New release: Turia - Dede Kondre

This music pushes my whole being to other worlds that I did not know existed, because this band creates from a place that is free of all boundaries!!! Is TURIA a Black Metal band? The answer could be yes, but they also manifest sonic textures within their creative spectrum that could never be pinned down by one genre! This is not hype – I know for a fact that their LP Dede Kondre will end up on our end of the list because I will be playing this record all year and beyond. TURIA inspires me to tackle all of the obstacles that live might put in my way their music has the power to shift your state of mind. To say that we are excited about streaming their new record Dede Kondre below would be a lie, because we are speechless…TURIA’s Dede Kondre is being released by Altare Productions on a limited to 250 copies 12” LP and the cassette version is coming via Haeresis Noviomagi – both on Jan. 23rd. If you buy one record or tape this year, this should be it!!! Please stay tuned for our full review of Dede Kondre, and TURIA will be performing at this year’s North Dissonant Voices.


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