Experimental Friday II in Kulturhaus Club

For the third time in Romania, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio are coming back more motivated than ever, as they have just released their new album Songs 4 Hate & Devotion. With this occasion, the Swedes are returning in a dynamic live formula, ready to perform a show to remember. The band’s fans can already sneak a peak at their new video produced in Italy 2 months ago, and released yesterday on all media channels.

DonisArt is preparing a big surprise in order for this album’s release to be complete, bringing for the first time onto a Romanian stage a Kinbaku show – Japanese rope bondage.

Born of Hojōjutsu, a martial art that implies tying up your opponent, Kinbaku explores the erotic potential of this ancient practice which can be traced back to the historical period of Sengoku, the darkest era of the Japanese history. The technique, raised to the eminence of art, unlike Hojōjutsu, it is being practiced outside the Japanese borders as well. However, there aren’t many that are sticking to the very traditional form of this Japanese bondage.

On the 5th of November, Kulturhaus will be the host of an artist duo of this sort. Zamil and his partner represent Kinbaku Art (www.kinbaku-art.com), a German project coming from Berlin.

Zamil – the senior editor of the German Bondage Magazine, artist, author and teacher, is a traditional practitioner, a student and at the same time, a teacher of the traditional Japanese bondage art.

Kinbaku Art will be sharing the stage with ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO and will transpose the audience into a dimension less known to Europeans, into an universe that requires emergence with an open spirit, where the being communicates in silence, an universe where the lyricism of the band intertwines with the art concept of Kinbaku, making it whole, the relationship between the band and the world where bondage can represent a tool of closeness, adoration and submission being well known.

For those open to finding out more about Kinbaku we recommend the works of the father of modern Kinbaku, the painter Seiu Ito.

One more detail which needs to be mentioned: during the Kinbaku Art show, the public will be exposed to partial nudity.

The event will take place in Kulturhaus Club, Friday the 5th of November 2010, starting with 8pm. The ticket price is set for 50 lei and can be purchased from www.eventim.ro, but also at the entrance, on the night of the show.