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Made of Metal 2015 is to feature not one, but two annual shows!

Hodonín, 29/10/2014 – It has only been a little over two months since the Swedish formation Therion concluded the program of the successful first installment of the new festival Made of Metal held in the South-Moravian city of Hodonín, and already, the event’s official website is giving out the first names for the 2015 follow-up. It is no secret that the festival Made of Metal is primarily focused at melodic metal, and the first names seem to confirm this direction. From the field of folk metal, it will feature Polish genre leaders Percival Schuttenbach, or the rarely seen Folkstone, who use period medieval instruments in their shows. We can pay a visit to the sphere of power metal with the melodic Derdian or the epic Fogalord, both of whom will present their new albums at MOM 2015. Other guests include the popular Amorphis and Månegarm. And that is only the beginning…

“We think that in the area of heavy metal music, the Czech festival scene has been somewhat stereotypical in the last few years. There are bands from abroad that a Czech fan has an opportunity to see three times in a single year, then on the other hand, there are many bands which are popular in many parts of Europe, but appear at Czech festivals rarely or even not at all. This year, we’ve introduced for example Titanium, the Irish band Dead Label or the Swedish Gormathon. With success. When we approached Gormathon about performing at Made of Metal, their first record wasn’t even out yet and barely anybody outside of Sweden had heard of them. Today, their new album is being praised by listeners as well as expert critics, who even called them successors to the famous Amon Amarth,” revealed Lenka Grauová of the organizing agency Growling Lion.

Of course, the organizers aren’t planning on relying solely on lesser known high-quality bands next year either – just as in this year’s installment, they are inviting bands of more famous names, too.

And so, MOM 2015 will offer two twenty-year anniversaries. The first annual show entitled Tales from The Thousand Lakes will be run by the popular Finnish metal group Amorphis. The band had decided to perform their annual show only on several summer festivals, and it is definitely a substantial achievement by the organizers that right after the iconic Wacken, the second location to be accepted by Amorphis was none other than Made of Metal. The other band to celebrate their twentieth anniversary at MOM 2015 are the Swedish vikings Månegarm.

“So far, we have announced only nine bands out of almost fifty performers, who will occupy the two stages of Made of Metal in 2015,” adds Grauová. “The biggest names have still yet to come out, be it Czech bands or bands from abroad.”

The vast majority of fans was enthused by Made of Metal’s first installment. The first edition of tickets for the sequel, which has been requested by the festival’s enthusiastic fans as early as September, was sold out in less than an hour and a half. These days, the second series is about to run out, even though there’s still almost an entire 10 months left before the next installment. But in fact, lingering too long before purchasing tickets might not be a good idea. “This year, the fans were excited about the festival’s unforced friendly atmosphere, and we would love to preserve it in the future,” explained Grauová. “The atmosphere even impressed some of the musicians, many of whom joined the fans to have a beer together and had fun at the festival as well. This is why we’ve decided to limit the capacity for next year at 6,000 people and there won’t be any more tickets than that available.”

You can find more information about the festival on its official website at or on its FB profile. Tickets can be bought in the official e-shop at:

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