Naevus at Dark Bombastic Evening 2nd Edition

The full band line-up of Naevus will now not be appearing at the Dark Bombastic Evening 2nd Edition. There will be no further live appearances by this band, and Naevus has now effectively ceased to exist. The final vinyl and CD releases by Naevus will follow in 2011.

However, Lloyd James, the singer and principal songwriter of Naevus, will present instead a special set of acoustic versions of classic Naevus songs, along with a preview of new material that will appear on his forthcoming solo album, The Division of Labour. This performance will mark an important moment of transition and will showcase the intimate, acoustic side of Naevus material as well as indicating the future direction that Lloyd James will be pursuing in his solo career.

The event will unfold over two whole days, the 10th and the 11th of December 2010, in Kulturhaus, Bucharest.

Therefore, on the 10th of December, starting at 19.00, 5 different bands will present themselves and their most outstanding compositions to the public in an original way.

  • Desiderii Marginisevolved an impressive Dark Ambient aura while being the project of Swedish Johan, musician who is considered one of the most emblematic figures under Cold Meat Industry label, along with Raison D'Etre.
  • Dirty Granny Tales is a complex Dark Atmospheric Acoustic Gothic project, mixing inteligently and uniquely a bouquet of elements: music, puppet shows, dancing and video animation….Inspired by Tiger Lillies, and overflowing Gothic and even Black Metal, the Greek group will be presenting “en premiere” for Romania their latest artistic concept entitled “Jelous”.
  • Irfan is a fabulous Ethereal band, who, in their 9 years of activity managed to create two distinguished albums (“Irfan”, 2003 and “Seraphim”, 2007), to give many performances in over 20 countries and to be labeled as the most perfect clone of Dead Can Dance. With a new feminine voice, Irfan is going to perform old song as well as new, for the first time in our country.
  • Simone H. Salvatori, the front man of the Dark Pop, Spiritual Front, is coming to Romania once more, with the idea in mind to present to fans a mixture of different songs, but in a different solo version, accompanied by his own guitar.

Saturday, on the 11th of December, starting at 19.00, five more bands will enchant the audience with their performances:

  • Seventh Harmonic will be presenting its NeoClassical dimension in a creative way. Caroline, Lesley, Frederique and Ann-Mari have managed to capture the attention of the promoters of the most European Festivals of the genre and even to sign with the mega label Out of Line, in just a few months since they decided to reform the project.
  • Ataraxia unleashed this spring a new album, which will be promoted by concerts throughout Europe, in Mexico and even China. Two years ago, in Brasov, the Italians focused more on the Ethereal side of their music, but this year in Bucharest they are going to be performing a complex concert, structured in 2 distinct parts, one Ethereal Folk and one Dark Cabaret.
  • Arcana is coming for the third time in Romania, but for the first time in Bucharest. And for the first time, Arcana will play live for good! Old and new song will be approached with a different line-up made up of seven people, including Sergio and Nuria from Narcilion/ Blaue Reiter and Johan of Desiderii Marginis being guest appearances.
  • Naevus is a British band of Minimalist Post Punk which has been active for more than 10 years. During this time the group has realized spectacular albums, released under the most prestigious European labels. The best way to describe the music of the four Brits is Acoustic Modernists.
  • Sol Invictus is considered a cult band, mostly because of the fact, that it’s mentor, Tony, is a living legend of the NeoFolk scene. His work with DEATH IN JUNE and even his collaboration with Current 93 transformed this man and implicitly Sol Invictus in a unique collection piece for all the fans of the genre. It is the perfect opportunity to see this landmark and his team at work!

More details about the bands and the event can be found here, with a forum attached, dedicated to the comunity.

The ticket proce is 90 RON for each evening and 170 RON a 2 day pass.