Monarchy part ways with drummer

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Photo: Monarchy

Romanian power/progressive metallers Monarchy have announced that their current drummer, Geani Matei, will be leaving the band due to personal reasons, mostly related to the lack of time to rehearse.

“Geani is one of the best drummers in Romania, but he got to the conclusion he can't keep up with the band's rehearsal and concert schedule. We remain friends, he will always be our brother.”

The band intend to have a lot of concerts this year, so they are looking for another drummer; the new drummer should:

  • live in Bucharest
  • like Power/Progressive Metal
  • be able to handle double pedals
  • have 50% availability, 100% dedication
  • have some live experience

The audition will consist of a Monarchy song (ideally Soul Insanity, but others are fine, too).

Applicants should email, the band will follow up with the date of the casting afterwards.

  1. Update May 12, 2010: Monarchy drummer returns

    Monarchy officially announce that their search for a drummer has ended, as Geani Matei, the original drummer, decided to stick with the band.

    Says Iulian Rob, lead guitar:

    Words are useless here, together we reached the conclusion that Monarchy is nothing without Geani and Geani is nothing without Monarchy, which is just as true for everyone else in the band.

    We started walking this path together, and we have to overcome all obstacles together, as well.

    So… be prepared!!!