Highlight Kenosis' new album available for listening

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Photo: Stay Metal Forefer

Romanian progressive metal band Highlight Kenosis have uploaded their new album on the official website www.highlightkenosis.com. It is called Change, and has been recorded and produced in Uppsala, Sweden, at the Blueflame Productions Studio. Their producer, Teddy Moeller, is doing some of the songs vocals and even playing in duet with Oana on There Is No Secret. Teddy’s little girl, Nova, can be also heard on the song Change The World. The cover for this album was designed by Cristina Venedict.

The band (Matei Damian-Ulmu - composer and guitars, Oana Maria Stoica - vocals, lyrics, Adi Sardi - bass and Dan Alexandru - drums) has no plans for a release concert, but they are working on a new video.

Change playlist:

  1. Ouverture In D Minor
  2. There Is No Secret
  3. Change The World
  4. Interludio
  5. I Wish You Felt The Same
  6. Free From Agony
  7. Loving A Ghost
  8. Outro…With Angels