Brutal Assault Festival 2011

Thursday – Saturday, August 11th – 13th, 2011, this is the magic date for the 16th volume of the Brutal Assault Festival which will be held inside the Old Army Fotress in Josefov again. There is no reason to wait, so let's start with newly confirmed bands for BA 2011!

Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce deathmetal legend MORBID ANGEL (usa), “the fathers” of crossover SUICIDAL TENDENCIES (usa), rising British deathmetallers TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED, pagan metallers SKYFORGER (lt), extreme grinders EXCREMENTORY GRINDFUCKERS (ger), thrashers SKELETONWITCH (usa) and HC/punk/metallers KVELERTAK (nor).

There is a second round of new bands which are confirmed for next Brutal Assault.

Celebration for all technical death metal lovers is confirmation of Canadian masters of genre - Gorgus. On the other side - within the frame of classical conception of a genre there is Vader from Poland. After a period of slumber are back the butchers Exhumed with their old school death / grind.

Melodic genres will be represented by swiss doom revelation Triptykon and romanian pagan metal newbies Dordeduh.

  1. Update Dec. 28, 2010: New bands confirmed for Brutal Assault 2011

    EXODUS, KHOLD and NEVERMORE have been confirmed for next year's edition of the Brutal Assault festival, set to take place August 11-13, 2011 inside the Old Army Fotress in Josefov.

  2. Update Jan. 7, 2011: Brutal Assault - First confirmed bands in 2011

    Greek demons SEPTICFLESH (releasing new album this spring), French groove metallers DAGOBA and Viking metallers EINHERJER (also preparing new album) from Norway are newly confirmed for BA 2011.

  3. Update Feb. 11, 2011: New bands confirmed for Brutal Assault 2011

    Newly confirmed bands are Norwegian mighty black metallers 1349, Polish technical death metal band DECAPITATED and Swedish doom/gothic metallers DRACONIAN.

    Norwegian black metal legend MAYHEM, American metalcore star AS I LAY DYING, mythological occult metal band ABSU, technical deathmetal pioneers ATHEIST, doom metallers SEVENTH VOID, alternative/gothic band A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH, Spanish pathologists HAEMORRHAGE, British symfonic black metallers HECATE ENTHRONED, thrashers SYLOSIS and Norwegian death metallers BLOOD RED THRONE have been confirmed for Brutal Assault 2011.

    British doom/stoner veterans CATHEDRAL, headed by former Napalm Death front man Lee Dorian, will appear at the Brutal Assault festival 2011. The band have recently announced their „retirement“ from the scene and they plan to play only several concerts by the end of this year. Brutal Assault will be one of the last gigs for this legendary band.

    Among newly confirmed bands are also Dutch doom/death-metallers ASPHYX and Finnish melodic-death metal band NORTHER.

  4. Update March 4, 2011: MOTÖRHEAD headliner for Brutal Assault Festival 2011

    Legendary British band MOTÖRHEAD headed by rock icon Lemmy Killmister have been announced as the headliner of the Brutal Assault Festival 2011.

    MOTÖRHEAD, over three decades synonym for wild, fast and loud rock’n’roll, performed with an unrivalled ruthless attitude, will appear at the Old Army Fortress in Josefov with their new release „The Wörld Is Yours“.

    Fronted by Lemmy, as the living embodiment of a rock’n’roll life style, MOTÖRHEAD are still full of unrelenting rock power and are pounding their sounds into the ears of audiences across the globe.

  5. Update March 5, 2011: New bands confirmed for Brutal Assault 2011

    Brazilian/American metal icon SEPULTURA returns to the BA Festival. After last year’s unexpected changes on the schedule when many of you BA-fans missed their appearance, SEPULTURA will come back again in summer 2011.

    American hardcore band FIRST BLOOD and Norwegian avant-garde metal band RAM-ZET have been also confirmed as new acts for this year’s Brutal Assault Festival.

    From now till April 30th, 2011 you can buy e-tickets from the first edition of BA-tickets at a reduced price of 1257CZK (approx. 52,40 EUR) via PayPal system. From May till the end of July there will be the second edition on sale at a reduced price of 1357CZK (approx. 56,60 EUR). For more information click on the “Tickets” section .

  6. Update April 18, 2011: Brutal Assault announces movements on the roster

    New wave of newly confirmed band is rolling. Boston-based hardcore re-united band BLOOD FOR BLOOD, French death/black metalers SVART CROWN and Czech thrash metal pioneers DEBUSTROL are newly confirmed acts for the Brutal Assault 2011.

    Also, one of the most influential black metal bands ever, Norwegian SATYRICON, Russian-singing Finnish doom metallers KYPCK and Canadian modern metal band THREAT SIGNAL have been confirmed for this year’s BA festival.

    Unfortunately bad news came from GORGUTS management. The band has cancelled all shows in summer because of delayed release of their new album.

  7. Update May 25, 2011: Opeth and Katatonia confirmed for Brutal Assault 2011

    KATATONIA, together with Opeth a leading representative of current Swedish progressive metal scene will appear at the Brutal Assault Festival. KATATONIA is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year so be ready for a special show!

    Other confirmed is well known American female fronted industrial metal band GENITORTURERS.

  8. Update June 24, 2011: New bands confirmed for BA 2011

    Cryptopsy,Nevercell, Kataklysm, Tyr, Kreator and Uneven Structure have been confirmed for this year's edition of the Brutal Assault festival, set to take place August 11-13, 2011 inside the Old Army Fotress in Josefov.

    More information about the festival here.

  9. Update July 18, 2011: BA 2011: 9 bands confirmed for Wednesday’s Warm Up party!

    Complete Warm Up party line-up for this year's edition of the Brutal Assault festival is:

    • ÄŒAD (violence-thrash, SVK)
    • FRONTSIDE (deathcore, POL)
    • GRIDE (hardcore-grind, CZE)
    • HERMAFRODIT - (grind, CZE)
    • MOMMA KNOWS BEST (alternative-hardcore, CZE)
    • PSYCHOTIC DESPAIR (death-grind, CZE)
    • SMASHED FACE (deathmetal / deathcore, CZE)
    • STÍNY PLAMENÅ® (black metal, CZE)

    The festival is set to take place August 11-13, 2011 inside the Old Army Fotress in Josefov.

  10. Update July 21, 2011: Motörhead perform at Brutal Assault Festival on Thursday

    The organizers of the Brutal Assault 2011 festival - have issued the following update:

    “16th Brutal Assault festival is approaching. For its visitors are waiting over 70 bands, led by Sepultura, Morbid Angel, Suicidal Tendencies, Kreator, Anathema, and also the immortal icon Motorhead. Due to the massive interest of the performance of British legend comes to sale limited edition of tickets for Thursday (11th August) when Lemmy and his band will perfom for Josefov's audience. Tickets for 1000,- CZK are going for sale in a limited number of 500 pieces and are available exclusively via e-shop and rock festival ticket offices. Until the end of July there is also available at three-day festival ticket for a discounted price of 1.300,- CZK”

    The festival is set to take place August 11-13, 2011 inside the Old Army Fotress in Josefov.

    More details on the festival page.