1. ABBATH: Video Footage Of Entire San Antonio Concert

    ABBATH: Video Footage Of Entire San Antonio Concert icon Check the video footage of ABBATH, the band led by ex-IMMORTAL frontman Olve Eikemo (a.k.a. Abbath), performing on December 10 at the Aztec Theater in San Antonio, Texas. (read on)

  2. #newvideorelease: Aeon Blank - Hipster Apocalypse

    #newvideorelease: Aeon Blank - Hipster Apocalypse icon “Hipster Apocalypse”, a brand new video from the Romanian band AEON BLANK has been released on December 21st and can be seen below. The song is part of the “DARK WATERS” (2014) album. (read on)

  3. Brutal Assault 2016

    Brutal Assault 2016 icon Brutal Assault nr. 21 will take place again in Josefov fortress between August 10th and August 13th, 2016. The first limited edition tickets can go for sale anytime, so beware! You can take a look at this Jägermeister aftermovie in the meantime. Please note, the latest info is always available at our facebook page! (read on)

    1. Update Sept. 4, 2015 19:01: OFFICIAL AFTERMOVIE AND TICKET INFO
    3. Update Dec. 6, 2015 10:11: A MASSIVE LINEUP UPDATE IS HERE!
    4. Update Dec. 21, 2015 18:43: BRUTAL ASSAULT ANNOUNCES NEW BANDS!
    5. Update Jan. 17, 2016 10:45: Fresh confirmed bands with VOIVOD, EYEHATEGOD & SIKTH!
    6. Update Feb. 9, 2016 18:22: Brutal Assault has announced new bands with BEHEMOTH
    7. Update March 4, 2016 21:11: NEW BANDS WITH NEUROSIS!
    8. Update March 30, 2016 20:04: BRUTAL ASSAULT festival: 75% of the line-up already revealed
    9. Update May 5, 2016 21:32: BRUTAL ASSAULT festival: lineup update from the black friday
    10. Update May 19, 2016 18:01: BA festival: lineup update with 1349, Perturbator and Kronos
    11. Update June 18, 2016 14:49: LINE-UP UPDATE WITH EKTOMORF, Demimonde, Brutally Deceased
    12. Update June 24, 2016 18:06: BANDS BY DAYS REVEALED, 2016 MYBRUTALASSAULT CONTEST UP!
    13. Update July 4, 2016 19:40: Brutal Assault 2016 official trailer!
    14. Update July 12, 2016 18:19: BRUTAL ASSAULT festival: lineup complete!
  4. Damian Wilson - new album release in 2016

    Damian Wilson - new album release in 2016 icon Threshold vocalist Damian Wilson has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a brand new solo album which will be released in April 2016. Visit the campaign website where you can read about how to contribute and about an acoustic album he will release with Adam Wakeman in January 2016. (read on)

  5. W:O:A 2016

    W:O:A 2016 icon The following bands have already been confirmed for Wacken Open Air 2016 : Blind Guardian, Ministry, Steel Panther and 14 more acts. Pre-sales of W:O:A 2016 tickets start at midnight on the 3rd of August (the night between Sunday and Monday) exclusively through Metaltix.com. The X-Mas Tickets, limited to 10.000 copies, will be sold first. X-Mas Tickets are selling at … (read on)

  6. Made of Metal 2015 festival innovations

    Made of Metal 2015 festival innovations icon Hodonin, July 27, 2015: The second edition of the festival Made of Metal, which will be held between 14th to 16th of August 2015 in Hodonin is slowly knocking at the door. In addition to great music, led by stars such as EPICA, AMORPHIS, Belphegor, Turisas, Tristania, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Finntroll, Draconian or Tyr the visitors are awaited with many innovations. … (read on)

  7. DorDeDuh at Gothoom 2015

    DorDeDuh at Gothoom 2015 icon DORDEDUH confirmed their participation on GOTHOOM 2015 and they will be one of the co-headliners during the first day of GOTHOOM festival with name PAGAN/VIKING warm up day. Between other bands confirmed for this year's edition are CRYPTOPSY, CATTLE DECAPITATION or EREB ALTOR. (read on)

    1. Update Jan. 8, 2015 19:24: New Bands Confirmed for Gothoom 20015
    2. Update April 3, 2015 17:48: THE PLACE OF GOTHOOM 2015 FESTIVAL REVEALED
    3. Update April 25, 2015 21:03: COMEBACK OF THE TITANS SEPTICFLASH
    4. Update July 24, 2015 20:01: TRAILER GOTHOOM 2015
  8. Brutal Assault 2015 Announcement

    Brutal Assault 2015 Announcement icon 20th volume of the Brutal Assault Festival which will be held from August 5th to 8th, 2015 announces first confirmed bands. Among the first acts confirmed for next year are American atmospheric band AGALLOCH, French death metal duo BE’LAKOR and BENIGHTED, legendary British black/gothic band CRADLE OF FILTH, Polish and Greek death metallers DECAPITATED and DEAD CONGREGATION, German grinders EXCREMENTORY … (read on)

    1. Update Nov. 8, 2014 20:05: Brutal Assault announces newly confirmed bands
    2. Update Dec. 20, 2014 22:01: New batch of bands confirmed!
    3. Update Dec. 20, 2014 22:15: Brutal Assault announces newly confirmed bands!
    4. Update Jan. 9, 2015 18:36: New Bands Confirmed for Gothoom 20015
    5. Update Jan. 10, 2015 15:21: Another bands confirmed!
    6. Update Jan. 25, 2015 19:51: Another bands confirmed!
    7. Update Feb. 27, 2015 04:02: New confirmation!
    8. Update March 8, 2015 21:08: The great escape!
    10. Update May 3, 2015 19:52: New confirmed bands with Mayhem and DHG
    11. Update May 24, 2015 21:01: NEW BANDS WITH SOULFLY AND CULT OF FIRE
    12. Update June 23, 2015 22:28: New confirmed bands and replacement
    13. Update July 1, 2015 23:05: Win a free Brutal Assault festival pass!
    15. Update July 24, 2015 19:52: THE WINNERS FROM #MYBRUTALASSAULT
    16. Update July 24, 2015 19:54: VIP CAMP 2
  9. Meet & greet cu Zakk Wylde la concertul Black Label Society

    Meet & greet cu Zakk Wylde la concertul Black Label Society icon BLACK LABEL SOCIETY va concerta peste o saptamana la Bucuresti ain primul lor show ain calitate de cap de afis din Romania. Formatia americana va zgudui Arenele Romane pe 27 iulie, iar fanii sunt asteptati sa faca un headbanging sanatos si sa cante la unison alaturi de Zakk Wylde piese ca “Suicide Messiah”, “Concrete Jungle” sau “Overlord”. Din setlist nu … (read on)

  10. CANNIBAL CORPSE: concert in Bucuresti

    CANNIBAL CORPSE: concert in Bucuresti icon Cel mai mare nume al genului death metal, Cannibal Corpse, se năpustesc în forță asupra Arenelor Romane într-un concert brutal pe 24 iulie 2015, cu ocazia turneului de promovare a celui mai nou album, A Skeletal Domain. După mai bine de un sfert de secol de activitate și o discografie impresionantă de 13 albume al căror conținut a stârnit numeroase … (read on)

  11. Wacken Metal Battle România 2015

    Wacken Metal Battle România 2015 icon Formația Dark Fusion din București a câștigat finala națională a concursului Wacken Metal Battle România 2015 și va reprezenta țara noastră în finala internațională din Germania din cadrul celui mai mare festival de metal din lume, Wacken Open Air. Pe scena de la finala națională din Sibiu au mai urcat Aamon (Iași), Transceatla (Timișoara) și Vespera (Cluj). Invitații speciali ai … (read on)

  12. Concert Korn la Bucuresti - Arenele Romane

    Concert Korn la Bucuresti - Arenele Romane icon Data: 3 august 2015 Locatie: Arenele Romane (Parcul Carol) Adresa: Str. Cutitul de Argint, Nr. 26, Bucuresti Organizatori: Emagic Website oficial: www.emagic.ro Bilet: 140 lei Ora: TBA Korn, renumita trupa californiana de alternative/nu metal, va sustine un concert la Bucuresti, Arenele Romane, pe data de 3 august 2015. In deschidere, vor urca pe scena: Point Blank, Coma, Implant pentru Refuz … (read on)

  13. Korpiklaani in premiera in Timisoara

    Korpiklaani in premiera in Timisoara icon Club Daos are placerea de a prezenta in premiera in Timisoara o trupa mult asteptata de fanii folk metal: KORPIKLAANI (Finlanda). Cu aceasta ocazie trupa va prezenta ultimul album „Noita” lansat anul acesta, printr-un recital special ce va dura 90 minute!!! Ca suport pentru concertul KORPIKLAANI, pe scena va urca trupa ARKONA (Rusia),ocazie prin care o vom revedea pe carismatica … (read on)

  14. METALHEAD Meeting Festival 2015

    METALHEAD Meeting Festival 2015 icon METALHEAD Meeting Festival 2015: Program, activitati, detalii de acces si multe alte informatii ( Romanian only) Metalhead Meeting va avea loc intre 11 si 14 iunie pe Cotroceni Open Air in spatele Afi Palace Cotroceni intr-o locatie Open Air de 22.000 de metri patrati. Ii veti putea live in cadrul celor 4 zile de METALHEAD Meeting pe scena mare pe … (read on)

  15. Made of Metal 2015 news

    Made of Metal 2015 news icon Made of Metal 2015 is to feature not one, but two annual shows! Hodonín, 29/10/2014 – It has only been a little over two months since the Swedish formation Therion concluded the program of the successful first installment of the new festival Made of Metal held in the South-Moravian city of Hodonín, and already, the event’s official website is giving … (read on)


    ROCKSTADT EXTREME FEST 2014 icon KATATONIA and ROTTING CHRIST are the first acts announced for the 2nd edition of the ROCKSTADT EXTREME FEST 2014, set to take place August 14-16, 2014 in Rasnov, Romania. The first edition of the ROCKSTADT EXTREME FEST took place between August 29 and August 30, 2013. Among the bands who played here we can name: Primordial, Septic Flesh, Textures, Carach … (read on)

    1. Update Aug. 5, 2014 13:18: ROCKSTADT EXTREME FEST 2014 Update (Romanian only)
  17. Newly confirmed bands for Brutal Assault 2014

    Newly confirmed bands for Brutal Assault 2014 icon Next bunch of newly confirmed band is here. Brutal Assault announces six new acts to play alongside with previously confirmed AMON AMARTH, AUGUST BURNS RED and BENEDICTION. New adds to the festival’s bill are British doom metal pioneers MY DYING BRIDE, legendary American death metal band OBITUARY, death/thrashers from Emirates NERVECELL, NY based brutal death formation PYREXIA, Norwegian black metallers … (read on)

    1. Update Oct. 16, 2013 00:18: BA 2014 ticket presale starts now!
    2. Update Oct. 16, 2013 19:15: REPULSION, VICTIMS and HAIL OF BULLETS confirmed for BA 2014
    3. Update Oct. 22, 2013 21:01: RETURN OF THE LEGEND, BRING ME THE HORIZON and IN MOURNING
    4. Update Nov. 2, 2013 11:20: Brutal Assault announces next confirmed bands
    6. Update Nov. 13, 2013 18:59: SICK OF IT ALL, TESSERACT, SEVERE TORTURE
    7. Update Nov. 26, 2013 22:11: BA confirmes CHILDREN OF BODOM, JESU and THE AGONIST
    8. Update Dec. 5, 2013 17:57: CONVERGE, PENTAGRAM CHILE and MORS PRINCIPUM EST
    9. Update Dec. 14, 2013 11:45: DOWN, COMBICHRIST, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE
    10. Update Dec. 22, 2013 20:13: Brutal Assault confirms SIX FEET UNDER, IGNITE, HAVOK
    11. Update Dec. 22, 2013 20:16: Pre-Xmas present from BA 2014
    12. Update Jan. 2, 2014 13:46: SATYRICON, NIGHTFALL AND HACKTIVIST
    13. Update Jan. 7, 2014 17:57: First bands’ announcement in 2014 is here!
    14. Update Jan. 17, 2014 18:18: Brutal Assault confirms six new bands
    15. Update Jan. 23, 2014 23:05: LINE-UP UPDATES
    16. Update Jan. 29, 2014 20:21: Next bunch of newly confirmed bands
    17. Update Feb. 7, 2014 18:15: GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT, ENTHRONED and TEXAS IN JULY
    18. Update Feb. 16, 2014 11:31: TERRORIZER, RED FANG and RINGWORM
    20. Update March 19, 2014 22:16: MANES, IWRESTLEDABEARONCE, GRAND EXIT
    21. Update March 19, 2014 22:19: MGLA, DEW SCENTED and BRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL
    22. Update April 1, 2014 19:09: ONSLAUGHT, BLINDEAD and FEASTEM confirmed for Brutal Assault
    23. Update April 19, 2014 11:54: Last two weeks for buying BA tickets for extra prices
    24. Update April 19, 2014 11:59: Festival accommodation
    25. Update April 25, 2014 23:37: SLAYER!
    27. Update June 23, 2014 18:27: Brutal Assault line-up is complete
    28. Update June 23, 2014 18:29: LAST ROOMS AVAILABLE AT CERNIGOV HOTEL!
    29. Update July 18, 2014 18:01: Luc of GORGUTS invites you to Brutal Assault
    30. Update July 18, 2014 18:04: Brutal Assault announces band names divided into single days
    31. Update July 18, 2014 18:07: Accommodation during BA
    32. Update July 18, 2014 18:11: Lineup changes
  18. Playlist StudioRock - May 2nd, 2014

    Playlist StudioRock - May 2nd, 2014 icon PET THE PREACHER - Fire Baby PET THE PREACHER - What Now PET THE PREACHER - Kamikaze Night XANDRIA - Dreamkeeper XANDRIA - Our Neverworld Equilibrium - Karawane Vader - Where Angels Weep Judas Priest - Redeemer of Souls Taine - Existence Taine - Love & Hate DEATH - Born Dead DEATH - Pull The Plug (12/05/87 Rehearsals) Mekong Delta … (read on)

  19. Romanian Thrash Metal Fest 3rd edition

    Romanian Thrash Metal Fest 3rd edition icon Bölzer from Switzerland, Obsessör from Germany and Extirpation from Italy have been confirmed for Old Grave Fest (Romanian Thrash Metal Fest 3rd edition), which will take place on the 10th-11th of October 2014, at Club Fabrica, 50 “11 Iunie” Str., Bucharest. Line up so far: Grave (Sweden) Desaster (Germany) Sodomizer (Brasil) Bölzer (Switzerland) Obsessör (Germany) Hellcannon (USA) Slaughtered Priest (Greece) … (read on)

  20. 48 bands announced for HELLFEST 2014

    48 bands announced for HELLFEST 2014 icon Hellfest Festival have announced 48 bands who will be playing at next year’s festival set to take place in Clisson, France from June 20th-22nd. EMPEROR | TRIVIUM | CARCASS | WATAIN | DEATH | HATEBREED | ICED EARTH 1349 | ANNIHILATOR | BEHEMOTH | BRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL | CONAN | CROWBAR | DAGOBA | DORDEDUH |DOWNFALL OF GAIA | DOWNSET … (read on)

    1. Update Dec. 4, 2013 23:59: Hellfest 2014 - Line up announced
    2. Update Jan. 30, 2014 09:50: Hellfest 2014 - new announcement
    3. Update Feb. 6, 2014 10:29: Hellfest 2014 is almost SOLD OUT!