Brutal Assault vol. 22 will take place between 09th and 12th August 2017. The first limited edition of PRINT@HOME e-tickets was made available to our long time eshop customers via secret link sent by an email. There were only 2000 of these 64€ tickets and went sold out in a couple of hours. If you want to receive special offers like this one from us in the future, just become a customer of our eshop! While the first limited edition is gone, we just made the regular early bird festival passes (78€ per ticket) available. These are now on sale in our eshop and this price is valid till the end of April. The principle of the e-ticket is the same like in recent years, we just a have a new name for them (print@home tickets). Printing the tickets at home is required to speed up the check-in upon entering the festival. The festival services like VIP camp, hotels, parking or grandstand will go on sale later. We'd like to point out that the grandstand is no more part of the VIP camp, the same as this year. We're sorry for any misunderstandings. Also this year was the last we produced a festival DVD, from now on we'll upload the videos straight to our youtube channel. Subscribe to the channel to get an early access to our videos. Also if you want to influence the line-up and festival organization, take a look at this survey, you can even win a free festival pass!

Brutal Assault 2017


    Your frequent questions regarding the start of sale of our accommodation packages, VIP camp, VIP stand and secured parking can be finally answered RIGHT NOW! If You wanna make sure to secure our annualy sold out extra services or make a family member or a friend happy with a metal present, the time to act is now! All the services can be found in our e-shop: Info about our accommodation packages is accessible here: Regarding new confirmed bands for 2017, we will start to announce these in the first days of November! And there’s lot to look forward to!

  2. Update Nov. 4, 2016: First big batch of bands for BA 2017!

    The first big batch of bands confirmed for BA 2017 is here! Let's start first with bands, that were forced to cancel their appearance this year but will come to play for You in 2017: ELECTRIC WIZARD, NILE and TERROR. While ELECTRIC WIZARD are the best stuff the drug-infused sabbathian doom has to offer, NILE helped to reshape death metal with new themes and energy by the turn of the millenium and TERROR are years proven veterans of the HC scene! But the other bands also do not need any introduction! AUGUST BURNS RED will bring their powerful metalcore, AMORPHIS will present their unique transformation from old school death metal to their distinctive melodic take on the genre, GADGET will bring blasting swedish grindcore and MAYHEM will play the legendary De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas in its entirety! MORBID ANGEL have reunited with the charismatic frontman Steve Tucker and will play our festival after quite a long hiatus, needles to say this lineup has set up very high expectation from the fans from all over the world! Returning to our fest are NERVOSA, this all-female thrash power trio is raging with typical Brazilian fury while different take on the genre will be presented by SACRED REICH, who will debut on our fest and who despite not making it into the big four are a genre classic! Next band on the list SWANS are a band that needs to be witnessed. Avantgarde rock group revolving around Michael Gira has a new album out and this tour will be the last in the current lineup, that witness the band in the best shape and productivy during their carrier. The last band on this list is the band that made the most of the combination of old thrash and modern approach to metal - TRIVIUM.

    Brutal Assault 2017

  3. Update Nov. 21, 2016: Brutal Assault 2017 confirms 12 new bands

    The second round of bands confirmed for BA 2017 is here! This time lets start with Swedish OPETH, unique metal act combining heavy riffs and prog elements for more than 20 years. British SIKTH will finally come to festival to play their influental music to the djent movement within progressive metal. The other bands also do not need any special introduction: Greek gothic black metal matadors ROTTING CHRIST or American PRONG playing groovy crossover thrash. Polish tech death metal DECAPITATED announced a special set to 20th anniversary. Another death metal act on the bill DESERTED FEAR is raging fierce take on the genre. Norwegian TSJUDER is known best for their relentless, aggressive approach to Black Metal. American COUGH is bringing their devastating heavy sludge/doom. Three acts will offer uncompromising core music: THE AMITY AFFLICTION and CHELSEA GRIN and WHILE SHE SLEEPS. While Australians THE AMITY AFFLICTION will bring metalcore with post-metal elements, American CHELSEA GRIN will serve killing deathcore. The last is British metalcore WHILE SHE SLEEPS, powerful live band and one of the most promising band of the genre. Last but not least on the bill are German respected industrial veterans KMFDM and American experimental music collective WREKMEISTER HARMONIES that combines drone and postrock elements.

  4. Update Dec. 17, 2016: Limited offer at the BA eshop

    Right now available at the BA eshop is a limited bundle offer of selected items including BA book, mapping 20 years of history of our festival! Selected pages from the book will be published online to get You a glimpse what's inside! This special offer is valid thru December 2016 in our eshop!

    Brutal Assault 2017 Brutal Assault 2017 Brutal Assault 2017

  5. Update Dec. 21, 2016: A deadly christmas band batch!

    There‘s no better way to open this christmas pack than with the goatfathers of unholy rotten death metal INCANTATION! GORGUTS, long-running Canadian craftsmen of technical death metal and possibly the greatest innovators of the genre will return in 2017! Another band on the bill offers very modern view on metal submerged in dreamy soundscapes, their unmerciful drums barrage and inhuman vocals will convince you, that FALLUJAH belongs to the realm of death after all. Another debut on BA will be performed by a band from the opposite side of the US; Boston’s REVOCATION are drilling the thrash waters in a way so powerful that they transcend again to the realm of death metal here and there. And no band knows more about that than the band that originally crossed the thrash – death bridge, POSSESSED will play BA for the first time! German PROTECTOR took it the other way around and ended up with Teutonic thrash only after they started with their signature death thrash mixture, even for them this will be their BA debut and the same applies for a band that saw the first rise of thrash.. METAL CHURCH are active since 1980! New York’s LIFE OF AGONY will bring their crossover debut line-up and for the fans of grindcore we can offer both the fun side of the thing by local gore rollers GUTALAX but also the dark nihilistic sludgy side of grind as presented by Holland’s own TEETHGRINDER. Dark sludgy waters are also a home to German MANTAR. It has been written: 'The man shall live not by metal alone.‘ That is why French producer Gautier Serre will bring torture by mixing breakcore, death metal and baroque melodies under his pseudonym IGORRR. Also this is the reason for legendary Canadian electro-industrial group FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY to appear at BA 2017! If you would fancy more black metal in the mix, we hope that an eastern orthodox ritual by BATUSHKA will do for you for now but make sure to come back on Thursday, we will have quite an announcement out in this field.. Tickets and limited bundle offers are now available in the webshop.

    Brutal Assault 2017

  6. Update Dec. 28, 2016: Master's Hammer live for the first time in 25 years!

    The impossible became reality and 25 years after their last show, the legendary MASTER'S HAMMER will do an exclusive summer festival show at Brutal Assault 2017! The band will do a set based on the early 90's songs for the old fans and those, who were not even born at the time alike.

    Brutal Assault 2017


    While black metal fans should be more than satisfied with the line-up by now, with this batch we’re gonna make happy mostly the headbangers of death, as the title suggests!

    Swedish death dealers AEON have recently reminded Europe on their tour with Cannibal Corpse that they’re still a force to be reckon with! And the same applies for the band revolving around Terrance Hobbs, possibly the only death metal guitar hero to share his hairdresser with the Predator! Indeed NY/DM godfathers SUFFOCATION are still a massive live force despite the recent line-up changes. At the moment the crypts below our fortress are frozen, but during summer the crypts will crumble under the heat and power of CRYPTOPSY, who will present their own innovative ways of brutal death while the represantatives of the US murder capital Chicago under the monicker of MACABRE will indeed tell some tales of a macabre nature, revolviing around…surprise, murders and murderers! Chicago took the torche from New York, a city that once witnessed it’s own Epidemic of Violence and the mighty thrash force DEMOLITION HAMMER has reformed to show you how it was like back in 1992! Besides the old school masters we’ll also have the cream on top of the new school US thrash with HAVOK!

    ROTTEN SOUND will once again unleash a grinding fury that is yet to be surpased while their countrymen WOLFHEART on the other hand showcase the sad nature of Finland. Their thoughtful attitude is shared by German black metal DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT that will debut at our festival.

    A band that needs no introduction and will not debut at our festival are ARCHITECTS, who are sadly returning without the deceased founding guitarist Tom Searle.

    Brutal Assault 2017

  8. Update Feb. 17, 2017: WE’RE THICKENING THE LINE UP!

    Let’s take a look on what’s going on at Brutal Assault camp! Swedish legends CLAWFINGER has disbanded after their last BA appearance in 2013 and ever since they only did a handful of shows, returning to some of the very special places they played during their career. This also stands true for Brutal Assault 2017! The Russian pagan’s ARKONA founded exactly 15 years ago by the leader and main composer Masha Arkhipova represents the cream on top folk metal based on typicaly slavic melodies and pagan mysticism. It’s been mainly their powerful performance including great front(wo)manship by Masha, that put ARKONA on the map and currently the’re re-releasing their re-worked debut album to celebrate their anniversary. BORN OF OSIRIS is also a cream on top band but of completely different genre, being fine representatives of progressive death metal / core branch, leading the pack towards new a new horizons.

    Horizons are also the direction set by the viking ships of EINHERJER, the co-foudners of viking metal, who are also revisting their seminal debut album released in 1996. GRUESOME on the other hand are quite far from inventing a genre of their own but what they do they do best in the world and that is bringing the spirit of Chuck Schuldiner and Leprosy era Death in general!

    MALIGNANT TUMOUR have recently celebrated 25 years on the scene by a new album with a simple title The Metallist! And they continue to spread their swinging earth-shaking rock’n’roll vibe with full force! MOURNING BELOVETH are fine Irish export and thus it seems their heavy, desperate and anguish inducing sound is a mandatory feature for them as it is for their fellow countrymen in the heavy music field. THE LURKING FEAR is a band that you’ve probably haven’t heard about yet as they are still working on their debut 7‘‘ and album. THE LURKING FEAR plan to bring sheer, natural weirdness and horror back to the scene, as they want their death metal ugly, twisted and possessed. Why should you care? Well let’s take a look at the line-up! Tomas Lindberg – vocals (At The Gates, Disfear, Skitsystem) Jonas Stålhammar – guitars (God Macabre, Crippled Black Phoenix, Bombs Of Hades) Fredrik Wallenberg – guitars (Skitsystem) Andreas Axelsson – bass (Tormented, Disfear, ex Edge Of Sanity, ex Marduk) Adrian Erlandsson – drums (At The Gates, The Haunted, ex Paradise Lost, ex Cradle Of Filth)

    We are also very excited that Swiss masters of darkness SAMAEL will celebrate their 30 year anniversary with a special set at Brutal Assault 2017, alongside French purveyors of macabre black death with atmospheric planes SVART CROWN.

    Brutal Assault 2017

  9. Update Feb. 26, 2017: ZILTOID WANTS YOU!

    The Devin Townsend Project gig at BA 2010 edition was hit by a massive thunderstorm, where the heavens have opened up and tons of rain bombarded the stage and the fans. The fans however stayed in front of the stage through the whole storm and together with the band thus created one of the strongest experiences in the history of the festival. And this year THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT shall once again return to our stage and add one more show not to be forgotten! Swedish TIAMAT will perform a cornerstone of atmospheric metal - for the first time you'll be able to witness this ultimate festival experience with the Wildhoney album being performed in its entirety. Both WALLS OF JERICHO and their frontwoman Candace Kucsulain should be in the metal dictionary under the entry powerful performance, don't miss this show out if you wanna see real relentless intensity in action! SWALLOW THE SUN on the other hand are a fine example of the sombre doom as trailblazed by Finnish bands. Irish post-rock GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT is also returning to our festival after a great success they had at our fest in the past and it makes certainly pleased that our fans are open minded to welcome bands like them. Swedes THE CROWN on the other hand would probably have a success on every other metal festival out there and that's no wonder because they put on a hell of a melodic death thrashing show! BIRDS IN ROW are a French Deathwish inc hardcore punk band, with the label affiliation already giving you an idea about their attitude. We are also proud to have meditative and disharmonic death metal diamond forged by fire and ice - ZHRINE from Iceland on the bill! And in the end we would also like to make the fans of contemporary attitude happy so we are welcoming aboard OCEANS ATE ALASKA and for the hardcore fans we have classic 90's Long Island hardcore punk with VISION OF DISORDER.

    Brutal Assault 2017

  10. Update March 2, 2017: THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN keep their word!

    They will return to the Czech Republic to say final goodbye, and they'll say it twice! Mark Wednesday, August 9, 2017 as the date of their set at BRUTAL ASSAULT festival while Monday, August 14, 2017 is date of a farewell club show in Prague at Palác Akropolis.

    Brutal Assault 2017


    Our homepage was just revised to include our new festival visual design, that was brought to life in cooperation with ISISDESIGNSTUDIO. As you can see the thematic hasn’t strayed from the path we’ve outlined some years ago. To enjoy our new artwork in full extent we’d like to invite you to a freshly opened section of our web at where you can download PC/mobile wallpapers, flyers or posters with the new festival design and some more graphic materials. We'd be utmost happy if You could share this news with Your friends! Next pleasant obligation of ours is to present some newly confirmed bands to our 2017 bill. Many of you wanted to see more hardcore bands in the line-up and you shouldn’t be disappointed! HATEBREED are returning to BA stage once to present metallic hardcore with hooks that will catch you and never let you leave the pit! THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN are doing a couple of farewell shows this summer and BA just couldn’t be left out! OVERKILL have been around for almost 40 years but their brand new record lefts no one in doubt, that with their show you’re still gonna feel the fire like it’s 1985! There are not many bands that are universally loved but their live shows are more scarce than platinum so it makes us very proud to bring you a WINTERSUN show! Debutants at BA stage, OATHBREAKER from Belgium, are oscillating between post-hardcore and post(black)-metal, while another debutants AVERSION CROWNS from Australia utilize three guitarists brandishing 8 string guitars to present their pummeling blend of mechanized death and haunting atmospherics. Texan crossover thrashers POWER TRIP will share their incredible live energy with you as well as one of the most insane mathcore bands of the early 2000’s THE NUMBER TWELVE LOOKS LIKE YOU, who are coming back after a six year hiatus. Last two bands of this announcement are the vikings of Bergen HELHEIM and the most intense band from Australia KING PARROT with their dirty thrasing sludgy grindcore.

    Brutal Assault 2017


    Brutal Assault festival set to renew cooperation with Plzeňský Prazdroj group and a new official beer for our festival for this year is Radegast! This main brand will be supplemented by several other brands from the Prazdroj group portfolio so you won't be deprived of the variety of beer styles you are used to at our fest. The full festival beer menu will include the following: Radegast Originál, Radegast Ryze Hořká 12 (extra bitter lager), Pilsner Urquell, Kozel Černý (dark beer), Gambrinus Excelent, Kingswood Cider and the non-acloholic beer Birell.

    Brutal Assault 2017

  13. Update April 21, 2017: COLLECTORS' EDITION OF BA2017 TICKETS

    We have now launched a new edition of exlusive design tickets! These tickets are available in our Czech storefront distribution and in Poland via Knockout production. If you are located elsewhere and would still like to get your hands on these special design passes, worry not, it will be possible to exchange your print@home ticket for the design edition at our merch table directly at the festival for a small fee. And don't forget, the end of April draws end on the early bird price 78 EUR, starting on May 01 the festival pass price will rise to 86 EUR.

    Brutal Assault 2017

  14. Update April 27, 2017: Line-up update: Boris, Wolves in the Throneroom and Crowbar

    Sadly we have to start this announcement with two bands that had to withdraw from our lineup for this year - LIFE OF AGONY and GRUESOME. On the other hand we are very happy to welcome atmospheric black metal innovators WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, who kickstarted whole alternative course of the genre some 15 years ago! And the same goes for BORIS, the Japanese experimental genre shifting trio, that excites fans worldwide by their music drawing influence from psychedelic rock, punk, sludge, doom metal, drone, pop, noise, shoegaze and ambient for 25 years now! The English VALLENFYRE on the other hand have much simpler musical worldview consisting of gloomy death metal like only the British islands inhabitants can produce. Lousiana‘s own CROWBAR formed around the charismatic character of Kirk Windstein will present the genre they helped to shape down there in the muddy swamps of NOLA - their characteristic blend of personal confession sludge. Two young bands - namely energic sludgy hardcore of Sweden’s GOD MOTHER and lively American metalcore of MISS MAY I - will be in contrast to all the seasoned veterans above. Dark metal of Czech legends ROOT will celebrate 30 years in hell and Italians GRAVEWORM will cast shadow over our beloved fortress, while three closing acts of this batch will stir up the dust by setting armies of hardcore fans on collision course in the pit. These three bands are New York City hardcore punk SHEER TERROR, California metallic hardcore FIRST BLOOD and female fronted nu metal from Moldova INFECTED RAIN. And don't forget, early bird ticket prices are valid til end of April!

    Brutal Assault 2017

  15. Update June 5, 2017: LINEUP CHANGES! DispersE and Collision at BA2017

    Sadly we have to announce that two bands had to withdraw from our lineup this year. Prog death metal BORN OF OSIRIS are unable to perform at the festival since they postponed their euro tour to Fall 2017. Australian thrashing grindcore act KING PARROT also cancelled their show because they are late with recording of their new album. On the other hand we are more than happy to welcome another two great bands - promising Polish DISPERSE, who inject fresh momentum into the progressive genre, and extreme grindcore/hardcore destruction COLLISION from the Netherlands.

  16. Update June 15, 2017: Final lineup update!

    We now bring you the final update for this year. This time we bring you some of the most interesting underground bands of their respective genres out there. As their name implies, THE GREAT OLD ONES are heavily inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft. Like the sinister novels and stories of the horror icon, the music of these Frenchmen delves into the forbidden, dark, haunting and violent spheres of post-metal and ambient. HIGHER POWER play brassy hardcore the British way while PHURPA will perform soul cleansing musical ritual of Bön tradition. Polish FURIA has a very personal take on black metal including several style transgressions and the same goes for FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE and their way of interpretating death metal. MERCY TIES are touring with Birds in Row this year and present punk-rock gone schizo; a deformed approach that adds elements of math rock and grind to create something unsettling, unpredictable and distinctive. Norwegian avant-garde representatives MADDER MORTEM will travel through a wide array of musical landscapes and German black metal band ULTHA will show their own hybrid of Scandinavian and US-black metal, doom and dark wave melodies. The first Saturday slot will traditionally let you relax on the wave of cheerful goregrind this time executed by Polish NUCLEAR VOMIT while the tradition of the last slot of the fest draining you of the last bits of energy by gloomy funeral doom will be upheld by French MONOLITHE. Latest addition we have for you is SOEN, a super-group project of former Opeth, Amon Amarth and Willowtree members with contribution of Steve DiGiorgio. Expect melodic, heavy, intricate and very unique blend of progressive metal. The lineup will be further completed with the most interesting bands from the local scene.

  17. Update June 30, 2017: Lineup finishing touches

    This time we bring you the best of CZ & SK scene! But first sadly we have to inform you that POWER TRIP had to withdraw from our lineup since they are unable to perform for personal reasons. On the other hand US hardcore veterans MADBALL are ready to rock our stage instead! Talking about CZ and SK bands we are excited to welcome POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM, narcotic post-rock that takes you to the melancholic and gloomy world of H. P. Lovecraft. We are also pleased to bring two genre-smashing acts, SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION who have developed their own progressive sound called metal-soul, and unique crossover outcasts INSANIA celebrating 30 blasphemous years on the stage. If you want to hear some classic stuff, we would recommend you EXORCIZPHOBIA, straightforward crossover / thrash metal invoking bands like D.R.I., Nuclear Assault or Sacred Reich; DYSANGELIUM with their orthodox death metal craft or AVENGER with their black/death metal crushing since 1992. Hardcore fans could appreciate two promising CZ names - PRIMARY RESISTANCE, dirty hardcore/metal of former members of Disfigured Corpse, and SKYWALKER, unrestrained hardcore/punk touring all over the world. Last two bands of this announcement are intense industrial metal WAR FOR WAR and melodic dark doom metal DOOMAS.

    Also many of you have asked for lineup by days. So here is a small teaser: Wednesday August 9th - The Dillinger Escape Plan, Wintersun, Master's Hammer, Metal Church… Thursday Aug 10th - Emperor, Opeth, Hatebreed, Suffocation… Friday Aug 11th - Electric Wizard, Clawfinger, Trivium, Morbid Angel… Saturday Aug 12th - Architects, Eluveitie, Devin Townsend, Mayhem…

  18. Update July 5, 2017: FULFILLMENT - wristband shipping prior the festival

    Brutal Assault is a completely cashless festival where you pay for goods, foods and drinks by RFID chip on your wristband. To ease things up for you, this year we are implementing a new service – FULFILLMENT. Starting this Monday, everyone who bought a ticket via our eshop (both print@home ticket and classic paper ticket) will be able to order this service via our eshop. This service will be available for a limited period of time (so everything is processed in due time - details coming on Monday) for a fixed price of 6€ per order (no matter how many tickets were included in the order) and upon ordering, you will receive your wristband by airmail a week before the festival, so you don’t have to wait in line to get your ticket swapped for a wristband on the festival site. You will be able to come straight through the festival gates and if you pre-load credit on your wristband you will be straight out able to enjoy yourself without having to deal with swapping tickets or loading money onto your wristband. We now bring you detailed instructions on our FULFILLMENT service. We’ve informed about the service last week, for more info please check the last post on our web. These instructions are meant for those who DON’T have festival tickets yet and will be ordering tickets now. Both new paper tickets and print@home tickets are eligible for this service. Those of you who already have bought their tickets will get detailed instructions via email in next two days. However from all the tickets that have been already sold, only print@home tickets are eligible for this service. Because of technical reasons fulfillment is therefore NOT available for paper tickets bought via our e-shop PRIOR TO TODAY and other types of tickets than print@home tickets from our e-shop .

    Instructions – new orders

    1) Make a new order for whatever desired number of tickets. The basket will automatically be supplemented with the FULFILLMENT service. In case you don’t wish to order this service, just simply uncheck the checkbox for this item before you proceed to checkout. 2) The price for sending the wristbands is 6€ regardless on the number of ordered tickets. 3) Proceed to checkout in ordinary fashion. 4) Pay your order before 14.7.2017 (all types of payments) or before 19.7.2017 (card and paypal payments). Any orders made after this date cannot be processed for you to get your wristbands in due time. Expect to get the wristbands during the first week in August. In case you made and paid your order in time but didn’t get the wristbands before leaving for the festival for whatever reason, please contact our customer care via email at: We’ll disable the sent wristband(s) and assign you a new one on spot.

    Brutal Assault 2017

  19. Update July 16, 2017: WE DECLARE WAR ON QUEUES

    Our new FULFILLMENT service we have informed You about recently is a part of our strategy to elimite waiting queues to enter the festival area. We still have in mind the events of last year's festival Wednesday and so we are implementing strategy to get rid of the queues. Apart from the fulfillment service that will check-in lots of people at home, we are doubling our capacity for swapping with one extra tent with the same overall capacity we had available last year. On top of that we're gonna learn from problematic issues we encountered the last time so the queues won't happen again. TENTS IN E-SHOP, VIP CAMP AND PARKNIG CAPACITY INFO

    We're now approaching selling out of our VIP CAMP, so VIP CAMP 2 is being added to the e-shop as of now. Based on numerous inquiries we also added party tent option to our VIP camp but since these are taking a lot of space and we don't generally want them, the price will be corresponding to a large 6 person tent. Next thing we need to adress based on frequent queries is the parking, we are completely sold out and have no extra capacity at our disposal. Last notice is a good news for travellers from far who don't want to carry their own tent, we have now added a service to our eshop where you can order a tent be picked up at VIP camping reception.

    Brutal Assault 2017

  20. Update July 19, 2017: Brutal Assault 22 - trailer


    We now bring you our running order, we’ve just made it available in the SCHEDULE section on our web. Now to line-up changes, unfortunately we were forced to seek replacement for AEON but we quickly found very appropriate one in HOUR OF PENANCE. The same applies for PROTECTOR who will be replaced by ARTILLERY, making their BA debut in their 35 years long history. We can also announce that PROTECTOR will make their BA appearance next year. To our utter disappointment MORBID ANGEL cancelled the whole European tour due to passport issues. We’re doing our best to find a proper replacement but given the short notice the options are limited. Last band to leave our roster on last minute are SOEN, on the other hand our last minute acquisition are UADA from Portland.

    Last but not least, good news for those of you, who plan to party in Josefov since Tuesday 8th August, we will hold an official warm up party on a Red Bull Tour Bus close to the check-in tents at the festival main gate. Live bands will be on from 6PM till 11PM and the line-up is HENTAI CORPORATION, LOCOMOTIVE, ČAD, MORKHIMMEL, HUMAN HUMUS in this particular order.

  22. Update July 31, 2017: THE KEEP - AMBIENT LODGE

    Our noise ambient scene: THE KEEP - AMBIENT LODGE will host 11 live performaces + several DJ's. Among the artists will be:

    Arrm (POL), Yhdarl (BEL), Troum (GER), In Slaughter Natives (SWE), Haiku Funeral (FRA), Gnaw Their Tongues (HOL), Human Larvae (GER), Treha Sektori (FRA), Femeheim (GER), Aghiatrias (CZE), Hluková Sekce (CZ/SK) and more..


    We are excited we were able to get first class replacement of the dropped out MORBID ANGEL with their Earache gold era labelmates CARCASS! We always try to find the best possible replacement, because lineup is number one priority. Another big news is concerning the schedule, few changes were applied to the stage times, so please CHECK THE RUNNING ORDER OUT! Sadly we now also need to find a proper replacement for WALLS OF JERICHO. We will do our best to find act that will match for WOJ stage intensity.


    We’ve now launched CASHLESS section on our website. You will find all necessary info in regard of the cashless system used at BA in this section and we strongly recommend you to go through the FAQ document found at the bottom of the page. This document will clarify everything you would need to know. Also you can now set up your cashless account and start loading money in it, so you can avoid all potential queues to charge your wristbands on site. For more continue to

    Beware, your cashless accounts from last year were deactivated and you need to set up a completely new account for BA 2017!

    Important notice is concerning users of FULFILLMENT service. If you ordered this service, you cannot register your ticket, you need to wait for your wristband to arrive and register your wristband. Wristbands are shipped today and everyone should get theirs during the first week of August (you’ll get further instructions via email). The only changes for other visitors are abolition of the virtual tokens (prices are now in Czech Crowns - CZK) and abolition of the activation fee from last year. We also have to issue one warning notice regarding re-selling e-tickets, at this point some tickets will be invalidated while being swapped for the FULFILLMENT wristbands, so we strongly recommend you not to buy tickets from anywhere else than our eshop.

    Regarding box office tickets, the price was set to 2350 CZK (94 EUR), however these will be available only if there are any tickets left after the presale is over. Since the presales have already breached 92% of our capacity, we need to repeat that there won’t be any single day tickets available. Also concerning ticket sales, the FULFILLMENT service will invalidate all tickets swapped for wristbands so beware of second hand tickets, we cannot guarantee validity of tickets bough anywhere else than in our eshop and from our official distributors! Concerning sales, services like hotels, VIP camping or secured parking are already hopelessly sold out but do not worry, there is always the free campsite and free parking in town available.