Castle Party Festival info

The Castle Party Festival, the biggest freak show in the Middle & Eastern Europe, is set to take place on July 28 - August 1st 2010.

The festival has a long history — it has been hosting the major stars of dark independent since 1994.

The Bolkow Castle was built during the reign of Bolko I. It was rebuilt several times afterwards, getting to its final “version” in the 16th century.

In all historical descriptions of the castle, its military meaning is underlined. But it was a cultural centre at the some time. It attracted people connected with art: painters, sculptors and architects. It was also a place where Polish, German & Czech people mixed. Thanks to them this specific silesian culture appeared.

In 1995 the Bolkow Castle Knight came into being. Its goal is to remind & spread the tradition of the ancestors.

Program and location info on our Castle Party Festival event page.

  1. Update March 16, 2010: Line Up 2010 complete at Castle Party Festival

    Full 2010 Line Up was announced for Castle Party Festival. See it, and the full schedule here

  2. Update April 24, 2010: Latest confirmations for Castle Party 2010

    Castle Party presents the last confirmed artists:Steffen and Thomas (De/Vision) DJ-set with the new album, “Popgefahr”(2010)and Dusk Watch (side project of Betrayal - Deathcamp Project).The festival will take place in Poland at Bolkow Castle, July 29 - August 1st.

  3. Update May 3, 2010: Castle Party Updates

    DJanes & DJs has been confirmed for the XVII Castle Party Open Air 2010

    Steffen Keth (de, De/Vision)

    Thomas Adam (de, De/Vision)

    Full Fathom Five aka William Faith (us, Faith and The Muse)

    Leszek Rakowski (pl, Castle Party on Open FM)

    Thomas Thyssen (de, Pagan Love Songs, When We Were Young/WGT)

    Ian P. Christ (de, Remembrance Daze, When We Were Young/WGT)

    Thunder (uk, Kryptorium, The Raven, Wrecked Gothic Boat, LVMG)

    Sthilmann (pl, Electrodelica, +TOG, Merkury Radio)

    kr-lik (pl, Controlled Collapse, Clicks)

    Silentorder (gr, Geisterwelt)

    Madaley Selket (gr, Geisterwelt)

    Unknown (it,

    Simpson (pl, resident of Dekompresja club [Łódź])

    Serafin (pl, SDGE)

    Rafaelo (pl, SDGE)

    Einar (pl, Mord=X=Fabrik, Nosferatu, resident of Liverpool club [Wrocław], Co.In.)

    Zielony (pl, Mord=X=Fabrik)

    Cute (pl, Mord=X=Fabrik, Co.In.)

    Fallen (pl, Fallen Angels Party)

    Faust (pl, Fallen Angels Party)

    Frontman (pl, Electroperversion)

    Exxon (pl, Electroperversion)

    Bagiennik (pl, Electroperversion)

    Colbe (pl, Nacht im Bunker)

    Mroofka (pl, Nacht im Bunker)

    Pagan (pl, Nacht im Bunker)

    Horrid (pl, Vicious Night, Fetish Fucktory)

    Tendrill (pl, Vicious Night, Fetish Fucktory)

    MRK (pl/uk)

    dRWAL (pl)

    Moon (pl, Generation of Rain)

    Rush (pl, Generation of Rain)

    Woodraf (pl, Return To The Batcave,

    Gothzilla (pl, Vampiriada)

    Psycho (pl, Nosferatu)

    Angelo (pl, DM Party)

    ManieK (pl, Danse Macabre)

    Poldek (pl, Night Watch)

    Endżi (pl, Back To Violator, Front Industrial)

    Absinth (pl, Depresja Manekina)

    Carl (pl, Depresja Manekina)