La o discutie cu Amorphis inainte de concert

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Mai avem o saptaman pana la concertul Amorphis de la Arene si cu ocazia asta am schimbat cateva vorbe cu Am stat de vorba cu Santeri Kallio, claparul formatiei de 20 de ani.

Back to the land of Dracula! How do you feel about that?

I've always loved Romania, we played there many times. Once circa 2006 with HIM in Sibiu main square and 2008 with Haggard in a concert venue in Bucharest. We've also visited Romania few times when touring and also made few festivals, like last summer. Romania has a good metal scene and its always awesome place to make a good show, a Metal-Jewel of eastern Europe! Thee audience surely also knows how to party. The history and the culture of Romania is also super interesting so its always nice to take a sightseeing or a nighlty walk if you dare ;)

Amorphis is one of the most loved metal bands in Romania. Do you feel that when you are on stage here?

Well, of course we have noticed that we always have a strong support when we play in Romania. To be honest few of the very best shows I remember through out the years are from Romania. The audience participates well to the show, knows the songs and as said above knows how to party, thats the way to make a good metal show.

You have already headlined the biggest metal festivals in Romania, Metalhead Meeting in 2015 and Rockstadt Extreme Fest this last summer. What do you think about our metal festivals and metal community in general?

To be honest I don't know about the community that much, but from my perspective what I've seen during years the Romanian metal scene and business alongside is getting bigger and better all the time. Its also nice to notice that the metal festivals out there are becoming stable enough to keep on going year after year. And every now and then you can see something new metal happenings popping out. So I take a wild guess, that metal is going strong there! At least I really hope so.

You're about to celebrate 30 years on stage. How do you feel about that?

30 years sounds awfully long time! On the other hand, its definately a milestone to our band, to any band! So I think we definately have to put some sort of a Anniversary thing rolling. Literally rolling. So I mean we'll have to deliver a special tour or special gigs and so on to honor that horrendeous number. If you think about it, most of the guys in the band have spent all their adult life with Amorphis, so absolutely we have to celebrate that! We already tried to talk about how show we do it a year ago, but Queen of Time touring plans ran over that discussion, but surely we will start it all over, we still have plenty of time. And hopefully we'll hit Romania with Amorphis goes 30's special package!

How is it to work with Olli again, after all this time?

It felt very easy right fron the start. Everybody who had had the times with Olli in the past, well all except Tomi Joutsen, felt like “where have u been all these years”. Olli kind of fit in like the glove so to speak. Of course it took a while for Olli to get in to the bands groove and get to know the dynamics in the songs and when we perform the show, but in general it was surprisingly easy changeover. Also it was like a breath of fresh air for everybody, thus the process when Niclas - who actually was pretty grumpy a half year ahead about his decision - was leaving the band everybody must have had quite a stressful time wondering what the f**k is happening.

How did you end up working with Anneke?

We asked Anneke for a special show around 2017 for a Under the Red Cloud special show in Helsinki. The co-operation was very fruitful and Anneke did great! So she was a quite obvious choice to ask. Many of us have been listening Annekes voice in Gathering in the 90's so we've always considered to ask her for co-operations, cause she has a very unique voice and shes awesome singer in general.

You will share the stage with Soilwork and Jinjer, a very inspired choice. Apart from this tour, did you share any other moments with them in the past?

Actually the first tour after Eclipse when Tomi Joutsen had just joined the band, we were asked to join a Swedish metal tour. So we joined the “Neckbreakers Ball 2006” tour with Hypocrisy and Soilwork. There we got to know the Soilwork guys. After that we've met many times in the festival here and there in Europe. They are nice guys, and the tour will be really great I suppose. Almost all the shows look like they are going to sell out. Thats cool. Other bands in the forthcoming tour are Jinjer and Nailed to Obscurity, we have not met them nor toured with them in the past, but both bands are very interesting what I've heard so far.

Now, back to your Bucharest show, do you have something special prepared, taking into consideration the fact that you know so well your Romanian fans?

Haha, nothing special but a hell of a show. We've put some effort to the stage setup and light show, so lets see how the fans can handle it. But surely we are in a good shape after almost a hundred shows delivered with QOT alreay. One thing I can promise is that we'll play lots of songs from Queen of Time and even more oldies and goldies.

As always, the last words are yours!

Stay Heavy Romania! Catch us in Bucuresti next week! If you are in to progressive, symphonic and melodic hard-rockish death metal, Check out our latest release Queen of Time. You may be surpriced!

Asadar, ne vedem la Arene pe 22 Ianuarie cu Amorphis, Soilwork, Jinjer si Nailed to Obscurity. Biletele se gasesc in format electronic pe si in reteaua fizica Magazinele Flanco, Diverta, Hard Rock Cafe, Cafe Deko, Club Vintage, Club Quantic, Expirat Halele Carol (in intervalul orar: 18:00-22:00), Beraria H, Metrou Unirii 1 langa casa de bilete Metrorex, Magazinul Muzica, Magazinele IQ BOX - Telekom, Agentiile Perfect Tour, Magazinele Uman, sediul librariei Libmag (Bulevardul I.C. Bratianu, nr. 6, Sector 3), Casa de balet si pe terminalele Selfpay din toata tara.

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