Clip nou Manes

Manes au lansat cea de-a doua piesa de pe albumul “Slow Motion Death Sequence” care va fi lansat pe data de 24 august 2018 la casa de discuri Debemur Morti Productions. Piesa se numeste ” Endetidstegn” (sign of the end times) iar clipul a fost regizat de Guilherme Henriques.

Some words from MANES : “The title Endetidstegn is Norwegian and translates as sign (or signs) of the end times. A lot can be found right there. In many ways, it can deal with the notion of inevitability or destiny, and how some feel constricted by this - and thus how the signs of what is to come is merely registered and nothing more. As with much of what we do, this song has a somewhat conceptual framework, but is truly given definition or signification in convergence with a listener. The proverbial fist that hits you in the stomach hits even harder when formed in your own head.”

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