Forgotten Tomb- “We Owe You Nothing”

Forgotten Tomb caught my attention with their latest album “We Owe You Noting” since the very first track. This much-anticipated full-length is a rather sophisticated form of dark metal. The band continues on this renewed path, enriched with sludge tones and black’n’ roll vibe.

“We owe you nothing”, the album-title song, Is the first exposure to this odd musical conglomeration. Instead of keeping up with various fashion trends of the day, Forgotten Tomb opts to display a new form of warfare. We can hear the blackened tendencies shining through in the riffing style, a bittersweet aura of stormy sadness. They're still as melancholic and melodic as before, but with a huge difference and this comes in the form of aggressive riffs, clear guitar and emphasized vocals which remind me of Obituary here and there.

The second track, “Second Chances” is slower paced and calm although the feeling, in the end, is somehow frightening. One may think the Forgotten Tomb recipe for making a sorrowful song lies in being monotonous and creating trance-like atmosphere, but it's the complete opposite, like the third song of the album, “Saboteur”. The clean guitar tone in the beginning of the song instantly creates an incredibly solitary and obscure key. “Abandon Everything” is the longest and one of the most aggressive tracks of the album with some death metal vibe but in the end the rhythm becomes slower, blending well with the rest of the songs. “Longing for Decay” starts with seductive guitar riffs with almost oriental influences. I think it is the most melodic track of the album. This song might be boring or too long for those who wish to focus more on the technical aspects, but it actually fits in very well with the somber atmosphere in which Forgotten Tomb cloaks their music. The final track, “Black Overture”, is also a very beautiful symphony, but it contains some classic elements that create a discouraging atmosphere; It is as if the band wanted to summarize the whole album on this final track. The guitar riffs, while repetitive, are executed very well and also change around frequently, and for that, we have to thank Herr Morbid, which is responsible also for the vocal parts and the lyrics. The drumming is also very dynamic, much like the guitars.

The production is crystal clear making it easy to distinguish between all the instruments meaning they all play a significant role in making the music what it is. “We Owe You Nothing” might not be an example of Forgotten Tomb best work, but it is very well done and feels like an elaborate, vaguely depressing way to waste time.

  1. We Owe You Nothing
  2. Second Chances
  3. Saboteur
  4. Abandon Everything
  5. Longing for Decay
  6. Black Overture

Released on October 27, 2017

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