Graspop Metal Meeting 2011

Graspop Metal Meeting, the SNCB and De Lijn join forces to carry you in a safe and smooth way to the festival site. The train journey and bus ride from Mol station to the festival site are included in the ordinary admission ticket. The e-tickets are not valid as SNCB ticket. If you have an e-festival ticket for Graspop Metal Meeting, then you also need a free e-train ticket. An e-festival ticket is not a valid SNCB ticket. Your e-train ticket allows you to travel one outward journey and one return journey in second class between your Belgian departure station () and the station of MOL. You are also allowed to use a bus of De Lijn between Mol station and the festival site. Outbound departure is possible from Thursday 23/06/2011 as from 10am until the (last) day of validity of your e-festival ticket. The return journey is possible until Monday 27/06/2011 inclusive. () Attention: travellers who have Brussel-Nationaal-Luchthaven as departure or destination station have to pay the Diabolo fee.

You always have to present your e-train ticket spontaneously and together with your ID-card, as well during the outward journey as during the return journey. How do I order my free e-train ticket for Graspop Metal Meeting? An e-train ticket is always personal, so it is not transferable, not exchangeable and it cannot be cancelled. Order your e-train ticket only if you are sure about the passenger's name.

You can only order a free e-train ticket if you already have an e-festival ticket for Graspop Metal Meeting. Each Graspop e-festival ticket contains a personal SNCB code (beginning with the number zero, the letter i and the number fifty). Each SNCB code entitles you to one personalized e-train ticket.

You can order your free e-train ticket for Graspop Metal Meetingon the site of “SNCB Ticket on line” (there you have to click on the “Buy your ticket” button).

If you prefer to copy your SNCB code, please use the action to paste the SNCB code into te field. More info at