1. Studio Rock - Aniversare 28 de ani de emisie

    Studio Rock - Aniversare 28 de ani de emisie icon Vineri, 16 februarie 2018, de la 22.00 la 1 noaptea, pe www.radio3net.ro, aveţi de audiat o nouă ediție a celei mai vechi emisiuni de rock & metal de pe posturile de radio din România – STUDIO ROCK – Aniversare 28 de ani de emisie!!! Pentru chat va rugam sa va inregistrati aici. Realizator: Lenţi Chiriac (read on)

  2. Pyogenesis-Romanian Soil Tour

    Pyogenesis-Romanian Soil Tour icon Axa Valaha Productions & Hamburg Records proudly presents PYOGENESIS ‘Romanian Soil Tour’ 2018. The tour program includes shows in Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and Bucharest. Soon updates about tickets and support act. 20.04.18 Cluj-Napoca - Flying Circus Cluj; 21.04.18 Timisoara - DAOS club; 22.04.18 Bucuresti - fabrica; (read on)

  3. Concert Gray Matters la #FIND_US – Best of 2017

    Concert Gray Matters la #FIND_US – Best of 2017 icon Vă reamintim că în perioada 23-28 Februarie 2018, Asociația Fotografilor de Concert - #FIND_US vă invită la expoziția de fotografie de concert #FIND_US - Best of 2017, in Gallery Cafe (Str. Leonida 9-11). Anul acesta, cei de la GRAY MATTERS vor susține un recital acustic în cadrul expoziției, sâmbătă, 24 februarie 2018, cu scopul de a strânge fonduri pentru Flavia … (read on)

  4. Set Before Us signs exclusive worldwide deal with Eclipse

    Set Before Us signs exclusive worldwide deal with Eclipse icon We’re thrilled to announce the signing of Sweden’s exciting alternative metalcore newcomers, SET BEFORE US. Hailing from the suburbs of Stockholm, Set Before Us have developed a mature, polished sound which goes against the grain of traditional metalcore. The band are currently in the studio, finishing up a brand new eleven-song album entitled Vitae, which is scheduled for release this … (read on)

  5. SPECTRAL lanseaza un nou single, Hallucinatory Authorization

    SPECTRAL lanseaza un nou single, Hallucinatory Authorization icon Formatia bucuresteana de Progressive Technical Death Metal Spectral lanseaza cel de-al doilea single care prefateaza albumului de debut, Neural Correlates of Hate. Hallucinatory Authorization este acum disponibila aici: Ciprian: “Este timpul sa dezvaluim cel de-al doilea single de pe viitorul nostru album. In mare parte instrumentala Hallucinatory Authorization va va duce intr-o calatorie rece si intunecata pe taramul francizei Alien. … (read on)

  6. Playlist Studiorock Show

    Playlist Studiorock Show icon Playlist STUDIO ROCK – 9 februarie 2018 ARMOTURA - Hellbound (Armotura) 2018 Mighty Music ARMOTURA - Insidious (Armotura) 2018 Mighty Music THERION - Bring Her Home (Beloved Antichrist) 2018 Nuclear Blast THERION - The Palace Ball (Beloved Antichrist) 2018 Nuclear Blast SOULINPAIN - Resilience (Adversary) 2018 Australis Records SOULINPAIN - Rebellion (Adversary) 2018 Australis Records NIGHTBREED - Beyond Inferno (Beyond … (read on)

  7. Dark Archive - Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon

    Dark Archive - Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon  icon Finnish black metal band Dark Archive released a new EP “Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon” on January 31st 2018 via Inverse Records. LISTEN to an EP on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2nmL8y3 Dark Archive was formed in summer 2016 by Joakim ”Lord Mordor” Lindholm (composing, recording, intstruments) and Niko ”Perdition” Aromaa (vocals, lyrics). Members had a vision to form a black metal band … (read on)

  8. Pestilence s-au intors

    Pestilence s-au intors  icon Pestilence, originari din Enschede, Olanda, au debutat la mijlocul anilor 80 ca o trupa de thrash metal, in mare voga in acea perioada, cu albumul „Malleus Maleficarum” (1988) si s-au conscarat imediat, devenind lideri al genului, fiind considerata una din trupele cele mai brutale si intense. În 1989, a lansat al doilea album, “Consuming Impulse”, un mare pas spre scena … (read on)


    CHRCH TO RELEASE LIGHT WILL CONSUME US ALL THIS APRIL 27TH  icon Standing at a crossroads of light and dark, Chrch create epic songs of great depth, layering intricate melodies, thunderous rhythms, gargantuan riffs, and a powerful, supernatural vocal presence. There is no image or gimmick to uphold, only the humble glorification of their fundamental musical elements. Chrch perform with a striking purity and honesty, their long-form songs build and deconstruct as … (read on)

  10. New song

    New song icon BARREN EARTH - Further Down (Album Track)is forst extract taken from the album “A Complex Of Cages”, out March on 30th, 2018 YouTube (read on)

  11. New realease

    New realease icon “Zov iz Magle” single contains two new exclusive compositions both recorded during the sessions for “Pra Sila - Vukov Totem” an upcoming concept album dedicated to the Wolf as a mythological being. The title track “'Zov iz Magle” (engl. A Call from the Mist) is directly taken from the new material while the stylistically different “Sa Dna”, was specially recorded … (read on)

  12. New release

    New release icon Lithuanian band ERDVE (space), formed in 2016, plays sludgy black metal with a certain aesthetic towards unique heavy sound, experimenting with Hardcore and Black Metal without following any of the existing rules of both genres. ,,Vaitojimas'' is band's first album, it reflects such concepts as domestic violence, disgusting behaviour, crimes against humanity, perversion and extremism. Strongly recommended. YouTube Releases February … (read on)

  13. New song

    New song icon “Luminary” is the first track on TesseracT's next album. Sonder adds significant firepower to the band's arsenal, blending the harsh abrasiveness of One (2011) and progressive ethereal elements of Altered State (2013) with the accessibility of Polaris (2015). Sonder is streamlined, honest and direct with all the trademark TesseracT dreamy atmospherics and bending grooves. Vocalist Daniel Tompkins describes Luminary as … (read on)

  14. New release

    New release icon Invictus Productions sets February 16th, 2018 as the international release date for Spite's highly anticipated debut album, Antimoshiach. In the tenth year of Satan's millennium, the temple of Spite began its erection. Three warnings from the depths have since been issued: a demonstration of the rites of desecration, an exhibition of countless blasphemy, and a declaration of the binding of … (read on)

  15. New Confirmation for Dark Bombastic Evening 9

    New Confirmation for Dark Bombastic Evening 9 icon Dark Buddha Rising is the second band confirmed for the ninth edition of Dark Bombastic Evening. The event will take place again in Alba Iulia between 15 and 18 august 2018. First confirmed name is Mork, a black metal band from Norway which released an appreciated full-length last year. Dark Buddha Rising adopts a psychedelic form of music, accompanied with … (read on)

  16. Forgotten Tomb- “We Owe You Nothing”

    Forgotten Tomb- “We Owe You Nothing” icon Forgotten Tomb caught my attention with their latest album “We Owe You Noting” since the very first track. This much-anticipated full-length is a rather sophisticated form of dark metal. The band continues on this renewed path, enriched with sludge tones and black’n’ roll vibe. “We owe you nothing”, the album-title song, Is the first exposure to this odd musical conglomeration. … (read on)

  17. New realease

    New realease icon New album “Nebula Septem” by Monolithe is on Bandcamp. 7 musicians gathered to record the 7-minutes songs to feature on MONOLITHE’s 7th opus - NEBULA SEPTEM. On the album, the tonality of each song is one of the 7th notes of the western scale. The first letter of the songs’ titles is one of the 7th first letters of the … (read on)

  18. Ultimele noutați (Romanian only)

    Ultimele noutați (Romanian only) icon Formatiile de death metal EXHUMED si INCANTATION vor porni intr-un turneu pe Coasta de Vest a Statelor Unite din data de 22.02.2018 pina in data de 3.03.2018 pentru a-si promova albumele lansate anul trecut, si anume “Death Revenge” (EXHUMED) si “Profane Nexus” (INCANTATION). In deschidere vor fi cei de la PHOBIA. EXHUMED va mai participa la festivalul “70000 Tons Of … (read on)

    1. Update Jan. 29, 2018 09:00: TESTAMENT au relansat vineri 5 albume
    2. Update Jan. 29, 2018 10:00: MACHINE HEAD au lansat vineri, 26.01.2018, ultimul lor album
    3. Update Jan. 29, 2018 11:00: IMMORTAL au reeditat pe vinil ultimele 2 albume ale formatie
    4. Update Jan. 29, 2018 12:00: GWAR in Australia
    5. Update Jan. 29, 2018 13:00: SACRED REICH au semnat cu Metal Blade Records
  19. New realease

    New realease icon Finland's HOODED MENACE make their long-awaited return with their new full-length 'Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed'. Their most ominous, dark, and mature album to date, “Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed” showcases the Finns at the height of their collective powers. Tracks such as “Sempiternal Grotesqueries” and “Cathedral of the Labyrinthine Darkness” explode out of the depths, where cavernous death metal collides with gut-wrenching doom. … (read on)

  20. Rosetta - Utopioid (2017)

    Rosetta - Utopioid (2017) icon Rosetta's sixth full-length album was released September 1, 2017. On this recording: Mike Armine - vocals, electronics Dave Grossman - bass, vocals Eric Jernigan - guitars, vocals, keyboards Bruce McMurtrie Jr - drums, percussion, vocals Matt Weed - guitars, vocals, keyboards Recorded at Studio G Brooklyn during July and August of 2017 Produced by Francisco Botero and Rosetta Lead engineer: … (read on)