New realease

New album “Nebula Septem” by Monolithe is on Bandcamp.

7 musicians gathered to record the 7-minutes songs to feature on MONOLITHE’s 7th opus - NEBULA SEPTEM.

On the album, the tonality of each song is one of the 7th notes of the western scale. The first letter of the songs’ titles is one of the 7th first letters of the alphabet ; It is also the tonality of each song - from A to G.

Song lyrics develop science-fiction stories mainly focused on extra-terrestrial life. The music - while reminiscent of the band’s usual touch, is a new step ahead in the band’s career, with new influences and a rejuvenating approach.

Music and Lyrics by Sylvain Bégot (except for « Delta Scuti » for which the music is composed by Sylvain Bégot & Rémi Brochard).

MONOLITHE’S Nebula Septem has been crafted by:

  • Sébastien Pierre - Vocals
  • Sylvain Bégot - Guitars, Keyboards, Devices
  • Rémi Brochard - Guitars, Vocals
  • Benoît Blin - Guitars
  • Olivier Defives - Bass
  • Matthieu Marchand - Keyboards
  • Thibault Faucher - Drums