Graspop Metal Meeting 2010

We have been following the 15th anniversary edition of Graspop Metal Meeting and posting live updates: day 1, day 2, and day 3

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  1. Update Feb. 27, 2010: News from Graspop

    image - see following caption
    Disturbed live at GMM 2009
    Photo: Lars Baehren / StudioRock

    New bands confirmed for Graspop Metal Meeting 2010: AEROSMITH, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, MASTODON and FEAR FACTORY. Aerosmith and Stone Temple Pilots will play on Friday 25th June. The last two headliners will be announced in the next two weeks.

  2. Update March 22, 2010: New wave of confirmations for Graspop

    No less than 11 new bands are in the most recent wave of confirmations for this year's edition of GMM: Airbourne, Raven, The Devil's Blood, Evergrey, Dark Funeral, Sylosis, 3 Inches Of Blood, Eluveitie, Hellyeah, Katatonia and Finntroll. Full line-up on our event page.

  3. Update March 27, 2010: Devildriver, Killing Machine join GMM line-up

    Two American Heavy Metal acts, Devildriver and Killing Machine, join the Graspop Metal Meeting line-up.

  4. Update April 22, 2010: Day tickets for Graspop 2010 now on sale

    Day tickets for Graspop Metal Meeting 2010 have gone on sale for 75€+service fee a piece. Tickets can be bought online as e-tickets, and as classic tickets from:

    More information about tickets is available on the festival's web site

  5. Update April 25, 2010: New bands confirmed for Graspop!

    Earth Crisis, Devin Townsend and Exodus have been confirmed for Graspop Metal Meeting 2010, 15th Anniversary, June 25 - 17, Dessel, Belgium.

  6. Update May 5, 2010: Line up for GMM2010 is complete

    SOULFLY and SLASH will join CHANNEL ZERO as co-headliners for the second festival day.

    SOULFLY, the American metal band with Brazilian roots, are releasing their seventh studio album, entitled Omen, on 25 May. Founded in 1997 by Max Cavalera when he left Sepultura, Soulfly came into prominence with their second album Primitive, released in 2000. Here’s an interesting tidbit: on the new album, both of Max’s sons, Igor and Zyon, are featured as guest drummers!

    Saul Hudson, aka SLASH, is currently on tour in support of his brand new album. His self-entitled solo debut features a host of guest vocalists including Ozzy and Fergie. The former Guns N’ Roses guitarist recently announced he’d be teaming up with Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy. Definitely a show to look forward to!

    In 1996, CHANNEL ZERO played at the very first edition of Graspop Metal Meeting. Fifteen years on, CHANNEL ZERO is obviously ready for the next chapter. Six sold out shows in the Ancienne Belgique earlier this year and two exclusive appearances at Graspop Metal Meeting and Rock Werchter are proof positive that Channel Zero more than deserves a main stage slot.

    The volcano situation forced HATEBREED to cancel their appearance at Groezrock 2010. Now the ash cloud has blown over and these guys are determined to set the Dessel moors ablaze on Sunday 27 June.


    Unfortunately IGNITE has been forced to cancel. SICK OF IT ALL will fill the vacant slot.

    The festival will kick off a bit earlier than usual. Doors at 10am and in the Metal Dome the first band will hit the stage at 12 noon.

    Graspop Metal Meeting 2010 will be held in Dessel festival park over the weekend of Friday 25 June to Sunday 27 June 2010. With leading bands from just about every metal and rock subgenre and a lineup that spans several generations of heavy music, there’s loads of fun to be had for metalheads both young and not so young. Graspop Metal Meeting is synonymous for three days of music and fun, 70+ bands, four stages and lots of fringe events to boot, including signing sessions, an outdoor festival fair, an indoor metal market, etc. Moreover, the GMM campsite is second to none with its Festihuts, supermarket, excellent sanitary facilities and much more.

    For more info click here.

  7. Update May 18, 2010: GMM 2010 schedule

    The full schedule for Graspop Metal Meeting 2010 (25 - 27 June, Dessel, Belgium) has been posted online on the festival website.

  8. Update May 22, 2010: Win duo tickets for Graspop Metal Meeting, the website for the German metal fans, gives away duo tickets! More info? Check their website!

  9. Update May 27, 2010: Iron Mask to play at GMM 2010

    Unfortunately, Mastodon have been forced to cancel their summer tour after guitarist Bill Kelliher was diagnosed with pancreatitis. As a result, Rise to Remain, who are currently touring with Mastodon, will also be unable to make it to the festival and will be replaced by Iron Mask. The replacement of Mastodon will be announced as soon as possible.

    Iron Mask who have seen their third album “Shadow Of The Red Baron” recieve superb praise worldwide are also in the process of putting together a “Barock Heroes” tours later in 2010 with At Vance and label mate Joe Stump.

    Steel Panther also cancelled their presence at the festival. To make a long story short: Steel Panther’s European fans are apparently not all that important. The organizers have already found a more than suitable replacement in The Poodles!

  10. Update May 30, 2010: Carcass will replace Mastodon at GMM 2010

    Graspop Metal Meeting organisers let us know that British extreme metal legends Carcass will be the ones to replace Mastodon on Saturday, June 26th.

  11. Update June 9, 2010: Ratt, Carcass and Earth Crisis canceled their GMM shows

    Ratt, Carcass and Earth Crisis canceled their GMM shows. Earth Crisis will be replaced by Death to Stereo.

  12. Update June 27, 2010: Live report: GMM day 1

    Written during Motörhead's Ace of spades.

    First day at Graspop (or Graspoop, like some others called it): warm, and quite calm. Good to see Floor Jensen's new project Revamp, another super Anathema show, followed by a fun Therion performance in one of the small tents. Tarja was disappointing, and Doro impressive. Billy Talent has some talent, and looking forward for a new Aerosmith show. There's a Therion interview waiting to be transcribed, and a lot of chats with musicians in the press area. Cheers from Dessel!

    Andrea Chirulescu

    image - see following caption
    Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, playing at Graspop Metal Meeting 2010
    Photo: Frank Wijers / StudioRock

  13. Update June 27, 2010: Live report: GMM 2010, day 2

    Day two was even hotter that day one. Sabaton set the right atmosphere with their tunes and the side stages, all located in tents, were usually not enough for all the people present at “mean” concerts such as Dark Funeral, Cannibal Corpse, Sick Of It All, Immortal, Paradise Lost.

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    Cannibal Corpse, playing at Graspop Metal Meeting 2010
    Photo: Andrea Chirulescu / StudioRock

    Airbourne and Eluveitie were absolutely insane. All ended as incendiary as it started with Soulfly, who kept demanding huge circles and incredible walls of death.

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    Max Cavalera of Soulfly, playing at Graspop Metal Meeting 2010
    Photo: Frank Wijers / StudioRock

  14. Update June 28, 2010: Live report: GMM 2010, day three

    It was an even hotter day than before, with a mix of styles on the main stage from Atreyu to Exodus and Jon Oliva's Pain. Everyone was either hunting for the tiniest places in the shade or was enjoying the water games offered by the sponsors or taking advantage of the free showers in front of the main stage.

    In the tents I saw some incendiary concerts, from a really funny show of Mucky Pup to a bit old and tired Paradise Lost to insane folk at Korpiklaani, and one of the rare shows by Bloodbath. The Finntroll tent was too packed to squeeze in.

    It all ended with a long goodbye Kiss, which was a show to remember: they played 40 minutes more than announced on the schedule, and gave out everything they had.

    Some photos coming up later today, in-depth review hopefully by the end of this week.