Inferno Festival 2011, Norway

Immortal and Aura Noir have been confirmed for next year's edition of the Inferno festival, set to take place April 20-23, 2011 at the Rockefeller and John Dee venues in Oslo, Norway. Tickets on sale starting with August 2nd.

  1. Update Oct. 29, 2010: Atheist and Okkulttokrati to play at Inferno 2011

    Atheist and Okkulttokrati have been confirmed for next year's edition of the Inferno festival, set to take place April 20-23, 2011 at the Rockefeller and John Dee venues in Oslo, Norway.

    Line up so far: Alcest Atheist Aura Noir Immortal Malevolent Creation Okkulttokrati Pentagram Soilent Green

    Tickets available here.

    Inferno 2010 festival review.

  2. Update April 7, 2011: Wine tasting at Inferno Metal Festival 2011

    Being creative is not necessarily limited to one thing. In the case of Satyricon singer Satyr Wongraven, his interest and passion for wine has resulted in Wongraven making his own wines!

    The archetype Norwegian would likely be seen drinking his beer, preferably from a horn, shouting and cheering to Odin for warmth in this snow ridden country. Even so, ironically enough, Norwegians love wine, and especially red wines from Italy. Barolo wines, much like Norwegian metal, demand your attention. No other Italian wine, takes a more tannic grip of your palate, or soul for that matter. Its expression is like no other, with aromas like red cherries, tar, truffles and rosehips. The wine of kings, the king of wines!

    Satyr Wongraven, the singer and founder of the Norwegian black metal band Satyricon, launched his own Italian red wines into the Norwegian wine market last fall. In cooperation with the Italian wine producer Luca Roagna, who is situated in Barolo in the Piemont district of northern Italy, he released the two wines Wongraven Alleanza Langhe Rosso 2009 and Wongraven Unione Barolo 2006. This unholy union of an Italian winemaker and a Norwegian black metal pioneer Satyr Wongraven, both highly respected in their own fields, can only be called a success.

    Wongraven is now working on writing a book about wine, due to be released in the fall, and through this project he met with metal fan and winemaker Luca Roagna, in Piemonte, Italy. Luca Roagna is not just any wine maker; in fact, he is considered to be one of the most talented young winemakers in the world! Piemonte is the home of some of the world's most prestigious wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco. In their joint effort, Roagna makes wine from the grapes and Wongraven does the selection and the blending of the wine, creating the final outcome, much like the role of a producer or a mixing engineer in the case of an album recording.

    Outside of setting up the next Satyricon record, Wongraven has been studying wine on the side for the last year and a half. Right now he is attending the notoriously difficult WSET flagship education, the so called Diploma.

    Wongraven will host an informal tasting at the Inferno hotel Clarion Royal Christiania on Friday, April 22nd, between 15:30 and 17:00, where he will introduce his own wines, explain about the project and share his passion for well made traditional wines! This tasting is suitable for anyone who likes wine.

    The participation in the event costs 20€, and there is a limited number of places available. Tickets can be ordered here

  3. Update April 18, 2011: Interview With Satyr About Wongraven Wine

    The organisers of the Inferno festival conducted an in-depth interview with Satyr, and they talked about his wines, his interest in wine and the connection to the Norwegian extreme metal scene as well as about his partnership with Luca Roagna.

    You can read the interview can here, and don't forget to reserve your spot at the wine tasting Friday the 22nd at 15:15.