Interview with Powerwolf

This year the Masters of Rock festival from Vizovice (Czech Republic) had some really good names on the list. Twisted Sister, Hammerfall, Moonspell, Amorphis represented established names from the metal scene with very good shows proving that bands that have been existing for more than 20 years can still be exciting. If you ever doubt that metal doesn’t offer anything new and surprising these days, that there are no new bands to impress, you should check out these men from Germany and Romania. Even they played at about 2 pm their show was really energetic and atmospheric. This band was a real surprise for many fans, including myself. One of the best bands of the festival and I am not kidding. One thing I have to mention: the singer Attila Dorn. His voice deserves and gives extra credit to the band. Interesting thing is that you could see him maybe more on the opera stage in Bucharest than on stage with Powerwolf. He is the real SINGER, I was really impressed. After the show journalists could meet the band in the press tent and I didn’t hesitate to speak to one of the most interesting power – metal bands from the today’s scene. When I met them, they were very friendly and pleased with Czech audience’s reactions. Not all interviews are that pleasant. Powerwolf is a very friendly wolf.

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Photo: Silvanus / StudioRock

Q: How did you survive the show in your long outfits?

M. Greywolf: That’s a very good question… I have no idea. We lost about one liter of sweat. We only were lucky, normally we have some more pyrotechnics on stage. Thank God we didn’t have them today. It’s essential to drink a lot of water on stage.

Q: How did you enjoy the set?

M. Greywolf: It was fantastic, it was really exciting. I didn’t expect such a party. It was like early afternoon, thirty degrees. I expected everybody to sit down, relax, enjoy the weather, but people had a party with us, band and audience holding and pushing each other.

Q: Are you aware that Masters of Rock is the biggest metal festival in Czech Republic? Many fans could see you the first time; do you think you persuaded them about your qualities?

M. Greywolf: I hope so. I don’t know, but reaction was fantastic, that’s all we can do from our side. F. M. Schlegel: We didn’t play here the first time, we also played Metalfest, that’s quite a few kilometers away in Pilsner and again, excellent reactions.

Q: So how did you enjoy the Czech audience?

F. M. Schlegel: A lot, and the day is still long and we are just starting the party (laughs)

Q: You sing a lot about Satanism. Do you take it as heavy metal imagery or do you take it as your personal belief? For example, the director of the movie Exorcist doesn’t have to be Satanist even it’s a movie about Satanism…

M. Greywolf: (interupts) That’s exactly the same about us. We sing a lot about religion, we are kind of observing, we sing about Christian mythology, Satan, but we sing about it, not for it. A lot of people ask us: “Are you Christian or Satanist?”. I am a metallist, a metal fan. Metal is my religion. Look at all these people, what unites them? I can tell you, it’s the fucking metal.

Q: How did you persuade Attila to join your band? He is such a fantastic singer.

M. Greywolf: He persuaded us. He was calling and bothering. “Hey, I’ll come and join your band.” We were like “Oh, we don’t know.” Back in the time he was shorthaired and we were a metal band, you know. (laughs)

Q: I remember his pictures from your first album.

M. Greywolf: Yeah, we already have one shorthaired member (points at keyboardist and laughs). But he came and impressed us. He was the singer we exactly wanted. We didn’t want just another high-pitch heavy metal singer. It’s not that I don’t like them at all, but there are plenty of them. F. M. Schlegel: We didn’t want a copy of Michael Kiske.

Q: What band made you to play heavy metal, who were your idols?

F. M. Schlegel: Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate even they are older, they are still capable of making very good albums.

Q: The atmosphere and your stage reminded me one of King Diamond’s shows.

M. Greywolf: It’s an honor. King Diamond wrote heavy metal history. Atmosphere, if we get any closer to the atmosphere of his show, even we are not like him it’s an honor.

Q: What do you consider your biggest hit? My personal is Lupus Dei.

M. Greywolf: This is very hard. We all have our favorites. When you have 50 minutes on stage, it’s difficult to choose the hits for set list. I personally love Lupus Dei. It’s a very heavy song, slow, atmospheric, maybe not the best to play at 2 p.m. F. M. Schlegel: Response to this song today was very good. I really loved the response we got to this song in Romania, really.

Q: I personally haven’t had a chance to hear your new album “Blood of Saints”. What do you see as a difference to the last album “Bible of the Beast”. Is it a natural progression or are there any new things that were not heard before?

M. Greywolf: It’s a natural progress. We didn’t want to make a new step. We just wrote whatever came in our minds. I would say that “Blood of Saints” sound more natural. “Bible of the Beast” had more orchestrations, a lot of weird stuff. With this one we concentrated more on metal. I think we achieved balance between orchestrations and old-school straight-forward metal.

Q: Do you think this might find you a bigger audience?

M. Greywolf: We hope so. (laughs) I really don’t care. This music comes straight from our heart. It might sound egoistic but I play music, I love and I share it with people. I might sound strange, but if no one liked it I would still like our songs. You know, we didn’t write our songs to get a bigger audience, it just happened today and we enjoy it.

Q: Do you have any message for fans in Romania?

M. Greywolf: Yes, metal is a religion, believe in it. F. M. Schlegel: And try to check out our new album, give it a chance.

Q: Thank you very much for the interview.


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Photo: Silvanus / StudioRock