Dark Bombastic Evening 3

DonisArt Press Release

Dark Bombastic Evening defines a new concept for Romania, one which was indented to be presented to the friends of the Special Evenings for the first time in 2008. The idea was however launched at a later date during December 2009. Back then, in The Silver Church club, people from over 25 countries attended the event with the intention of seeing 7 bands from the Neofolk/Martial/Dark-Pop area perform on stage. All the participants had the unique opportunity of talking to the band members while others preferred to listen and dance to the music provided by the Dutch DJ-s, all in all spending a wonderful evening alongside new and old friends. It was a truly “bombastic” evening. It created a whirlwind of joy throughout the participants but also it elicited regret on the part of those who did not manage to attend the show. It ran for “Best Bucharest based festival of 2009”, competing against larger mainstream festivals and it won 3rd place.

A year later, also in December, the 2nd edition took place, this time in Kulturhaus/Bucharest. Build upon two distinct days, the event gathered on stage 8 different bands, who intelligently blended Neofolk with Ambient, Neoclassical, Ethereal and Theatrical Dark Cabaret resulting in a quite unconventional approach of these musical styles.

A couple of hundreds of people attended – and they left after having experienced some unique moments.

DonisArt will continue to explore this special approach to musical nonconformity and wishes to transform DBE into an Underground Festival with its own Tradition, one which addresses people truly open to new challenges.

Therefore DBE 3 will be the most complex edition up to date:

  • an outdoor event, held in a month destined mostly for holidays.
  • a spectacular location, among the walls of a citadel.
  • in Alba Iulia, a city where part of Romania’s modern history was written.
  • in a central area of Transylvania, which allows for easy access from other big cities nearby: Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Targu Mures, Deva; visiting the most interesting tourist objectives will be also possible.
  • 10-12 European bands respected in the Underground and appreciated by the entire specialized press
  • an opportunity to spend a special weekend within nature, far away from the mundane in a select company of friends.
  • other cultural activities held within the festivals perimeter.

The Avant-garde Experimental aura will be dominating the two days of the event, as the bands invited are drawing their roots from quite different musical styles, but art has no boundaries therefore the DonisArt organization team is inclined to believe that the DBE participants are willing to be part of something else as well, different for Romania, not just a simple Neofolk festival, or a classic Metal fest. This will be the first attempt to unite under the same banner, in consecutive days, unconventional music genders. The evening of the 19th of August will be dedicated to the Avant-garde Exclusive Metal area, and the evening of the 20th of August will intelligently embrace the Experimental dimension, gathering under its welcoming roof bands from the Neofolk, Theatralic, Wave, Ethereal area.

In the next few weeks all the bands participating will be announced, I’m talking about musicians who have never been here before and also some who have visited our country sometime in the past and had a great time!

Your probably aware by now, that DonisArt is promoting quality bands, which respect and appreciate the Underground spirit, so that is why there won’t be opening acts or headliners. The only thing that the organization team expects is for the fans to attend every recital, every night.

After the concerts, well known DJs (in the Underground world, of course) will discretely and actively entertain the public who will wish to party until dawn within the walls of the fortress.

All the fans of DBE from everywhere who took part at the previous editions, are expected to join, but also new friends, this time in a totally relaxed atmosphere, featuring welcoming hosts which want to spent together with you a couple of fairy tale days… A story, a real Story!