Black Dreams released a new single 'Kiss the Gun'

Black Dreams - Kiss The GunRelease: Black Dreams - Kiss The Gun (single) Format: Digital Release Date: February 22nd 2018 Record label: Inverse Records Genre: Blues-driven Heavy Metal Country: Finland

Finnish blues-driven heavy metal band Black Dreams released a new single 'Kiss the Gun'. It's a natural continuum to the previously released singles 'My Hell' & 'Soul Stealer'. The band is currently working with their debut album and more details is announced later.

Watch KISS THE GUN music video:

Kiss the Gun is a disconsolate story about the woman who have already lived her glory days. Her behavior is somewhat unusual and unpredictable, perhaps because the woman in question has had a terrible childhood. Kiss the Gun contains a lot of alternative meanings, and the listener can make his own view on the subject based on text, video and single cover art.

Juha Kraapo, singer and main composer comments: “This time we chose 'Kiss the Gun' as a video track. Is it the best song from us so far? Hard to say but let's see what kind of feedback it gets. At least it is based on my own experiences. It's really surprising what kind of nutcase magnet can a tattooed long-haired vocalist be. Maybe it's the image of a bad boy that attracts problems or maybe that blond vocalist is a nutcase himself. Haha”

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Line-up: Juha Kraapo, lead vocals Jari Rippe Rantanen, drums Jere Kalla, lead guitar & back vocals Sami Räikkönen, guitar Antti Kalliokoski, bass