Sacrum, on searching for the perfect musical experience

During the ProgPower Europe 2010 festival we had a short chat with Sacrum from Argentina. The interview can be viewed below:

Big thanks to the band for the filming and production.

A few words about them, from their myspace page:

Sacrum started as a musical project in late 2003 when the two founding members Talo Silveyra and Martin Guerrero decided to undertake a serious heavy rock band that also had keyboards and other orchestral elements to create a new sound.

After a long time spent composing and playing, Nicolás Gighlione (former drummer) joined the band and Sacrum recorded their first EP called “Transgenia”, which received great comments. In 2004 Gighlione quit the band, but Mariano Herraiz (former keyboardist) and Diego Cipolla (Bass) joined in shortly. In 2005, after some try-outs, the drummer’s seat was finally taken by Agustín Sedano Acosta, completing the line-up.

By then, Sacrum had started to rehearse some songs and they finally got to play live during 2005 and 2006. We could say that was the time Sacrum was born as a complete band, even though the project started in 2003. After their first live performances, Sacrum decides to move to the next step and starts recording their first studio album called “Cognition”. The production/artistic/recording/mixing/mastering process took almost a year so it was finally released on January 1st 2008. Immediately the band received distribution offerings in Germany and the US, great feedback, reviews and interview requests.

In 2008 Sacrum is chosen by Mike Portnoy to open a Dream Theater concert at Luna Park Stadium (Buenos Aires), it was a great experience and also gave them a great chance to be heard by thousands of people, although Sacrum were not able to display their whole show playing as a supporting band. That same year the band decides to part ways with Mariano Herraiz due to artistic differences, while still preparing a big show in Buenos Aires and recording new tunes that were brought out in a virtual Single form, called “Survive”, available for download only on iTunes and Amazon. In September, they performed live again at the ND Ateneo theater to present “Cognition” officially and new songs of the upcoming album. The show made a big impact on people and local press, it was a great success and Sacrum definitely started a new stage artistically.

By the end of 2008 Sacrum enters the studio again to start recording “Days of Quarantine”, the second album of the band, this time fully produced by Martin Guerrero. This album shows a new facet of Sacrum, containing direct, controversial and political lyrics, strong and deep melodies with different shades of melancholic and fresh sounds.

After the releasing of “Days Of Quarantine”, Sacrum were invited to play at Prog Power Europe 2010.


Talo Silveyra – vocal,
Martin Guerrero – guitar,
Diego Cipolla – bass,
Agustin Acosta – drums.

image - see following caption
Sacrvm, live @ ProgPower Europe 2010
Photo: Sabin Iacob / StudioRock