First bands confirmed for Brutal Assault 2013

Brutal Assault Festival announces first confirmed bands headed by Swedish experimental extreme metallers MESHUGGAH, Norwegian musical visionary IHSAHN or Finnish melodic deathmetallers AMORPHIS. Next confirmed are Norwegian black metallers CARPATHIAN FOREST and BORKNAGAR and also progressive metallers LEPROUS.

  1. Update Nov. 2, 2012: Marduk, Nachtmystium, Benediction and Saturnus

    Brutal Assault announces new bands for its 18th volume. We are pleased to announce Swedish black metallersMARDUK, Chicago-based psychedelic/black extremist NACHTMYSTIUM, UK death metallers BENEDICTION and Danish melodic doom metal masters SATURNUS as newly confirmed bands.

  2. Update Nov. 10, 2012: DOWNSET, MADBALL and SOLEFALD

    California-based hardcore/punk/rap group DOWNSET, NY Hardcore legend MADBALL and Norwegian avant-garde black metal band SOLEFALD have been confirmed as new acts for upcoming BA Festival.

  3. Update Nov. 16, 2012: WHITECHAPEL, MAGRUDERGRIND and ABORYM

    American deathcore stars WHITECHAPEL, powerviolence/grindcore band MAGRUDERGRIND and Italian industrial/black metallers ABORYM have been confirmed as new acts for Brutal Assault 2013.

  4. Update Nov. 26, 2012: Online tickets Pre-Sale and Reservations!

    Dear BA fans, from now you can buy your BA 2013 tickets and make your reservations online. You will get more information by clicking on the „Tickets“ menu. Tickets will be available at 1600CZK (approx. 64 EUR) + PayPal fees until April 30, 2013. In the ticket price is also included DVD BA 2012 that you will receive next year directly at the festival.

  5. Update Dec. 6, 2012: BEHEMOTH, OVERKILL and VREID

    Brutal Assault Festival announces 3 new names headed by Polish extreme metallers BEHEMOTH, New Jersey based thrash metal veterans OVERKILL and Norwegian black metallers VREID.

    Just to remind: From now you can buy your BA 2013 tickets and make your reservations online. Tickets will be available at 1600CZK (approx. 64 EUR) + PayPal fees until April 30, 2013. You will get more information by clicking on the „Tickets“ menu.

  6. Update Dec. 15, 2012: TRIVIUM, ENTOMBED and CRUSHING CASPARS

    Regular dose of new confirmed bands is here. Let us introduce fresh trio headed by Florida metallers TRIVIUM, Swedish death metal veterans ENTOMBED and German old-school hardcore representatives CRUSHING CASPARS.

  7. Update Dec. 22, 2012: ANTHRAX, AS I LAY DYING, DR.LIVING DEAD

    Brutal Assault Festival is pleased to confirm ANTHRAX, one of the „big four“ of thrash metal alongside Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer, as newly confirmed act for its 18th volume!

    Next confirmed bands are San Diego-based metalcore stars AS I LAY DYING and Swedish thrash/crossover band DR.LIVING DEAD.

    Last but not least, if you want to purchase your tickets and get them before X-Mass, please place your order on December 21st the latest. More details can be found in the TICKETS section.

  8. Update Jan. 9, 2013: BA 2012 Survey winners

    It is time to announce BA 2012 Survey winners. Here we go:

    1. first prize (DVD BA 2011 + free entrance for all concerts presented by Obscure promotion till the end of 2013 + free entrance for BA 2013)

    Jan Konečný

    1. second prize (DVD BA 2011 + free entrance for BA 2013)

    Robert Litványi

    1. third prize (DVD BA 2011 + free entrance for BA 2013)

    Dan Šafránek

    4.-15. prizes (DVD BA 2011)

    Karlis Ceizins, Titiana Poktonova, Maksym Chezanov, Vojtěch Kolář, Tomáš Procházka, Václav Talaš, Jana Ráčková, Maria Borzová, Jana Hladíková, Milan Poprašic, Angella Owsian, Daniel Schmidt

  9. Update Jan. 9, 2013: HATEBREED, ROTTEN SOUND and OBSCURA

    First confirmed bands for this year are American metal/hardcore masters HATEBREED, Finnish grindcore maniacs ROTTEN SOUND and German death metallers OBSCURA.

    More bands coming soon.

  10. Update Jan. 14, 2013: Fotress Josefov will be IN FLAMES!

    Swedish band IN FLAMES has been confirmed as headliner for the BA 2013! After more than 20 year career, 8 studio albums, sold out tours through Europe, USA and Asia, this will be the bands first time performing at the Brutal Assault Festival and there is no doubt that the Fortress will be IN FLAMES!

    Other confirmed are legendary German digital hardcore group ATARI TEENAGE RIOT and British post-hardcore band OCTOBER FILE.

    From now you can also book places in VIP camp and also in hotel ÄŒernigov and Alessandria in Hradec Králové. See “Accommodation” section for more detailed information.

  11. Update Jan. 25, 2013: OPETH, DYING FETUS and ANTROPOFAGUS

    Brutal Assault is haunting big names in Sweden these days and is happy to announce that progressive metallers OPETH have been confirmed as one of the headliners for the 18th edition of the festival.

    Other confirmed acts are American death metallers DYING FETUS and Italian brutal death metal band ANTROPOFAGUS.

  12. Update Feb. 1, 2013: Another three bands confirmed

    Suffocation has ever belonged to the group of major death metal bands and to the most periodically recurring headliners of BRUTAL ASSAULT. A recently published song has shown, who sits on the imaginary death metal throne and you will definitely find it out this year seeing them with their former vocalist Frank Mullen.

    D.R.I. - the living contemporaries of Huston, will whirl up the dust under legs of all the lovers of festival motion. They may even play songs from a forthcoming album which has been anticipated for a while.

    French post black metal romantics Alcest made a great success last year but that's not the only reason why we will invite them in the fortress again.

  13. Update Feb. 15, 2013: CARCASS, ENSIFERUM, SYLOSIS

    British extreme metallers CARCASS have been confirmed for this year’s Brutal Assault Festival. Reactivated grindcore legends are putting the finishing touches on their first studio album in 17 years with acclaimed producer Colin Richardson. Guitarist Bill Steer said: „People can expect to hear a fairly different Carcass set, the old favourites will in there, of course, but we’re also planning to play a couple of the less obvious tracks from our past, as well as songs from the album we’ve just completed.“

    Another confirmed bands are Finnish Viking/folk metallers ENSIFERUM and British melodic death/thrash metallers SYLOSIS.


    Hello BA Fans! Another bunch of newly confirmed bands is here. Today with French progressive extreme metal band MISANTHROPE, American doom metal Titans NOVEMBERS DOOM and California based technical death metallers DECREPIT BIRTH.

    More bands coming soon.

  15. Update March 5, 2013: KILLING JOKE, DEVILDRIVER and BELPHEGOR

    Legendary British post-punk/metal/industrial band KILLING JOKE headed by demonic frontman Jaz Coleman has been confirmed for BA 2013. Another confirmed bands are California based metallers DEVILDRIVER and Austrian black metallers BELPHEGOR.

  16. Update March 20, 2013: ORPHANED LAND, EMMURE and CENTURIAN

    Dear BA fans, next bunch of newly confirmed bands is here. Today with Israeli progressive Oriental metal masters ORPHANED LAND, American deathcore combo EMMURE and Dutch death metal band CENTURIAN.

  17. Update March 28, 2013: BA 2013 tickets available at THE KOREA + NOOSTRAK tour

    BRUTAL ASSAULT tickets for reduced price will be available at THE KOREA + NOOSTRAK european tour!!!

    FB event:

    Tour period: 1.4. - 22.4.2013

    01.04.2013 - EE - Tallinn - Rockclub Tapper [ KOREA only] 02.04.2013 - LV - Riga - Music Factory A Nice Place [ KOREA only] 03.04.2013 - LV - Jelgava - Baleria [ KOREA only] 04.04.2013 - PL - Warsaw - Radio Luxembourg [ KOREA only] 05.04.2013 - SK - Košice - Colloseum 06.04.2013 - HU - Budapest - Dürer-Kert club 07.04.2013 - SI - Lubljana - Rog club 08.04.2013 - IT - Bologna - La Distilleria 09.04.2013 - IT - Chatillon - Hibou 10.04.2013 - CH - Lausanne - Bar 31 11.04.2013 - CH - Basel - Hirschneck Bar 12.04.2013 - DE - Sondershausen - Stocksen 13.04.2013 - BE - Liege - Mamac 14.04.2013 - DE - Cologne - MTC 15.04.2013 - LU - Fennange - Café Nicola 16.04.2013 - ger / BeNeLux 17.04.2013 - DE - Essen - Opium 18.04.2013 - DE - Liepzig - 4 Rooms 19.04.2013 - CZ - Prague - Rock Cafe 20.04.2013 - PL - Wroclaw - Lynked 21.04.2013 - PL - Bielsko-Biala - Rudeboy club 22.04.2013 - PL - Katowice - Straszny Dwór club [ KOREA only ]

    Come get your own ticket in your neighbourhood!!!

  18. Update May 10, 2013: GOJIRA will atack Fotress Josefov!

    It is our pleasure to announce that French progressive metallers GOJIRA have been confirmed for this year’s Brutal Assault Festival! Other confirmed bands are Polish black/death metallers HATE and French black metallers GLORIOR BELLI. Unfortunately American psych/black metallers NACHTMYSTIUM have cancelled all their live performances for this year including Brutal Assault Festival.


    Brutal Assault Festival announces newly confirmed bands. Today with US legendary hardcore/metal band PRO-PAIN, Russian deathmetallers KATALEPSY and UK based „Blackened Crust Metalcore“ band BROTHERHOOD OF THE LAKE.

  20. Update June 21, 2013: Rotations on BA roster

    BA line-up has registred two changes. Both American bands AS I LAY DYING and EMMURE have announced the cancellation of their currently scheduled summer performances including BA festival. AS I LAY DYING message: „Given the circumstances, we feel that it is best for the band to be off the road while the current situation (Tim Lambesis cause) gets sorted. We would like to thank all of our fans for their ongoing support at this difficult time.“ EMMURE are recording their new album and planning upcoming autumnal Never Say Die Tour.

    As replacement for mentioned two bands we are happy to announce French progressive modern metal band HACRIDE, German neuro-core band WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH and Croatian math groove metalists E.N.D. as a newly confirmed acts for BA 2013.

  21. Update July 9, 2013: BRUTAL ASSAULT fest trailer

  22. Update July 19, 2013: Line up changes and One-day tickets

    We are sad to announce that both KILLING JOKE (serious family problems) and D.R.I. (injured guitarist) have been forced to cancel their performance at BA festival. But we are also happy to announce that famous drummer Dave Lombardo (Slayer) and his band PHILM have been confirmed as a new act for this year’s edition. Other newly confirmed bands are Swedish death metallers VORMITORY and Ukrainian nihilistic black metal band BALANCE INTERRUPTION.

    Tickets information: For those who want to enjoy a single day with music and atmosphere at BA Festival we will offer one-day tickets for each day of the festival (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday). The price of one-day ticket will be approx. 47 Eur (1200 CZK) and you can buy them directly at the festival’s main box office only.

  23. Update July 25, 2013: BA timeschedule announced published

    Complete timeschedule for this year's Brutal Assault Festival has been announced. See the “Program” section for more information about the running order.

    Complete line-up also includes 8 Czech bands: HYPNOS (death metal), MALIGNANT TUMOUR (crust-rock’n’roll), ABSTRACT ESSENCE (experimental metal), ATTACK OF RAGE (grind), GUTALAX (grind), BEAST WITHIN THE SOUND (thrash/death/HC), DYING PASSION (progressive) a HENTAI CORPORATION (thrash-rock’n’roll).

  24. Update July 25, 2013: „Obscure Stage“ program announced & Tickets Pre-Sale inf

    Complete timeschedule for „Obscure Stage“ has been announced in the „Program“ section.

    Next information is connected with tickets pre-sale. It is highly recommended to buy the tickets in pre-sale since the attendance this year will be surely attacking the capacity of the festival’s area. You can still buy the BA-ticket at a reduced pre-sale price of 1700,- CZK ( + fees via Paypal) but remember that this edition is on sale till the end of July only! Due to a massive interest in tickets for this BA edition we highly recommend to buy your ticket in pre-sale.

    Proximity (CZ, modern metal), Straight (CZ, hardcore), Stíny Plamenů (CZ, black metal), The Fall Of Ghostface (CZ, electro metalcore), In Vain (NO, avantgarde metal), Five Seconds To Leave (CZ, core), Divadlo Marza (CZ, alternative theatre), PerfeCitizen (CZ, grindcore), Beautiful Caffilery (CZ, hc death metal), Empyrion (SK, death black), FOB (CZ, death metalcore), FDK (CZ, post metal), Minority Sound (CZ, cyber metal), Secret Of Darkness (CZ, black metal).

    There is also a chance to reserve your ticket by sending a small fee in advance via Paypal and paying the rest of the ticket price at the festival in cash upon your arrival or buy your ticket right now.

    Visit „Tickets“ section for more detailed information.

  25. Update July 30, 2013: Few line-up details published

    On the grounds of your comments we have decided to rearrange playing times of few bands to not overlap with those silmilar in genre. We believe these changes will make your stay at BA more pleasant. Thank you, guys, for your factual remarks.

    Namely it goes for ambiguity of double occurence of Novembers Doom on our list. You have to know that these doom pioneers will really play twice, on Thurs at Metalshop stage and then there will be their accoustic performance on Fri at Obscure stage. We have been also forced, due to a partial line-up share in In Vain and Solefald, to switch Solefald and Aborym, whose live set has been modified. US death metal commando Skeletal Remains has been finally put on the list on Thurs at Obscure stage. The programme should be actual right now.

  26. Update July 30, 2013: BA festival becomes green and cups info

    It is also our pleasure to announce that BA festival becomes green! This year we bring another novelty again, concretely ArecaGoodPlates which are natural and high duality disposable plates made from fallen dried leaves of Areca palm tree. At this moment a big container from India is arriving to Josefov and you can already look forward to this original stuff which will be a part of the equipment of all refreshment kiosks at the festival.

    We also continue in separated waste program and also in the refundable cups system. This year the advance deposit for 1 BA cup will be 1,5 coupon (45,- Czk).

  27. Update July 30, 2013: Service innovation in the Old Army Fortress

    Brutal Assault Festival this is not only the marathon of extreme music which offers the best from a variety metal genres, in total over 80 bands from around the world.

    It also offers several places for your non-musical activities. Do not hesitate to visit the „chill out“ zone on the place called „Greenfield“ inside the Fotress, just a short walk from the main stage area. This year with „Marshall City“ big top (workshops, guitars, amplifiers, meet and greet etc), Horror Cinema House or huge Metalmarket. „Brutal bars“ will offer various kinds of alco/non-alcoholic drinks, including new kinds of soda or 100% natural Absinth. If you are travelling by train, you can get a 50% discount on your train ticket if travelling with Ceske drahy. Among other things you cal also look forward to the ATM (placed near the main entrance gate) or large tent with 1000 seats placed close to the natural stand.

    The Old Army Fortress will offer many more less or more visible innovation so keep your eyes open!

  28. Update Aug. 6, 2013: Tickets check, VIP camp, BA Afterparty

    We are once more sorry for last year’s long queues for e-tickets validation as well as for VIP camp failure. We have been working hard on this and finally prepared new system for tickets check for this year. There are three most important innovation: 1, In the main box office (E-TICKETS) there will be five times more electronic readers for checking the barcodes. 2, In the main entrance area there will be 12 check-in points for wristbands. 3, The main box office (E-TICKETS) will be open from Tuesday, August 6th, from 3:00pm onwards.
    The same innovation is connected to the VIP camp, the box office for VIP camp reservation will be also open from Tuesday, August 6th, from 3:00pm onwards (VIP camping site will also open its gates from 3:00pm).

    We would like to invite you to the official BA afterparties which will be held in Praha and Bratislava:

    11.8. Praha, Modra Vopice ( – HATEBREED, KATALEPSY, SATURNUS + more bands will be confirmed. Ticket price: 200,- CZK (for BA 2013 wristband holders), 600,- CZK (normal ticket price).

    13.8. Bratislava (Slovakia), Randal Club ( – TRIVIUM, WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER. Ticket price: 10 Eur (for BA 2013 wristband holders), 25/26 Eur (Normal ticket price, presale in

  29. Update Aug. 6, 2013: Another festival news

    We are more than happy to announce another improvements that will be greatly enjoyable for your stay at the BA festival:

    Now you can enter the festival area with cameras with interchangeable lenses, but for the purpose of photographing only. Taking videos or enter with cameras is still prohibited.

    Another, more important news is that we finally realized the long-planned raised platform for the handicapped persons, who can find plenty of space for a better view on the main festival ground.

    Stay tuned for upcoming news this weekend.