OST Mountain Fest

The organisers of the first large festival dedicated to underground music in Romania, OST Mountain Fest, have big plans: they want to turn it into an established national brand that will attract metalheads from both Romania and abroad and help the development of the Bușteni area.

Among its main goals are raising awareness about environmental problems, promoting good underground bands, promoting motorbiking and archery for sport and fun, and building trust in the Romanian-organised events, after the last year's Rock City Open Air festival fiasco.

More about the festival from the organisers, in their own words:

  1. Update March 17, 2010: Additions to the OST Mountain Fest lineup

    After their successful appearance in Studio Martin in 2008, Austrian black metallers Belphegor are coming back to Romania: they are confirmed as the headliners for the last evening of the OST Mountain Fest.

    Along with them, the organisers also announced three more Romanian bands: GOD, with a new line-up, who will launch their new album, “Forefathers — A Spiritual Heritage”, death metallers Grimegod, and Carpatica, a young pagan/folk metal band.

  2. Update May 15, 2010: OST Mountain Fest official website is now online

    The OST Mountain Fest official website is now online at www.ostmountainfest.com. The site contains information about the bands, cultural events scheduled during the festival and other important information for those who will attend, as well as updates on the team's activities.

    Also, part of the team were busy during the May 7-9 week-end, shooting the first film from the festival site, Poiana Mare in Valea Cerbului, Bușteni, under the directions of Costin Chioreanu (Twilight13media).

    Along with a presentation of the festival site, the clip will also contain short interviews with representatives of local authorities partners in the event: Ion Vasilescu, the city's programs director, Constantin Spurcaciu, the director of the city's cultural centre, and Emanoil Savin, the city's mayor.

    Some BTS pictures have been published on the festival's MySpace page

  3. Update June 1, 2010: OST Mountain Fest tickets get more expensive

    Tickets for OST Mountain Fest just got more expensive: starting with June 1st, they cost 150 RON. However, you may still catch one at the old promotional price of 100 RON if you hurry, as the organisers have put 100 more on sale. These are only available at Gotikshop or by mail order at office at ostium dot ro.

    More information about line-up, the regular ticket channels and location on our event page

  4. Update June 2, 2010: Eternal Tears of Sorrow — new video online

    OST Mountain Fest headliners Eternal Tears of Sorrow have a new video for “Summon the Wild” online.

    The video contains live footage recorded at S-Osis in Turku, Finland on October 16th 2009, filmed and edited by Anssi Lautjärvi.

    The band recently said in a posting:

    We played almost a dozen gigs here in Finland since last October and they were just amazing. Later this year, we're going to play some gigs in Romania, Germany and Russia, so come check us out if you're around at that time!

    We're also preparing new material to be recorded in 2011 and we hope to get the album out by the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012.

  5. Update July 7, 2010: OST Mountain Fest line-up preview: Concept Insomnia

    We are starting today a series intended to give you a taste of what you'll get at Bușteni; first up, bands that will sing on Friday, in mostly alphabetical order.

    Concept Insomnia

    Germans. Five of them. Their myspace page claims they sing thrash/progressive metal, but the sound and show are more in the lines of metalcore (screams combined with clean vocals, walls of death, etc.); best song we found:

  6. Update July 8, 2010: OST Mountain Fest line-up preview: Funebre

    Hungarian band, started as the one-man project of vocalist/guitarist Khrul. The style, according to their myspace page, is “Extreme Philosophical Metal”, influenced by Gorgoroth, Immortal, Samael, Bathory and Satyricon. Out of the rare pieces found on youtube, this one sounds best:

  7. Update July 9, 2010: OST Mountain Fest line-up preview: Grimegod

    Started in 1991, Grimegod is one of the oldest Romanian metal bands, and the country's first death/doom act. The band had some rather important line-up changes throughout its history, is now close to the initial line-up and working on a new album. Best song: definitely

  8. Update July 10, 2010: OST Mountain Fest line-up preview: Hyperborea

    Hyperborea is a long running Bulgarian death metal act which seems to mix old school death metal with some progressive elements. Best song:

  9. Update July 11, 2010: OST Mountain Fest line-up preview: Kistvaen


    Rather young Romanian Depressive/Suicidal Black Metal act, they are probably the best recent newcomers to the Romanian metal underground. Best song (if you don't mind the camera user's ADHD):

  10. Update July 12, 2010: OST Mountain Fest line-up preview: Negative Core

    Negative Core — formerly known as Tarantula — are a Romanian thrash/death metal band running since 2006. They do a decent job, and have a bit of a following in the underground. Best song:

  11. Update July 13, 2010: OST Mountain Fest line-up preview: Negură Bunget

    Negură Bunget is one of the older Romanian metal bands (started in 1995 under the name Wiccan Rede). They play an atmospheric black metal more suited for listening with the eyes closed than for headbanging, with themes drawing from the Romanian folklore.

    After some line-up changes last year, the band re-emerged a bit darker and more atmospheric than before, and are about to release a new album called Vîrstele Pămîntului. The best song is hard to choose, but here's how they sound live nowadays:

  12. Update July 14, 2010: OST Mountain Fest line-up preview: She's Dead

    The (alphabetical) list of bands that will play on Friday, August 6th ends with

    She's Dead

    Romanian metal newcomers (started in 2009) who combine hardcore with punk and alternative metal elements. Best song: probably this

  13. Update July 22, 2010: OST Mountain Fest line-up preview: Abigail

    Abigail is one of the oldest metal bands in Romania, part of the wave of bands that appeared in the early '90s. The band started its journey under the current name at the beginning of 1994, and has suffered substantial line-up changes during its existence. The style they started with was progressive doom metal, and apparently evolved towards post-doom lately. They were rather silent recently, the last piece the Internet has seen about them is a preview of their (upcoming?) album, Insomnia:

    And here is how they sounded in 1998:

  14. Update July 23, 2010: OST Mountain Fest line-up preview: Ashes You Leave

    Ashes You Leave is a long running Croatian band formed in 1995. Their style is a very melodic female fronted gothic/doom metal, making heavy use of violin and piano, (some parts actually remind of The Sins Of Thy Beloved). Best song:

  15. Update July 25, 2010: OST Mountain Fest line-up preview: Ava Inferi

    Ava Inferi is a band from Portugal, started in 2005 by Rune Eriksen, then guitarist in the Norwegian Black Metal band Mayhem. Their style is quite far from black metal, though: it's a mix of Doom and Gothic influences, dark and mysterious. Best song:

  16. Update July 26, 2010: OST Mountain Fest line-up preview: Eisheilig

    Eisheilig has the typical German Gothic/Electronic/Industrial metal sound, with deep male vocals and pleasant melodies. Earlier albums remind of ASP or early Unheilig, while the most recent sounds like a more symphonic version of Rammstein, without much gothic left in it. Best song:

  17. Update July 27, 2010: OST Mountain Fest day tickets available

    Because it appears that day tickets are in high demand, the organisers have decided to offer them for sale; the prices are as follows:

    • Friday August 6th, 2010 — 60 RON
    • Saturday August 7th, 2010 — 80 RON
    • Sunday, August 8th 2010 — 80 RON

    The day tickets will be available online at biletoo.ro and at the box office, during the festival.

    Stay tuned for more info on the festival's schedule in the following days.

  18. Update July 28, 2010: OST Mountain Fest line-up preview: Inopia

    Inopia was started in 2006 by Salex Iatma, but the band reached its current line-up in 2008. They describe their sound as “symphonic epic metal”, released their first album — Monuments of Sadness — in March 2009, and spent a lot of time on stage in 2009 and 2010. The live show has become quite good in the process, they are on our “do not miss” list for this festival. Best song: probsbly

  19. Update July 29, 2010: OST Mountain Fest line-up preview: Omega Lithium

    Omega Lithium is a female fronted Gothic/Industrial metal band from Croatia. The sound reminds mostly of Sirenia minus the (sometimes misused) chorus parts, and the front lady Mya Mortensen has a nice voice. Best song:

  20. Update July 30, 2010: OST Mountain Fest line-up preview: Tiarra

    Tiarra started a few years ago, in a much simpler line-up and with a more aggressive sound, but drifted in time towards a larger line-up incorporating cello and violin, and a more melodic sound, combining soprano vocals and male grunts. The band's second album — Drama per musica — is in the works at the moment, and its release date is yet unknown. Best song: definitely