Dark Quarterer, KILL and Terror Sickness at Old Grave Fest 8

By now you all know that Count Raven had to cancel their show at Old Grave, for health reasons (we wish Dan a speedy recovery, again), and you must have figured out that a direct replacement so late in the game would be nigh on impossible. So we had to think out of the box for a formula that both fits in with the spirit of our event and brings something new to the table, at least for this neck of the woods.

Hailing from the ancient Etruscan lands, Dark Quarterer is definitely a premiere when it comes to the Old Grave Fest roster, namely, they’re the first band we’ve had that could be catalogued as progressive. In case you think we’ve gone insane and totally mocked the spirit of the festival, the unique, classy blend of genres performed by these virtuoso Italians should be enough to change your mind.

Dark Quarterer has been around under this name since 1980, and one can tell they are well acquainted with both the predecessors and pioneers of heavy metal, whom they reinterpreted in their own epic style. Their first two albums, Dark Quarterer (1987) and Etruscan Prophecy (1988) are mandatory records for fans of bands such as Manilla Road and Cirith Ungol. Full of meandering guitar riffs and prodigious solos, as well as mellower passages combined with heavy, doom-laden riffs, Dark Quarterer reward their listeners with an eerie but well-constructed sense of melody which many bands inclined toward the epic side of metal lack. Subsequent records further consolidated Dark Quarterer’s unique style, musically edging towards a more progressive sound while continuing to explore historical and mythical lyrical themes. Make sure to catch them at Old Grave Fest for what will surely be a mesmerizing live presence, summoning memories of epic masters of the past.


Dark Quarterer may dazzle you with finesse, but first Kill will bash your head in with a sledgehammer. This Swedish trio favors a brutal approach to the black metal genre, drawing vital force from early Bathory, Sarcofago or Beherit savagery, and spicing everything with a tinge of death metal feel. With more than 20 years of activity and 6 full-lengths under their bullet belts, not to mention splits with Morbosidad, Thornspawn or Slaughtbbath, the Swedes have become quite a household name, even in the ever-competitive Scandinavian extreme metal scene. If you're into raw, rough, uncompromising old school black metal, then Kill should be one of the main events at OGF this year.


Terror Sickness is a Grindcore act spawned in Bucharest 2019. The Guitarist and the Vocalist were the first to meet and to decide that “loud, noisy and obnoxious” are personality traits instead of adjectives. The Guitarist started writing music while the Vocalist read the newspaper and got increasingly annoyed. In early 2019, the Guitarist recorded the first demo by himself under the temporary moniker “Conduct Disorder” to get the name out there and fill up the remaining 2 lineup slots. After managing to find a Drummer and a Bassist that embraced the “faster is better” philosophy, they started to properly rehearse as a band, after which they decided to change the name to “Terror Sickness”. The band plays straight- up Old-School Grindcore.

https://www.facebook.com/TerrorSickness/ OLD GRAVE FEST 8, 11-12 October 2019, club Fabrica.


Friday October 11th:

Dark Quarterer (Italy) - epic/progressive metal Obliteration (Norway) - death metal KILL(Sweden) - black metal Black Viper (Norway) - speed/heavy metal Cadaveric Incubator (Finland) - death metal/grindcore Nuclear Revenge (Spain) - black metal Terror Sickness (Romania) - grindcore

Saturday October 12th:

Blitzkrieg(UK) - NWOBHM ABIGAIL/BARBATOS (Japan) - black/thrash metal Deathhammer (Official)(Norway) - thrash metal Corpsessed (Finland) - death metal Graveyard(Spain) - death metal Witchunter(Italy) - heavy metal Lie in Ruins (Finland) - death metal DRACONIS INFERNUM (Singapore) - black metal

Don’t forget about the Cold Grave Party, with VIOLENTOR, Crossbone and Mental Disorder


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