Brutal Assault 2015 Announcement

20th volume of the Brutal Assault Festival which will be held from August 5th to 8th, 2015 announces first confirmed bands. Among the first acts confirmed for next year are American atmospheric band AGALLOCH, French death metal duo BE’LAKOR and BENIGHTED, legendary British black/gothic band CRADLE OF FILTH, Polish and Greek death metallers DECAPITATED and DEAD CONGREGATION, German grinders EXCREMENTORY GRINDFUCKERS, Canadian hyperblast representative KATAKLYSM, German thrashmetal icon KREATOR, Brazilian death metal band KRISIUN, NY based thrashers NUCLEAR ASSAULT, black/thrash Norwegian band SARKE, legendary metallers SEPULTURA and British black metal band WINTERFYLLETH.

From now you can also buy BA2015 tickets or make reservations online. Tickets are available at 69 EUR if you pay credit card (Preferred!) or 73 Eur (including charges) if you pay by Paypal. More information in „Tickets“ section.

BA 2015

  1. Update Nov. 8, 2014: Brutal Assault announces newly confirmed bands

    Brutal Assault Festival 2015 has announced new names for the 20th anniversary edition, set to take place on August 5-8, 2015. Among newly confirmed bands are Canadian thrash metal legend ANNIHILATOR, Swedish pioneers of melodic death metal AT THE GATES, Californian death-grinders CATTLE DECAPITATION, German death metal band DEFEATED SANITY, DEATH DTA which features former members of DEATH celebrating the life and music of Chuck Schuldiner, Norwegian progressive black metallers ENSLAVED, US based thrashers TOXIC HOLOCAUST and a dark musical project of Thomas Gabriel Fischer TRIPTYKON..

  2. Update Dec. 20, 2014: New batch of bands confirmed!

    New batch of bands confirmed! Mexican cartel BRUJERIA is on the list among Canadian hyperblast death metal masters CRYPTOPSY and exotic DEMONIC RESURRECTION of India, who are returning to our festival as well more known and respected progressive death/black metal band. Cold nordic chill will be present through Norwegian viking metalers EINHERJER and blasting Swedish black metal by MARDUK, who will perform their classic album Panzer Division Marduk in its’entirety for the last time ever! Hailing from Brasil is NERVOSA, all female thrash power trio! Another band will bring their fresh South American thrash metal like from the golden age of 80's – NUCLEAR from Chile, while Australia’s own PSYCROPTIC will deliver thinking mans‘ death metal. Modern extreme technical deathcore RINGS OF SATURN will debut a tour fest as well as ROSETTA – well known post-hardcore ensemble from Philly. Old school crossover – thrash will be heared from classic band of the genre - M.O.D.! SVARTIDAUÐI from Iceland will bring their psychedelic black metal visions and VADER will join with their unaging death metal.

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  3. Update Dec. 20, 2014: Brutal Assault announces newly confirmed bands!

    BRUTAL ASSAULT confirms another load of bands for the 2015 edition! Dutch death metal legends ASPHYX will be returning to the fortress once more. Another band receiving glorious appraisal at our fest ANAAL NATHRAKH is returning next year with their mixture of hateful black metal and blasting grindcore. For hardcore fans we've booked a classic New York band BIOHAZARD. Oldschool death metal fans can rejoice as well as we confirm that Swedish all star project BLOODBATH and cult Buffalo butchers CANNIBAL CORPSE will play. The young generation fans of extreme music who appreciate death metal/metalcore fusion can look forward for the show of EMMURE. Britain's fantastic ESOTERIC will make the funeral doom fans happy, while dancewilling youngsters should get ready for ILL NINO. Charismatic Irish veterans PRIMORDIAL and pioneers of post thrash/melo death metal THE HAUNTED will aslo play the festival in 2015.

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  4. Update Jan. 9, 2015: New Bands Confirmed for Gothoom 20015

    Batween new bands announced for Gothoom 2015 are grindcore legends from Finland, ROTTEN SOUND, hungarian death metal band GUTTED, french death/trash metal band LOUDBLAST and finnish melodic death metalers INSOMNIUM.

  5. Update Jan. 10, 2015: Another bands confirmed!

    Happy New Year from Brutal Assault team! We’ve got some presents for you, here comes a new batch of confirmed bands headed by UK grindcore legends NAPALM DEATH! Hailing from Denmark, death metal/post-thrash BLOOD EAGLE are a brand new band, however they’re composed of experienced metal veterans of various genres. CARNIFEX one of leading deathcore bands will join us on their way from sunny California as well as India’s most brutal death metal band GUTSLIT. Good-natured viking metallers SKÁLMÖLD are comming from much colder city of Reykjavík on Iceland. From the capital of goregrind – Białystok in Poland we will have SQUASH BOWELS on the bill. This batch of bands is completed by deathcore stars SUICIDE SILENCE!

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  6. Update Jan. 25, 2015: Another bands confirmed!

    This batch of new confirmed bands starts with two bands from Netherlands, which will be represented by death metal ANTROPOMORPHIA symphonic black metal CARACH ANGREN. Cult Finnish death metallers DEMILICH have reformed and released complete anthology of their recordings and we're more than happy to confirm that Demilich will appear on our festival stage for the first time! HEAVEN SHALL BURN will bring their healthily pissed off metalcore and Swedish doom metal icons KATATONIA will return to our festival with their full set as their latest show at last year's edition was affected by technical and personal problems. Again from Finland, gloomy Russian-themed doom metal will be performed by KYPCK. Post-rock/shoegaze scene will be represented by LANTLÔS from Germany while MUSHROOMHEAD will perform their experimental music for the first time at our fest. The last three bands of todays batch are Brazilian crossover legends RATOS DE PORÃO, dutch goregrind quartet RECTAL SMEGMA and finally a wall of noise by sonic visionaries SUNN0)))!

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  7. Update Feb. 27, 2015: New confirmation!

    Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever the mighty rock titans MASTODON will join Brutal Assault festival! This new batch of bands continues with Belgian sludge / hardcore pathfinders AMENRA and cult epic doom metal trailblazers CANDLEMASS! After their stunning performance three years back, industrial visionaries GODFLESH will return to our fest. Dutch death metal veterans GOD DETHRONED will join us alongside almost forgotten electro crossover experimentators HEADCRASH. Thrash metal crossover spirit re-animators RAMMING SPEED will unleash their fury, on the other side of musical spectre SKEPTICISM will deliver one of their few and unique performances. From Reykjavik, Iceland the mystical SÓLSTAFIR will bring their thinkful music while US machine WALLS OF JERICHO will crush your bones with the sheer power of their metalcore! Last one are experimental electro combo TRAP.

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  8. Update March 8, 2015: The great escape!

    This new batch starts with French black metal commando ANTAEUS! Next new bands on the bill are melodic metalcore five-piece EVERGREEN TERRACE and post-punk rock veterans KILLING JOKE. Dark neofolk act ROME will be the premiere representative of this music genre at our fest. After five years of inactivity, the godfathers of djent and one of the best progressive metal bands post year 2000 – SIKTH are gonna play Brutal Assault! American post-hardcore act TOUCHÉ AMORÉ will join us alongside the psychedelia legends TROUBLE. The fans of modern progressive metal can mark VILDHJARTA show on their list. Main band of this update are fathers of mathcore - mighty THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN.

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    Dear fans, You have the last chance to pick the reduced pre-sale price 4-day festival passes for 69 EUR. This edition of tickets is available only until April 30th 2015! Past this date the regular price festival pass will be available only. The regular price festival 4-day pass will cost 74 EUR. The tickets are available in our new e-shop here. And by the way, we're announcing new batch of confirmed bands tomorrow, so beware! ;-) To get the most up-to-day info and to keep in touch with us, you can use our official facebook.

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  10. Update May 3, 2015: New confirmed bands with Mayhem and DHG

    We bring You new confirmed bands led by cult black metal act MAYHEM. MAYHEM of course need no introduction, especially not at our fest, where they already had showed what they later confirmed with Esoteric Warfare, that they finally found tight line-up, which delivers great performance on stage and in studio as well. However the no-introduction-needed status may not be the case with Italian quartet AD NAUSEAM. AD NAUSEAM deliver extreme state-of-art death metal with no artistic compromises. Their music is still yet to be discovered by all the technical / avantgarde death metal maniacs but be sure this will rip Your head off, especially if you dig Gorguts' avant-garde songwriting and the complexity of Ulcerate. Check their debut album here. Next news on the bill are ARCTURUS, the famed all-stars bedlam of Norway! And yet again from the other side of the musical spectre german digital hardcore ATARI TEENAGE RIOT will cause mayhem at our fest. Two more bands from Norway are part of this batch, one of them being renowned death metal instution BLOOD RED THRONE and the other the mighty and untamed DØDHEIMSGARD, who recently released follow up to their aclaimed album Supervillain Outcast under the name A Umbra Omega. HED PE from California will bring their unique mixture of punk rock, metal and rap, while the mysterious half man, half synthesizer PERTURBATOR will hunt down humans with his dark retrofuturistic synths terror. The latest addition to our bill is french bizzare metal act SEBKHA-CHOTT.


    Max Cavalera recently put out his autobiography, so there's no need to tell the story of his departure from Sepultura and forming SOULFLY here. What is important however, is the fact that we have both SEPULTURA and SOULFLY on the bill. We're also proud to announce that elusive black metal cult known as CULT OF FIRE will play our fest once again! We remain the one and only open air fest they ever agreed to play and we will make this a very special show, stay tuned for more. From Israel or Netherlands more precisely we will have MELECHESH playing their middle east influenced black metal. From Melbourne, Australia NE OBLIVISCARIS will bring their own way of mixing progressive with classic and melodic with extreme metal. For the fans who like to discover new things we confirm shamanic music ritual of Bön tradition as performed by PHURPA, group of Russian artists focusing on ancient tibetian traditions. Finally, the bands MAXIMUM PENALTY and WISDOM IN CHAINS will represent american hardcore scene. We're now updating all the bands' profiles at our homepage, so take a look!

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  12. Update June 23, 2015: New confirmed bands and replacement

    Last couple of weeks brang us some good and some bad news, hence these line-up changes. M.O.D. ceased to exist while Evergreen Terrace, Rings of Saturn and Cattle Decapitation have canceled their tours.

    Instead of Evergreen Terrace we have PRO-PAIN on the bill, Rings of Saturn were replaced by HORSE THE BAND and MONUMENTS, Cattle Decapitation were replaced by HOUR OF PENANCE and instead of M.O.D. we'll have DR. LIVING DEAD.

    Besides aforementioned PRO-PAIN, HORSE THE BAND, MONUMENTS, HOUR OF PENANCE and DR. LIVING DEAD we've confirmed Polish OUTRE, Swedish VICTIMS and NEGLECTED FIELDS from Latvia.

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  13. Update July 1, 2015: Win a free Brutal Assault festival pass!

    Brutal Assault team just launched an app for creating your own Brutal Assault poster. The website app lets You pick 10 of Your favourite bands from this year's line-up and put them in order based on Your preferences. In the next step You can add info about the total number of editions You've visited (by the way this year it's the 20th edition!) and then the app will generate the poster for You. The poster is available for download or sharing on Your facebook page. There are several genre-centred versions of the poster based on the selected bands, so we have something for everyone! And now You got a chance to win a free ticket with the app. Win a free festival pass by sharing Your line-up poster on facebook! The rules are easy, the festival is giving away 10 free festival passes to randomly selected people, who will share their line-up poster with the ‪#‎mybrutalassault‬ hashtag on facebook! Beware, the post must be set as “public” otherwise it won't show in the results so it couldn't enter the draw. Otherwise it's pretty simple, just share Your line-up poster on Your timeline or set it as Your cover photo and add the aforementioned hashtag. The winners will be announced on July 22! Continue to

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    BA 2015 contest


    Sadly we have to inform You that SIKTH have to withdraw from this year's line-up. The band explains: „Firstly - we are so sorry that we have had to withdraw from Brutal Assault. We were so looking forward to it. We never pull out of shows. Unfortunately, our EP recording schedule has had to move back and thus we we will be in the studio recording around the time of the gig. We can't delay the recording any longer due to release date. WE WOULD LOVE TO PLAY NEXT YEAR. All the best with the show. Apologies again.“ As You can see, this was beyond our control and it's clear that there aren't any bands that could fully replace SIKTH in the line-up. However we can promise You that we'll do our best to have them next year. New York thrash hardcore crossover ALL OUT WAR and Czech progressive metal prodigies MODERN DAY BABYLON were confirmed instead. MDB played our fest last year but they have a new EP comming out this summer, so they will present a new material. The second cancellation came from TROUBLE. The band explains: „Trouble would like to regrettably notify the promoters … that we are unable to do the tour as planned. Unfortunately, one of our core members has a situation with his private life that has made it impossible for him to do this tour. Trouble has been a trustworthy act over 30 + years and this is the first time that we have ever had to cancel a tour.“ We're still working on a replacement. Finally ANTAEUS ceased all their live activities and were replaced by one of the most blazing infernal death metal acts LVCIFYRE. The latest confirmed bands besides the aforementioned are: ACID FORCE, ADOR DORATH, DIPHTERIA, DROM, ENDLESS, OBLITERATE, MALLEPHYR, MINORITY SOUND, MORTALLY INFECTED, MORTIFILIA, POSTCARD FROM ARKHAM, SUFFOCATE WITH YOUR FAME, THE TOWER, TORTHARRY. The complete timetable including stage times is now available here:


    As promised, we're announcing the drawn contestants from our #mybrutalassault campaign! Here we go: Klaudije Claw Radanovic Kaśka Michalczyk Martin Košťál Hermanna Paananen Edgars Gultnieks Vávra Vaněk Lina Noir Miroslav Cozik Mario Leão David Novotný The campaign was a major success and we're really pleased by the number of fans that found the app useful! We also decided to extend the campaign, the new draw will take place on July 30th and we are giving away three tickets this time. The rules are the same, You have to generate Your own poster at and set it as Your cover photo with the #mybrutalassault hashtag. Don't forget to set the photo as public, otherwise we won't be able to see it!

  16. Update July 24, 2015: VIP CAMP 2

    Contrary to our previous expectations, we've found place to expand our VIP camp capacity. VIP camp 2 will be located at our current parking lot, on a grassy field 800 meters from the main festival entrance gate. VIP camp 2 goes for sale now and the capacity is limited. You'll receive detailed info upon paying Your order. You can also check the e-shop for a map.