1. Castle Party - full line up and tickets

    Full Line Up 2010 CASTLE PARTY 2010 - programme 29.07 – THURSDAY BEATS’N’FREAKS NIGHT Old Cinema, start: 21:00 CHRISTBLOOD (pl) - live Leszek Rakowski (pl, Castle Party on Open FM) - hits from Castle Party on Open FM INFINITY PAIN (pl) - freak show RED EMPREZ (pl) - live DUSK WATCH (pl, side project of Betrayal [Deathcamp Project]) - live … (read on)

  2. Brutal Assault XV 2010

    Brutal Assault XV 2010 icon Set to take place on August 12-14 2010 in JaromeÅ™, Czech Republic, the 15th edition of Brutal Assault has already announced a heawyweight line-up, with more bands being announced every week. Up to date line-up, ticket and camping info on our Brutal Assault XV 2010 event page, for further info also check the festival's website (read on)

    1. Update Jan. 10, 2010 12:05: New bands for Brutal Assault
    2. Update Jan. 14, 2010 12:05: Sepultura, Sarke to play at BA
    3. Update Jan. 19, 2010 12:05: New confirmations for Brutal Assault
    4. Update Feb. 24, 2010 12:05: Brutal Assault lineup update
    5. Update March 3, 2010 19:35: Ensiferum and Macabre to play at Brutal Assault
    6. Update March 8, 2010 16:18: Suicidal Angels & Lost Souls wil play at Brutal Assault
    7. Update March 16, 2010 11:42: Bal-Sagoth, Ahab to play at BA 2010
    8. Update March 22, 2010 22:19: Watain, Agnostic Front to play at BA 2010
    9. Update March 29, 2010 16:11: Orbituary, Gaza to play at BA 2010
    10. Update April 6, 2010 10:34: Madder Mortem, Kalmah confirmed for BA 2010
    11. Update April 21, 2010 16:56: New bands confirmed for Brutal Assault
    12. Update June 9, 2010 19:35: New updates from Brutal Assault
  3. Amphi Festival press release

    Amphi Festival press release icon We received a press release from the organisers of the Amphi Festival 2010 Dear Amphi fans, Shortly before Easter we have fresh news about the Amphi Festival 2010. As promised we intensively used the past weeks and advanced the planning of the sixth Amphi Festival. While the first WARM-UP PARTIES head towards the clubs soon, we may present you the … (read on)

    1. Update June 2, 2010 19:27: Amphi Camp at the “Jugendpark Cologne” is sold out.
  4. Lacrimosa, Rhemorha to play at Masters Of Rock

    LACRIMOSA and RHEMORHA have been confirmed for this year's Masters Of Rock feastival, set to take place July 15-18, 2010 in Vizovice, Czech Republic. (read on)

    1. Update May 28, 2010 11:52: Masterplan cancel Masters Of Rock show
  5. Rockin Transilvania 2010

     Rockin Transilvania 2010 icon AXXIS have been confirmed for this year's edition of the Rockin' Transilvania festival, June 18 - 20, Bran Castle, Romania.The band is schedule to play on June 19th. LINE UP 2010 AXXIS (Germany) CONTRADICTION (Germany) IN SLUMBER (Austria) FIREFLY (Netherlands) HANDFUL OF RAIN (Spain) ALIGHT (Italy) SHADOWSIDE (Brazil) W:O:A METAL BATTLE ROMANIA 2010 will take place at ROCKIN' TRANSILVANIA OPEN … (read on)

  6. Former Evergrey bassist talks about leaving the band

    Former Evergrey bassist talks about leaving the band icon It's already known that bassist Jari Kainulainen recently parted ways with Swedish prog metallers Evergrey. His departure came after a period of turmoil within the band, which resulted in two other members going their separate ways. Discussing his sudden departure, Jari Kainulainen said: “Leaving Evergrey was a hard decision to make. I loved the music and the company! But after … (read on)

  7. Wacken Open Air 2010

    Wacken Open Air 2010 icon This year's Wacken Open Air festival will take place on August 5-7, in Wacken, Germany. See our Wacken Open Air event page for an up to date line-up, and watch this space for other updates. (read on)

    1. Update March 3, 2010 20:01: Astral Doors confirmed for W.O.A.
    2. Update March 6, 2010 23:31: SKANNERS will play at W.O.A 2010
    3. Update March 8, 2010 16:03: FEAR FACTORY will play at W.O.A 2010
    4. Update March 13, 2010 14:21: Job For a Cowboy, Dead Means Nothing to play at W.O.A
    5. Update March 16, 2010 12:51: KILLING MACHINE confirmed for Wacken Open Air.
    6. Update March 21, 2010 17:25: W.O.A. line-up additions
    7. Update March 23, 2010 18:34: Primal Fear cancels W.O.A. presence
    8. Update March 23, 2010 20:23: Svartsot to play at W.O.A.
    9. Update March 28, 2010 15:28: Frei.Wild confirmed for W.O.A. 2010
    10. Update March 29, 2010 19:21: The Keltics confirmed for Wacken
    11. Update April 3, 2010 19:29: Anvil confirmed for W.O.A. 2010
    12. Update April 4, 2010 16:37: Wacken Open Air 2010 preliminary running order
    13. Update April 9, 2010 20:17: Soulfly confirmed for W.O.A. 2010
    14. Update April 11, 2010 11:45: Kamelot to play at W.O.A.
    15. Update April 20, 2010 19:52: Red Hot Chilli Pipers to play at Wacken
    16. Update May 25, 2010 12:26: Kataklysm cancel WOA show
  8. ProgPower USA XI Lineup Finalized

    ProgPower USA XI Lineup Finalized icon The full lineup for the 11th annual installment of ProgPower USA — the largest alignment of progressive, classic and power metal bands on American soil — has been finalized for this September's festivities. As always, the massive event, held in Atlanta, Georgia, will include a plethora of both stateside and European acts, including headlining acts Kamelot, Accept and Hammerfall, along … (read on)

  9. Jorn Lande to release Dio tribute album

    Jorn Lande to release Dio tribute album icon Jorn Lande will honor the musical legacy of Ronnie James Dio with his new album, aptly entitled “Dio”, to be released on July 2 in Europe and July 27 in the U.S. via Frontiers Records. Commented Lande: I wrote “Song For Ronnie James” as a tribute and a personal thanks to the man who has been my mentor for more … (read on)

  10. The 25th edition of Metal Under Moonlight

    The 25th edition of Metal Under Moonlight icon The latest details for the event organised by Bestial Records and Stay Metal Forever and supported by MIG Management at KeyMen Group have emerged. Bolthard will be launching 2 CDs: the EP titled “Password:Invalid”, and the single titled “Human Race”; the band promise an electrifying show, with light, music and pyrotechnics. They will also present their new, enthusiastic and dynamic … (read on)

  11. Trooper concert on June 6 in Bucharest

    Trooper concert on June 6 in Bucharest icon The final details have emerged for the last Trooper concert before this year's summer vacation kicks in: under the title The Last In Line, Stay Metal Forever brings together 4 Heavy Metal bands on May 6th in Silver Church, Bucharest. The headliners are well known to the Romanian metal public, and have supported some heavy names like Manowar and Iron … (read on)

  12. ProgPower Europe 2010

    ProgPower Europe 2010 icon ProgPower Europe 2010 is set to take place on October 1-3, 2010 at JC Sjiwa, in Baarlo, Netherlands. The line-up is slowly starting to appear: ASPERA (Norway) have been confirmed for this year's edition. The band recently released their debut album and got some overwhelming response from the international press. (read on)

    1. Update March 16, 2010 14:00: Myrath to play at ProgPower Europe 2010
    2. Update March 22, 2010 11:28: Xerath, Darkwater to play at ProgPower Europe 2010
    3. Update April 16, 2010 19:57: Jon Oliva's Pain to play at ProgPower Europe 2010
    4. Update April 17, 2010 11:04: Shadow Gallery to headline at ProgPower Europe 2010
    5. Update May 13, 2010 20:37: Final line up for ProgPower Europe 2010
  13. Monarchy part ways with drummer

    Monarchy part ways with drummer icon Romanian power/progressive metallers Monarchy have announced that their current drummer, Geani Matei, will be leaving the band due to personal reasons, mostly related to the lack of time to rehearse. “Geani is one of the best drummers in Romania, but he got to the conclusion he can't keep up with the band's rehearsal and concert schedule. We remain friends, he … (read on)

    1. Update May 12, 2010 22:47: Monarchy drummer returns
  14. Download Festival 2010

    Download Festival 2010 icon A staggering batch of 22 confirmations for this year's edition of Download were announced yesterday, along with the start of day ticket sales, priced at £75. Bands announced are: Steel Panther HIM Saxon Airbourne Coheed & Cambria 36 Crazyfists The Dilinger Escape Plan Dommin Taking Dawn Unearth Cinderella A Day To Remember Lawnmower Deth Whitechapel August Burns Red RATT The … (read on)

    1. Update April 12, 2010 23:05: Another round of confirmations for Download 2010
    2. Update May 4, 2010 20:05: 12 more bands added to the Download line-up
  15. Castle Party Festival info

    Castle Party Festival info icon The Castle Party Festival, the biggest freak show in the Middle & Eastern Europe, is set to take place on July 28 - August 1st 2010. The festival has a long history — it has been hosting the major stars of dark independent since 1994. The Bolkow Castle was built during the reign of Bolko I. It was rebuilt several … (read on)

    1. Update March 16, 2010 18:49: Line Up 2010 complete at Castle Party Festival
    2. Update April 24, 2010 12:25: Latest confirmations for Castle Party 2010
    3. Update May 3, 2010 18:18: Castle Party Updates
  16. Killing Machine confirmed for Bulldog Bash Festival

    US metal band Killing Machine will play on the main stage at this year's Bulldog Bash Festival in Long Marston, Near Stratford-upon-Avon, UK on August 13th 2010. The event, which is the UK's biggest Custom Bike Show, runs from 12th to 15th August. The band's festival schedule for this summer is shaping up as follows: June 26th — Graspop Metal … (read on)

  17. Amphi Festival New Talents Special — press release

    We received another press release from the organisers of the Amphi Festival 2010 AMPHI FESTIVAL 2010: NEW TALENTS SPECIAL: The big Amphi Festival Newcomer-Special in support of “Dunkelziffer e.V.” Dear Amphi fans, dear bands, the gothic scene has shown to be one of the most imaginative and diverse streams in the contemporary world of music. Many modern acts and old … (read on)

    1. Update April 24, 2010 13:12: Amphi Festival 2010: New Talent Special updates
  18. Section A to release 3rd album in May

    Section A to release 3rd album in May icon Danish heavy/progressive band Section A return after an absence of 4 years with their third album, Sacrifice. Led by the rich vocals of Andy Engberg and the virtuoso guitar work of Torben Enevoldsen (Acacia Avenue, Fatal Force), the band is completed by new drummer Thomas Heintzelmann (Decoy) for the new album. Set to be released on May 21st, Sacrifice marks … (read on)

  19. Arcane Grail release digital version of their 2nd album

    Arcane Grail release digital version of their 2nd album icon Russian extreme symphonic metal band Arcane Grail released the digital edition of their second album, Arya Marga — Ninefold Path to the Innocence, through the UK based label Hunter's Moon Records. Arya Marga — Ninefold Path to the Innocence is a concept album that showcases a combination of styles including symphonic and black metal, male screams and growls and female … (read on)

  20. Metal Camp 2010, July 5-11

    VIRGIN STEELE and KAMELOT have been confirmed for this year's edition of the Magic Circle Festival, set to take place on July 11, 2010 as part of the Metalcamp festival in Tolmin, Slovenia. (read on)