1. New realease

    New realease icon Debut full-lenght album “Pliaga” by Ex Anima. Slovak one-man (Quasar) experimental/atmoshperic black metal project with a little bit electronic elements. Released February 27, 2018 (read on)

  2. New song

    New song icon GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT - Epitaph Ever since forming 16 years ago, Irish trio God Is An Astronaut has reigned as one of the premier instrumental groups. With its fusion of intense rock instrumentation, ethereal and emotional soundscapes, awe-inspiring dynamics and transfixing melodies. Each of their prior releases has offered a breath taking sonic journey, and their ninth emotive opus, … (read on)

  3. New realease

    New realease icon Swedish self proclaimed “primitive and progressive” death metallers Usurpress return with a new, bold album. This time, core members Stefan Pettersson (vocals, lyrics), Påhl Sundström (guitars, music) and Daniel Ekeroth (bass, music) are joined by jazz-fusion drummer Stefan Hildman and ambient/trance keyboardist Erik Sundström, and the outcome astounded even the band itself. “Interregnum” can be described as “an unholy mix … (read on)

  4. ROCK HISTORY - Exercitiu de Libertate - Mob Rules

    ROCK HISTORY - Exercitiu de Libertate - Mob Rules icon ROCK HISTORY - Exercitiu de Libertate - Mob Rules Stay Metal Forever va invita sa participati la: ROCK HISTORY- Exercitiu de Libertate si Mob Rules Data: 19 si 20 mai 2018 Ora: 20.00 (acces incepand cu ora 19.30 - in ambele seri) La Club Quantic din Bucuresti Bilete: www.iabilet.ro Recomandarea noastra pentru public: Prezenta la concert a intregii familii Rock, … (read on)

  5. New song

    New song icon Vent Fantôme' is a piece consisting of 2 unique songs of Wintery black drone, a la Neige et Noirceur. Its been composed to be played live first (in 2016/2017) but then recorded in their own studio to be released on tape-cassette by Les Fleurs du Mal prod. 'Vent Fantôme' is right now under production process and will be released by … (read on)

  6. New song

    New song icon New song “Mis à mort, Mis à nu” of the upcoming Borgne album [∞] will be released April 8th 2018 by Avantgarde Music. (read on)


    The Rolling Stones UK, IRE AND EU NO FILTER TOUR ANNOUNCED ! icon The news you've all been waiting for! The Rolling Stones are bringing the No Filter tour to the UK and Ireland this summer, with some additional European shows! May 17 - Croke Park, Dublin* May 22 - London Stadium, London Jun 05 - Old Trafford Football Stadium, Manchester Jun 09 - BT Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh Jun 15 - Principality Stadium, … (read on)

  8. Akral Necrosis pregateste un turneu-fulger

    Akral Necrosis pregateste un turneu-fulger icon In 2018, Akral Necrosis reia activitatea live cu o serie concisa de concerte grupate sub titulatura Festering Spring Tour. Turneul este programat la mijlocul lunii mai si va trece prin Cluj, Bucuresti si Iasi, ultimul concert ca parte din festivalul Rock'n'Iasi, acolo unde grupul va urca pe scena in seara de sambata. Blackerii vin cu noutati in setlist-ul de 80 … (read on)

  9. Grimus lansează albumul „Unmanageable Species”

    Grimus lansează albumul „Unmanageable Species” icon Albumul „Unmanageable Species” este disponibil online: https://UMR.lnk.to/UnmanageableSpeciesPR La 4 ani de la anteriorul album, “Emergence”, Grimus revine cu materialul “Unmanageable Species”, al patrulea din carieră şi primul intergral în limba engleză. Compus şi înregistrat în Germania, în august 2017, “Unmanageable Species” conţine nouă piese, produse de Jan Kerscher. “Unmanageable Species” a fost înregistrat în Nürnberg, mixat în Berlin şi masterizat … (read on)

  10. The Kryptonite Sparks isi cauta “Interlocutor”

    The Kryptonite Sparks isi cauta “Interlocutor” icon [insert happy emoji] The Kryptonite Sparks lansează single-ul „Interlocutor” [insert dancing emoji] [insert talking emoji] Într-o conversaţie este nevoie de cel puţin 2 Interlocutori. Se ia primul interlocutor, The Kryptonite Sparks, care marchează ingenios partea lor prin noul single. Acum urmează partea celui de-al doilea interlocutor - publicul, care este provocat la dialog prin muzică. Make Love Not War! Fără … (read on)

  11. FRIG lanseaza albumul “vid nocturn”

    FRIG lanseaza albumul “vid nocturn” icon Trupa FRIG va susține un concert la București, în luna iunie 2018, pe scena Amfiteatrului Mihai Eminescu. Artiștii își vor delecta fanii cu albumul “Vid nocturn”, iar în playlist se vor regăsi și piesele lansate pe Youtube: Sfere și minus 0.010 degrees. Cu un nume sugestiv, FRIG este un grup compus din Alex Deak – synthesizer, Günes Sensoy – chitară, … (read on)

  12. Misprint copy of new Orphaned Land album for sale!!

    Misprint copy of new Orphaned Land album for sale!! icon At first it was a huge crisis. “This is not our album, it's shit!” we said to our record label the first minute we saw this misprint copies (the misprint is at that lack of black where the white color is at the guns and the all knowing eye) Immediate actions were made to take back copies from distributors and … (read on)

  13. New Song

    New Song icon Mark of the Beast II: Scion of Darkness it's a new song by Monotheist, wich mix the brutality of Suffocation, the melodic sensibilities of Extol and the earnest riffing of Death with explorations into classical and jazz realms. Mixed and mastered by Aaron Smith (7 Horns 7 Eyes). (read on)

  14. New Confirmations for Dark Bombastic Evening 9

    New Confirmations for Dark Bombastic Evening 9 icon In the last days, three new bands have been confirmed for the ninth edition of Dark Bombastic Evening. The bands have different music styles but they all create a perfect atmosphere that suits this event. There are five more bands to be confirmed on the next days which will complete the line-up for this edition. Death in Rome will perform … (read on)

  15. PUNGENT STENCH albums to be issued by Dissonance Productions

    PUNGENT STENCH albums to be issued by Dissonance Productions icon “Ampeauty” is the fifth album of the Austrian death metal band Pungent Stench. It was originally released in 2004 on Nuclear Blast Records. The lyrical content is more fetish-oriented than on the previous albums, with many songs focusing on acrotomophilia and apotemnophilia. Musically “Ampeauty” is exactly what you would expect from an '80s death metal band - the melodies are … (read on)

  16. Dopelord / Void Forger / Ropeburn

    Dopelord / Void Forger / Ropeburn  icon Dopelord-Stoner-doom metal from Poland Void Forger-Sludge/Crust/Punk // Bucharest Ropeburn-Hardcore/Punk/Sludge // Bucharest Support: 30 Lei - First 100 Tickets // 45 Lei Next Online Tickets : https://eventbook.ro/music/bilete-dopelord-void-forger-ropeburn-live-at-quantic Doors open @ 20:30 Ropeburn - 21:30 Void Forger - 22:30 Dopelord - 23:30 Headfullofnoise Afterparty (read on)

  17. Ihsahn has released the first song from his coming album Àmr

    Ihsahn has released the first song from his coming album Àmr icon Arcana Imperii is the first single to be taken from Ihsahn's upcoming album Àmr, and features a guitar solo by Opeth's Fredrik Åkesson. “As with previous albums, I've tried to maintain a certain diversity throughout Àmr, with every track having a somewhat individual identity,” says Ihsahn. “So, as a first introduction, I felt Arcana Imperii contained several key elements from … (read on)

  18. Black Dreams released a new single 'Kiss the Gun'

    Black Dreams released a new single 'Kiss the Gun' icon Release: Black Dreams - Kiss The Gun (single) Format: Digital Release Date: February 22nd 2018 Record label: Inverse Records Genre: Blues-driven Heavy Metal Country: Finland Finnish blues-driven heavy metal band Black Dreams released a new single 'Kiss the Gun'. It's a natural continuum to the previously released singles 'My Hell' & 'Soul Stealer'. The band is currently working with their … (read on)

  19. New realease

    New realease icon Skjult, one man band (Javier Rodríguez Prendes alias Conspirator), de black metal cubanez, aflata deja la al doilea material complet, diferit fata de primul, cuprinde opt piese, ultima fiind un tribut adus lui Trond Alastor Nefas (Urgehal / Beastcraft) ce ne aduce aminte prin sonoritati de Belphegor, Dark Funeral sau Urghehal “Progenies Ov Light” poate fi ascultat pe canalul Bandcamp … (read on)

  20. New song Demonical

    New song Demonical  icon Demonical's fifth studio album “Chaos Manifesto” is due out on 3/23 in Europe and 4/27 in North America via Agonia. Buy at: https://www.agoniarecords.com/demonical (read on)