Brutal Assault XV 2010

Set to take place on August 12-14 2010 in JaromeÅ™, Czech Republic, the 15th edition of Brutal Assault has already announced a heawyweight line-up, with more bands being announced every week. Up to date line-up, ticket and camping info on our Brutal Assault XV 2010 event page, for further info also check the festival's website

  1. Update Jan. 10, 2010: New bands for Brutal Assault

    image - see following caption
    Immortal playing at Brutal Assault 2009
    Photo: Wintertale / StudioRock

    Six new bands: Isahn (who is best known as the singer, guitarist, and lead composer of the legendary Norwegian band Emperor, you can also look forward to some songs from this legendary band), Dying Fetus (death metal legend, USA), Mnemic (industrial/modern metal, Denmark), Origin (death metal, USA), Rotten Sound (grindcore, Finland) and Japanese black metallers Sigh have been added to the bill of Brutal Assault 2010.

  2. Update Jan. 14, 2010: Sepultura, Sarke to play at BA

    Sepultura, Sarke and Trail Of Tears have been confirmed for the 15th anniversary edition of the Brutal Assault festival.

  3. Update Jan. 19, 2010: New confirmations for Brutal Assault

    Napalm Death (grindcore, UK), Gwar (sci-fi, USA) and The Black Dahlia Murder (metalcore, USA) have been confirmed for the 15-year anniversary edition of Brutal Assault.

    Order BA tickets at a reduced price!

    Do not hesitate and order your tickets for Brutal Assault 2010 for reduced price of 1120CZK (approx. 43 EUR)! These tickets will be on sale only till the end of January.

    After that the tickets in presale will be available in two waves. Between February and April the tickets will be on presale for 1153CZK (approx. 45 EUR). Then between May and July for 1257CZK (approx. 49 EUR). The ticket price at the door will be 1500CZK (approx. 59 EUR).

  4. Update Feb. 24, 2010: Brutal Assault lineup update

    Fear Factory, Candlemass, Moonsorrow, Tankard and Aura Noir have been confirmed for the 15-year-anniversary edition of the Brutal Assault festival.

  5. Update March 3, 2010: Ensiferum and Macabre to play at Brutal Assault

    Finnish pagan metallers Ensiferum are among new bands confirmed for Brutal Assault 2010. A popular folk metal band delving in Viking legends for lyrical inspiration, Ensiferum will also present their new album “From Afar”.

    The second confirmed band this week is Macabre: when you think “murder metal”, they are the only ones who have withstood the test of time… Everyone knows them — lyrically strong focus on serial killers, mass murderers and an unique music style combining thrash, death and grincore. Macabre are back with new record “Grim Scary Tales”.

  6. Update March 8, 2010: Suicidal Angels & Lost Souls wil play at Brutal Assault

    Suicidal Angels and Lost Souls confirmed for the Brutal Assault festival — August 12-14, 2010 in Josefov, Czech Republic.

  7. Update March 16, 2010: Bal-Sagoth, Ahab to play at BA 2010

    British epic/black metallers Bal-Sagoth and German funeral-doom metallers Ahab are in this week's round of confirmations for Brutal Assault 2010.

  8. Update March 22, 2010: Watain, Agnostic Front to play at BA 2010

    Watain and Agnostic Front are in the latest batch of confirmations for the 15th anniversary edition of Brutal Assault. Complete line-up, location and ticket info on our event page.

  9. Update March 29, 2010: Orbituary, Gaza to play at BA 2010

    Florida death metallers Obituary and mathcore/sludge band Gaza have been confirmed for this year's edition of the Brutal Assault Festival.

    Orbituary will present their latest album, Darkest Day.

  10. Update April 6, 2010: Madder Mortem, Kalmah confirmed for BA 2010

    This week began with two new additions to the Brutal Assault line-up: Kalmah (melodic death metal, FI) and Madder Mortem (alternative progressive dark metal, NO).

  11. Update April 21, 2010: New bands confirmed for Brutal Assault

    New bands confirmed for Brutal Assault:

    • British experimental metallers Jesu headed by Justin Broadrick (former member of two legendary acts: Napalm Death and Godflesh)

    • U.K. based prog/experimental sextet The Arusha Accord

    • Swedish experimental extreme metallers Meshuggah

    • Proghma-C (experimental metal, Poland)

    • Bonded by Blood (thrash metal, USA)

  12. Update June 9, 2010: New updates from Brutal Assault

    Newly confirmed bands for BA 2010 are British HC/thrashers SSS (Short Sharp Shock) and experimental black metallers Control Human Delete from Netherlands.

    Also, Fear Factory will open Brutal Assault 2010 on an exclusive club show in Josefov. Entrance to the venue will be possible either for people with “BA2010 wristband” or “BA2010 ticket” plus presale ticket for Fear Factory show in Bastion Rock Club. The show should start at 20:00.