they'd play a music you never listened to prior to that evening and after five minutes into the concert get completely sold to the sound and the live show on stage. That's the effect that the release concert of Ørkenkjøtt's 'Ønskediktet' had on me after seeing them live … (read on)

  14. Imbalance - Norwegian Thrash

    Imbalance - Norwegian Thrash icon Quality thrash metal is not something that many people would expect to emerge from the Norwegian realm, yet, the guys playing under the name of Imbalance have delivered an outstanding full album before, and have a fresh pressed one to be released in few days. For an interesting fact, the new release will only be physically available on vinyl, along … (read on)

  15. Interview with Syne, a fresh Italian band worth checking out

    Interview with Syne, a fresh Italian band worth checking out icon Upon receiving a recommendation from a friend, I visited Syne's official website and listened to the songs featured in the media section. Being pleasantly surprised by what I heard, I had a chat with the band's mastermind, Fabio “FaZ” Marchisio, to find out more about this fresh Italian band with a lot of potential, and you can check out the … (read on)

  16. Interview with Myrath

    Interview with Myrath icon Myrath is an metal band from Tunisia who will play in Romania twice this year, as a support band for Orphaned Land. Anis Jouini, their bass player, agreed to answer a few questions from us. Let’s start by asking what's happening in the life of Myrath. What is new in 2011? We have a new album called “Tales of the … (read on)

  17. Memento Waltz - progressive metal from Sardinia

    Memento Waltz - progressive metal from Sardinia icon After the great performance of the Italian band Memento Waltz at ProgPower Europe 2011, Studio Rock followed up with the band to discuss about Memento Waltz music and future plans. Let's start with a short history of the band. Who is Memento Waltz, and when did you start as a band? Gabriele: Memento Waltz was born in Tempio Pausania (Sardinia, … (read on)

  18. Rishloo interview

    Rishloo interview icon Many have grouped the 2002 formed and Seattle based Rishloo with artists like Dredg, The Mars Volta, Tool, Fair to Midland and A Perfect Circle, while the band admits in drawing inspiration from celebrated artists such as The Beatles, David Bowie and Pink Floyd along with more modern talent like Tori Amos, Deftones, Radiohead, to Porcupine Tree. Their debut album, … (read on)

  19. Interview with Ryan Gardner - Rose Funeral

    Interview with Ryan Gardner - Rose Funeral icon Lenti Chiriac conducted an interview with Ryan Gardner (Vocals/Guitar)of Rose Fineral. In this Interview Ryan talks about their last album, Gates Of Punishment, released via Metal Blade Records. Lenti: Please let me know how did everything started with Rose Funeral? Ryan: We started about 6 years ago in Cincinnati Ohio. We all were in separate local bands that came together … (read on)

  20. Interview with Matlary Miklos of Nevergreen

    StudioRock conducted an interview with Matlary Miklos of Nevergreen, one of the bands invited to play at this year's edition of the Peninsula Festival 2011. StudioRock: Who is Nevergreen and how would you describe your music? Nevergreen was founded in 1994 in Hungary by Miklos Matlary – keyboards and Slobodan Macura – vocals and bass guitar. We took part in … (read on)