Misprint copy of new Orphaned Land album for sale!!

At first it was a huge crisis.

“This is not our album, it's shit!” we said to our record label the first minute we saw this misprint copies (the misprint is at that lack of black where the white color is at the guns and the all knowing eye) Immediate actions were made to take back copies from distributors and send corrected covers to the others and meanwhile the release date of the jewl case CD was delayed from Jan 26th to Feb 9th.

Feb 9th came to earth, and still, doesn't matter how hard we tried, we received photos from shops that got the misprint version of our albums.

At this point we have decided, “If you cannot beat them, join them”. Then we figured out: “Wait a minute, we are jews - if you cannot beat them - SELL THEM!”

So, are there any collectors here who like to have those misprint versions of albums? this one is for you!

Limited to a 100 signed copies only, at our www.orphaned-land.com/shop.html


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