ARTmania Festival 2012

ARTmania Festival’s organizers have announced the tickets for the next Sibiu Festival edition as a premiere in the Romanian entertainment market. For the ARTmania Festival Sibiu 2012, the seventh edition of the Sibiu’s arts festival, tickets are already available.

It is for the first time in Romania when a music festival is offering this service with one year in advance. From now on, tickets can be bought from the Eventim Networks (Germanos, Carturesti etc.), Diverta Network or online, from, and, with 60 lei for the first 1.000 passes, but only until the end of this year. Next presale will sell passes at 80 lei rising up until 150 in the week of the event, august, 2012.

In 2012, ARTmania Festival Sibiu will be taking place in the second week of august, 6-12th august, and will present, as always, a rich and varied cultural program with concerts, exhibitions, book launching events, workshops and other special events dedicated to the arts. All of this will cover three ARTmania areas : Piata Mare, Piata Mica and ARTmania Festival Sibiu Arena (Entertainment & Camping in the Dumbrava Forest).

Event cofinanced by the local Council of Sibiu through the Town Hall and the Cultural House of Sibiu Municipality.

  1. Update Oct. 20, 2011: Delain and Trail of Tears at ARTmania Festival Sibiu 2012

    Delain and Trail of Tears have been confirmed for the next year's edition of the ARTmania Festival that will take place in Sibiu, Romania, August 6-12, 2012.

    A concert of Dutch band Delain has been a wish expressed by the active members of the ARTmania community. The band’s story began in 2002 when Martijn Westerjolt, ex keyboard player in Within Temptation, along with the charismatic Charlotte Wessels founded Delain and started composing together with other talented musicians, signing in 2005 with RoadRunner Records and beginning to record their first album. “Lucidity” featured important guests from the metal area: Marco Hietala of Nightwish and Tarot, Liv Kristine (Leave’ s Eyes) and Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation).

    Their second album is released in 2009 with a huge international success, amplified by their numerous live European shows. Charismatic figure, Charlotte, attracts a lot of different aged fans in spite of her 24 years. The Dutch girl has a Bacheleor in Art and even a world record along with 1,300 other people as part of a cookie-on-a-string eating contest, a traditional Dutch game.

    Delain will be in Romania for the first time at ARTmania Festival Sibiu 2012, and fans can get ready to listen to new songs. Their third album is already on its way, production being signed by Jacob Hellner, well known for his collaborations with Rammstein and Apocalyptica.

    The Norwegian based Trail of Tears has been playing since '94, but has never been to Romania, is spite of its strong fan base. They stated in a interview in 2007 for that they would really like to play in Romania. With six albums so far and a new one redy to be lauched, the artists of Trail of Tears are ready for the meeting in Sibiu’s Large Square in 2012.

    Trail of Tears have an impressive history. They started of as a cover band in a Southern Norwegian town. Natt, their initial name, played Pantera and Sepultura songs, while Ronny became the leading vocalist at the age of sixteen just because: “I liked extreme voices”. After the release of the first demo, the band signs with a record company and changes its name to Trail of Tears, title proposed by a former guitarist interested in the history of North American Indians: ”we were sixteen and for the most of us it simply meant a good name”.

    The second album, ”Profundemonium” (2000) is followed by lineup changes, the leading singer being replaced with Catherine Paulsen, a voice that will sing with them until 2003. During this time, ”A New Dimension of Might” is produced, lauched and promoted. The next few years translate in the release of Free Fall Fear, a male singer only album and the departure of the whole band in 2006, just before the release of album number five, “Existentia”.

    Ronny Thorsen announces the return of Catherin Paulsen in 2007 and in 2009 Trail of Tears returns to the metal audience with the album ”Bloodstained Endurance”. If in 2010 their concerts were mostly in Holland an Norway, with a visit at MetalCamp Slovakia and Brutal Assault in the Czech Republic, Trail of Tears will hit Taiwan and China in November and December 2011.

    Trail of Tears have announced late September 2011 that recording for the new album has been finished: “We believe that we have created something extraordinary and can’t wait to share it with you all. Never before has a recording process involved so much blood, sweat and tears!” Trail of Tears fans wil listen to new song at ARTmania 2012.

    Subscriptions can be bought in Eventim network (Germanos, Carturest, etc), Diverta and online at, and for 60 lei the first 700, price valid until the end of the year. The next presale will be 80 lei and in the ARTmania Festival week ticket prices will be 150 lei.

    In 2012, ARTmania Festival Sibiu will take place between August 6 - 12 and its offer includes a varied cultural program with concerts, exhibitions, book launches, work shops and other events dedicated to the belles-arts. All these will take place in the ARTmania special areas: the Large Square, the Small Square and ARTmania Festival Sibiu Arena (Camping and Entertainment).

    Event cofinanced by the local Council of Sibiu through the Town Hall and the Cultural House of Sibiu Municipality.

  2. Update Feb. 9, 2012: ARTmania Festival announces Die Toten Hosen in August at Sib

    Die Toten Hosen will be playing on Friday, around 10 p.m., in the most beautiful public square in Romania. “Pushed Again”, “Hier Kommt Alex”, “Zehn Kleine Jägermeister” and many other well known songs will be listened to live in Sibiu. Delain will hit the Large Square stage on Saturday, August 11th, while the Norwegian Trail of Tears will lead the concerts on Friday, August 10th 2012.

    In 2012, the ARTmania Festival in Sibiu will take place between 6-12 August and will offer art lovers a various cultural program including concerts, exhibitions, workshops and other special events dedicated to the fine arts. The concerts in the Large Square will take place on Friday and Saturday, the 10th and 11th of August.

  3. Update Feb. 21, 2012: Epica live in Transylvania at ARTmania Festival 2012

    Epica have been confirmed for the next year's edition of the ARTmania Festival that will take place in Sibiu, Romania, August 6-12, 2012.They will play for the first time on the stage in the Large Square with Trail of Tears and Die Toten Hosen on Friday, August 10th.

  4. Update May 25, 2012: Raining stars at the ARTmania Festival 2012

    The ARTmania Festival announces a premiere in the history of Romanian concerts and calls to Sibiu all fans of rock music, photography and astronomy. Deathstars and Poets of the Fall, a premiere in Romania, will join the other confirmed bands at the festival’s seventh edition: Die Toten Hosen, Epica, Delain and Trail of Tears.

    Deathstars is a heavy name in world industrial and gothic metal charts. Accustomed with large crowds due to the Rammstein tour, the Swedish band will play at ARTmania on Friday, August 10, 2012. The energy of their music will conquer Romania as have their hits “Blitzkrieg”, “Death Dies Hard” and “Cyanide” have conquered televisions and internet. A spectacular apparition teleported from the world of deathglam to the stage in the Large Square of Sibiu.

    Poets of The Fall, a dream come true for alternative rock enthusiasts, will play at Sibiu “Carnival of Rust” and “Late Goodbye” for those present on Saturday, August 11 at the ARTmania Festival.

    The ARTmania cultural platform supports the bells arts, with an accent on the music directly linked to or derived from rock culture. Alongside its faithful allies and hosts of the event, ARTmania has become a well- known international brand, thanks to its specific concert program and its location in one of the most beautiful medieval citadels in Eastern Europe, Sibiu.

  5. Update June 2, 2012: Edguy and My Dying Bride are playing at ARTmania Festival

    ARTmania Festival Sibiu 2012 announces a premiere and a comeback: Edguy and My Dying Bride are meeting the Festival’s audience Saturday, August 11. The concert schedule is defined today and the line-up for the seventh edition of ARTmania Festival is as follows: Die Toten Hosen, My Dying Bride, Deathstars, Edguy, Epica, Delain, Poets of the Fall and Trail of Tears.

    The German band Edguy, a new premiere for Romania, will hit the stage at the ARTmania Festival. The rightful heir of the heavy metal throne with over two million albums sold, nine studio albums and sold-out concerts in over 37 countries, inseparable on stage from Aerosmith and Scorpions, Edguy will be heard to the stars and back on the ARTmania stage, in a concert dedicated to their latest released album “Age of the Joker”.

    Edguy’s story begins in 1992 when 3 colleagues, only 14 years old, made their dream come true. They are Tobias Sammet, vocals and bass back then, guitar players Jens Ludwig and Dirk Sauer. The band was completed in 1997 with bass player Tobias “Eggi” Exxel and drummer Bohnke. Edguy can pride with only one line-up change in 20 years of making music; almost a record in the industry.

    Also a record, this time a personal one, reaches the festival thanks to the last confirmation: My Dying Bride will play in Sibiu again in 2012, and after this edition it will be the first band to have played three shows at the ARTmania Festival. The well-known British band has released till now 11 studio albums and has celebrated 20 years of existence last year. It has already played two times in Romania, in 2007 and 2009, and they are coming back for a third time in 2012.

    “We have evolved like any other band, winning and losing members, developing the musical style we started with, but in the same time we kept it interesting. The most important thing in these two decades is that we still love very much what we are doing and we hope to go on like this for the next 20 years”, Aaron Stainthorpe declared in a metalunderground interview in 2011.

    The annual festival in Sibiu has become known over its six years of existence by promoting gothic metal artists or other metal genres, extending its coverage to heavy metal, punk and even alternative rock. Music represents the leitmotif of the festival, closely followed by visual arts, especially photography and painting. Promoted artists endorse the general concept of ARTmania through concert photography or festival related paintings. Indirectly linked projects are also welcomed since the festival’s mission is defined by drawing various contributions from the art domain, with a starting point in music. In this area one of the main concerns of the organizing party is facilitating the promotion of Romanian artist on the scene of an important international festival.

    During the festival week, ARTmania strongly supports productions of the cultural institutions in Sibiu. Started two years ago, the collaboration between the Brukenthal National Museum and the ASTRA National Museum Complex has granted access to an impressive number of participants at the ARTmania Festival in museum areas as well as galleries, which have been highly regarded due to their priceless cultural heritage.

    In 2012, the ARTmania Festival will take place between August 6 and 12 and will offer art amateurs a varied cultural program including concerts, exhibitions, workshops and other events dedicated to the fine arts. The concerts in the Large Square will take place on Friday and Saturday, 10th and 11th of August.

    Tickets and full passes for the ARTmania Festival Sibiu 2012 can be purchased in Eventim and Diverta networks, and online at, and at, for 130 lei/pass and 90/day ticket, while starting with July and until the last festival day passes will be 150 lei and one day ticket 100 lei for the main festival events.

  6. Update July 18, 2012: Kitsune Art confirmed for Artmania 2012

    Friday, 10th of August, Kitsune Art, the latest revelation of the Spanish rock scene, will perform at ARTmania Festival 2012. The young band from Madrid will play on Harley-Davidson Stage, in the Small Square of Sibiu, at 17.00h.

    The story of Kitsune Art started at the end of 2010, when Jose (quitar), Jonathan (drums) and Fernando (quitar) decided to form a band and Carlos (bass) came along to fill up the project with excellent ideas, both at a tehnical, but also at a compositional level.

    After trying to define their style through a long period of rehersals and after changing their initial vocal for Alexander in the middle of 2011, Kitsune Art launched themselves with great success on the musical scene of Madrid, playing in prestigious concert halls such as Silikona, aLive si Joy Eslava. With a particular style, combining metal with alternative rock themes, they have rapidly caught the attention of the public and press, but also the admiration of the fans of bands like Linkin Park, P.O.D. sau Pantera.

    Kitsune Art will perform at the 7th edition of the ARTmania Festival along with Die Toten Hosen, My Dying Bride, Edguy, Epica, Deathstars, Delain, Poets of The Fall, Trail of Tears.

    Starting July, tickets can be bought online ( and at the festival site as well, at the price of 35 euro/festival pass (150lei) and 25 euro/day (100 lei).

    ARTmania Festival is an event cofinanced by the Local Council of Sibiu with the Town Hall and the Cultural House of the District of Sibiu.